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Hi ladies im 30yrs ol 5'2 148pds a mom of 2. My...

Hi ladies im 30yrs ol 5'2 148pds a mom of 2. My measurements are 36/33/43.i dont feel i look bad but i do miss my butt i had my son at 17 and i lost mmy big juicy butt i was a xs in shirts and a 11 pants i was nice... Now i feel i look good for a mom but i dont feel wat i want to feel when i look at myself. Ive got breast implants i think there ok could b bigger and they dont set up at attention lik id lik there kinda snoozing lol but looks good n clothes. Not worth anymo money but thos butt hmmm i just cant live lik this no mo. Im young successful,beautiful and can afford it so i want it.i want to wlk by my man and take his attention everytime.. I wanna walk by ah mirror and cant help but look bck at it.so im going to dr on monday to get stitches out from keloid removal hopefully he lets me schedule dying waiting. So excited

Cant wait

Well its friday and i go monday to get stitches removed yeah...i hope good results so we can talk about scheduling me asap. Im afraid that he doesnt fully understand thst im wanting hips and way more projection,i feel lik around here he would not have the experience of that nikki manaj look he use to purcky butts i want a big bouncing mesdy but lol. So ive saved so many pics. By the way ill upload my stomach results monday and sum before nude pics of me lol need to shave first.

Mondays almost here

Well i find out if i can get my surgery ..and i get my stitches taken out ill post picks. I ordered. Sum meds called scaraway seeing the fact that i feel lik my keloids r gonna cum bck on two scars possibly hope not tho.


Well i got my stitches out but i have to go bck n 2wks so he can c is it still flat. He didnt tlk much but he wasnt rude just not attentive. I made a surgery appt anyways just n case its good the big day is OCT5TH????????????. I wish it wasnt so far. Im thinkn about going elsewhere and not n this state. Got any advice id lik to do it beginning of aug or sept or even end of july. Sorry didnt take pic of scar yet will do friday i have it wrapped.


Ok im lookn at the prices sum of the ladies paid n the big cities is so much more than here so im wondering if that just the value in those places and has nothing to do with quality im hoping my doc can do a good job.

Hmmm Dr.Mcadoo

Okay so im lost not sure wat to do but i gotta about a hr to figure it out. So i previously was going with a i n town doc for bbl,but thnks to my rs crew im rethinking that. Its alot of stuff doc dwn here didnt mention which makes me wonder about his real ability to give me wat i want. So i started shoppn around one thing thats really important to me is gettn my money worth 1st round in scar bad so i cant really risk the redoes on my body. So i was lookn at Dr.fosher and was sold... But when i called for info to schedule it would be Oct,i really would lik before school starts bck surgery soooo they recommended Dr.Mcadoo and his pics look lik a man that knows wat hes doing sooo i have to the end of today to book to get deal tho....im so confused plz someone if anyone is out there write me i need to tlk is there anyone else lookn at Mcadoo? Im lookn at 1st wk of aug.

The Naked Truth

Ok these are the naked truth before pics ugh these are so embarrassing. My bck is huge. My regular weight is 136-140 which looks good on me but i dont have much butt at thst weight i have abs and small arms which i love at that weight. Right now im 155pds which is heavy for me but i have butt at this weight ????but also big arms and no tone. So im not sure which is bettet but imma a ass girl and b4 kids i had ass for days.

2 deaths? On whos hands

Okay so whos the Dr. That perform the bbl on the girl that died im hearing one last ur and one this yr so im bckn dwn on this doc i need advice was it him?

I just dont know

I seen the girl burnt by dr.salama review today ugh...man i feel so bad for her...i called vanity bck and they offered me him which is why i looked him up. I no bad things happen but im a mom daughter aunt girlfriend/wife to be ????one day...i have 2 kids that depend on me i just dont wont to be irresponsible. Plz give me yalls opinion. Its bad part of me is thinkn just stick with Mcadoo wat do yall think?

Is this real

I feel lik no one talks to me out there when i do get a response it doesnt seem lik real bbl sisters that no the struggle wats up am i the only one that questions these response?

All about the projection

Wow nikki manaj stats r 40/28/45 shes 5'2 136pds.... This amazes me because im same height and weight mind u i gained weight for butt and i have to eat everything to maintain my normal waist is 27" but i have no no at that weight. Im just smh i guess it is all about projection and shape.

Need info asap sistas

I need a Good cheap massage persons info plz help...

Amy? Or any

Bigbootypeach has info on a women name Amy a overnight nurse i really need info does anyone else no of her?

Update yall

Okay so this tha 411 i've made some changes to my plans im no longer gonna stay at the recovery house my mans going with me now so im going to stay at a hotel apt,let give yall info its called Euro suites i booked on booking .com $538 for 6nights 7 days full one bdrm apt bthrm not in room free brkft and parkn. I found cheaper places on airbnb but no free parkn and brkft so i feel this is better for me,im also getting a nurse to stay the first night so the one bdrm and livingrm space is better for me because my boyfriend will b there and bthrm not n rm good thing. I also heard parking there is really bad and ur car will get tolled i have a rental for the wk i got it for $270 expedia. My massages pkg is 3 1hr sessions for $130 and she said the hotel is a good place because parking and not to far from her so i want have to pay extra...all these things are important details to keep price dwn. I havent booked a nurse yet so ladies if you have any info please let me no...the hotel is 15mins 10 miles from encore which i just found out thats where ill be reporting to not vanity...What do yall think about encore i havent heard much? Oh yeah so i originally was told that 1200 for full pkg to stay at vanity recovery gor 4 nights. Was told it would be just $450 for my meds and faja if i got it from them,so i done some reseach and called bck and asked how much to get my script and fill it myself she said $100 so lata i call and asked. Was yhe faja$120 because i seen on others page thats how much it is she said yes... So how does that equal $450 being a good deal? Ladies do ur on research for yourself. I was being lazy at first and liked the ideal of it being layed out for me, but its not worth it. So imma come early to enjoy and vacation a lil wit my man in miami before i get dwn to business i cant cum to miami and not enjoy it im coming on July31st to August6th my surgery is August3rd...pray for me and if any of u ladies gonna be there then i hope to c ya.im post a few more before pics and a few wish pics.

Wish pics and of me

Dont wont ppl to c ol body

Okay this is crazy im setting here on the toilet because ive done a colon cleanse on myself,its a all white party tonite that i dont wont to to cause i dont wont ppl to c my ol/presnt body lol all the sudden it aint good enough lmbo...yall i cant wait for the new me i dont wont ppl to c me lik this...this is crazy ive always looked lik this and ppl act lik in beatiful face and body but every since i been on here wat lil problem i had wit my body has increased to flat out not happy wit body...But i gotta mak the best of it cause tonight i gotta kill em dead i post pics lata

Fat arms but i was cute

I felt cute but i also felt insecure fat arms ladies serious question should i get arm lipo or just diet post op wen i drop weight my arms r smaller but will i lose booty? And how long does it take to heal wat should i do?

I need after surgery care

Help plz...im lookn for post surgery care for my first night,i dont need transportation i just need them to meet me at hotel does anyone no someone? Plz help.

Canceled...wow really wtf

So i got a call from Mcadoos ofgice sayn he will be in a conference from Aug1-8th so could i reschedule. Oh baby i went smooth off anywho im wit Salas now smh hes good to but thats so not the point...oh yeah and im at vanity now not encore. Remind u they tell u to bk close to office because u want b up for long car rides and they urg u to bk flight everything so cancellation is not a option. Anyone have anything to say im smh.

Who is Dr.Salas

Wtf i confused salas with salama bad mistake.i dont have no ideal who saslas is i cant find nothing on him.they offered dr ...valls,bass and hasan(that everyone says is not there) wat should i do?

They bullshitn

They no dang well They dont no wen Hasan will be ready there scheduling talen money and they gonna call u at the last minute and cancel telling u u have to pick another doc so u might as well check n on the other docs.

Alot of changes

Okay so let me update... yesterday i changed Dr. So now im a Hasan doll me and Jessie went over and over about him being there. She said he was n surgery right then so i dont no but i no i sent her $1500 more dollars for him . All i can say is im going to kick her ass if she come wit sum bullshit i hope this trick aint lying and i had to change my date to the 4th.

Keloid and new info update

So my keloids came bck because my dr lack of taking care of them...how u gonna offer to take em off then b outta town for two wks after. So heres the new plan i went to my breast surgeon about cutting off my keloids and of course the greed is real so im going to get my breast enlarged again this will b the 3rd time ill let u no the size i decide on tomorrow after appt. But im scheduled to get breast implants and keloid removal on the 8th wen i get bck and radation treatment. On scars to keep them all from keloiding so alot shit in a short time. The thing about the BA it doesnt even hurt after the first time so ill be able to slp on em.im going to post mine and a before pic and keloid pic.

Breast,keloid and butt before pic

Sorry had problem uploading

650cc breast

So ok i went to my pre op appt for my breast revision and decided on 650cc ultra high profile silicon hope they give me the lift im hoping for ill def let u ladies see for urself results. I had decided to lose 10pds because i was worried about been 155 and sumtimes 158 on a bad day,that i would possible gain to much while on vacation since i will be there 4 days ahead of time sooo i thought i might lose 10, but in two days im at 146 and that scared me so i may stop because i need to make sure i lerp enough to get a fat as*. Im gonna weigh at wrk tonight to see if my scale is off.


This will b my last measurements pre op so keep n mind i decided to lose a couple pounds to keep bmi dwn so there want b no issues there yet i still need to maintain a certain amount of fat to be big booty judy.... under bra 30.5 ... smallest prt of waist 29....belly button 31...smallest prt of butt 39...widest prt of butt and hips 42.

Dr.valls smh

So i leave n the morning my surgery is aug4th wit dr.valls now smh im so pissed Dr.Hasan will not sign FMLA papers to take me off wrk so now the only dr that will thats there and available is Dr.Valls. Since im going early im going to tlk personally to Hasan to c if i can change his mind so pray for me sidters im so mad.

7am call me miss new booty

Well im layn here thinkn bout the mornin...its going dwn. I seen Dr.Valls this morning hmmm my bmi is 28 i thought it couldnt b more than 30 lik it is for Fisher and mcadoo bit Valls is 35 wish I new that before i lost weight right b4 i came here....so he said i need body scruplting hesaid i aint gonna have a big butt cause i dont got no fat so it want b much different...I'll have lipo bck and stomach small waist and hip injected so i guess i want have anymore projection...everyone thier thought i had a bbl already smile my ass offf...it was the pants lol

Dr.valls doll

Well i made it ladies....i got there at 7 i made it to the hotel by 12:30ish cant tell wat i look lik all kinds of foam. Im sore but ok i can get around i really feel fine considering.

I feel good

Well i got up today put my makeup on...i walked around yesterday i havent slept more than 4hrs since surgery the pain pills are upper for me i cant sleep only complaint im dressed walkn around. I got up every two hrs myself and went to bathrm so i wouldnt get stiff im truely good just sore. I have not taken off padding or faja and lokked at myself yet.i can tell im curvy i just cant tell how much i got hips stomach flat.im on my way to Dr.Valls now so hopefully I get to see and hear wat he done.

First naked look

Ok ladys i got projection and a flat stomach but.....im not even i have to show him n the morning i hope im wrong.


By the way i paid 15 for my meds.pmeds.p

2 days post op

2 days post op well i feel fine but heres my advice take ur pain pills thats wat there for and they help u from getting stiff and help u move around. I left the rm yesterday by 8am and didnt get bck to the rm till 11ishpm shopped went to the casino i watched the dog races i was good. I got two massages today cause i leave n the morning. I still have drains in so I'll have to take out in 5 days????.stitches they say will dissolve i guess,they r crazy there at vanity i agree no organization. But i feel lik its going to look good i pray. I'll measure soon.


Check out Jennifermonge on rs she a dr.valls patient nice pics

Oh home sweet home

Wat a ride boy...my buttocks is numb i tried my best not to set on it i hope its okay...i cant wait to get home and check on it. I stood on the first flight which was cool but the second flight was short but not cute.i cant wait to get home.

Oh im so curious of the outcome

My under bra measurements r 30",smallest prt of stomach 29",widest prt of stomach is 30.5",top of butt 42",widest is 44". Im really hoping to b 26"to 27" around the waist and 48 butt my breast r suppose to b done tomorrow if he does it.they are 36" now i weigh 153pds and 5'2

No new breast

Well im not getting my boobs yet he said no way can i lay on em now so I'll wait not sure wat imma do about radiation I'll call tomorrow i was wore out today. So Dr.Valls put in 1200 in each cheek and they said 2800 in all but that dont add up i know...not sure. I hope my waist really goes dwn and wen do i fluff im worried about my butt ive sat on the bbl pillow on the plane and to drive to appt today im not satn no more.

Bbl pillow

I feel lik it doesnt rise me enoughi feel lik the buttom of my butt still touches maybe not direct pressure but still a lil. What about kneeling overi feel lik my butt gets tight is that ok or should i not do that? Plz help im worried did anyone else sat early on bbl pillow or kneel over?

Wat should i do

I need help i feel really sick today i cant stand long stomach hot and nausea not sure wat to do...plz help

Thnks for the Love

I feel a lil better. Im not sure wat was going on i had to get out of that suit and foam today and lay and rest comfortably girl for awhile i had my drain taped and covered the past two days i think it was aggrevated i had to unwrap and clean and put triple antibiotic on it.also at my mans house his bed doesnt have a box spring its a mattress on one of those built in boxs well the boards move which i think cause my back to hurt. So fixed that i feel a lil better since i woke up. I drank a lil water and pineapple juice and took a iron pill.

More pics

Measurements today

My waist is 28" navel is 30" butt on top 42" used to be 39" and widest prt is 44" which is the same i think i have to check bck. My stomach was i think 30on top 33 navel so i lost their.

Rnd 2

Im pretty sure I'll be going for rnd 2 especially since Dr.Valls stands by his wrk he'll do revisions free if u can prove the problem is real...i have no hips and my left side is more curvy than my right side which isn't his fault i was lik that before altho i didnt ever realized that but i see now comparing before pics but still i feel lik he shoulda addressed that

Pulled tubes out

Well me and my man got it out and can i say yhak so nasty that was sum sick sh*t. It felt lik it was stuck to the other side of my stomach it was weird and freaked me out. But its out and im happy.now im not sure about this opening huh wonder how this is going to heal

Wat do i do

Okay update,my measurements 27.5" sm prt of waist, 29"buttom waist, upper butt 42" ,bottom 43"" which means it shrunk a inch. Wats up wit the triangle it hurts my bck so bag how long do i have to wear that? And tonight my mans family is going out for dinner for him deceased mom birthday wat do i do? I cant set!? Its been 9 days wat do i do?

Thnks to my Rs sistas

Ilov u gals seriously yall a life saver. Thnks for the love

Pulled out front stitches today

Not much new measurements r the same. I pulled out stitches this morning wen i got home from taking kids to school. I was just trying to cut notch out but it pulled out so no big dealits closed anyway.heres a pic of me sat

I dont think its gonna change

Ive been the same measurements sine day three basically i dont see nothing changing i wish this one roll on one side of my bck was gone bad lipo...and i wish i had two hips instead of one so ill b going bck for rnd 2 so mayb this time i can get both hips....i a lil upset i feel lik i look good but i expected more,i dont look much differ and because i wasnt bad to begin wit i thought they couldn't do nothing but improve me which my stomach is flatter and butt is rounder but no one can tell cause i always looked good n clothes anyways i c the difference but no one else can tell????and thats not wat i paid for...all i wanted was hips and a small waist which i dont feel i got


Im really not satisfied the more time that goes by the more ticked off i get i have minimum change,i do have a fuller butt on top but nothing noticeably different my waist is slimmer but uneven and love handles on one side is still there and big ,my stomach is flat thats the main thing im impressed with. Definitely gotta get rnd 2 im pissed,my waist from top to navel is 26.5",27,29. My butt from top to buttom is 42 ,43,and 44 widest prt.

My experience

Let me take the time out to explain my experience...okay from the get go my experience has been quite different from the other Rs sisters, i told the dr that i wanted hips i had dents on yhe side of my butt and id lik nice curvy hip and slim waist and (if)there was enough fat left id lik fat injected at the top of my butt for more projection and rnder appearance. He told me i didnt have alot of mind u i was completely dressed the hole appt i showed him my back fat arm and under my butt cheeks and inner thigh he said no he doesn't lik leg lipo it comes out uneven and my arms would only b a teaspoon of fat so with that been said he told me i have a good body already je was going to concentrate on sculpting me and injecting wat he had. I said ok,i wasnt happy but id come to far to turn bck now. So after i woke up from surgery i was out of it until i got to the rm then i was wide awake couldnt slp me and my man went walkn i went to the bthrm alnight myself but i never took off garment to follow up appt. So at the appt rm they put u n theres no mirror so wen i did undress i couldnt c myself so anyways i was excited and hopeful left there gotta massage went shopping all day lol i set n bck seat doggy style. But i never hurt that nght was my first time n a mirror seeing myself wen i looked i was kinda excited a sec until my man told me i had one hip and the other side was flatter so the next morning went bck to vanity for next appt and i told them about my hip and showed them they said it was to early and it would change same thing about fat role still on my bck so i talked to precilla and she said he would redo in 6mths for free if it doesnt change i look the same now as i did then,i never really swoll up never hurt it was different then i expected i already waist train and have been for two wks now. But as i said i told him i wanted hips above all,he gave me projection at the top of my butt and thats it. So he didnt listen. As he told me he only had 5 mins.

4wks out

No real change just uploading new pics of bod 4wks post op

3mths post op

Almost 3mths post op just wanted to update yall,well i really look the same as i been looking,still going bck for my hips but i do feel i look good just still want hips,and i still have bra fat to use to give me my hips,so i guess im happy he left a lil fat for me to use.

7mth po

Okay ladies its been 7mths,let me give u the real scoop i went to Dr.Valls l,it was a disappointing last min change on them. He gave me a smaller waist but left to much bra fat on my bck,i got a higher butt off my bck where my natural buut had dropped,but i have no hip and that was the main thing i asked for...he told me i didnt have alot of fat but the fat i did have he didnt get so im not a fan of that. But over all i rate him a 8 cause i do look good and feel good n my clothes. But i always had a nice shape he just scuplted my body bck to my b4 kids body. But i do plan on going bck because i want my hips.... now this info imma about to give is so necessary LADIES,i did not where the garment or anything after a mth and i set,lay,and watever else on my butt and my measurements are the same 26.5waist,28bellybutton,and 42/44butt.

Body pic update

These pics range from 5mth po-7mth po

10 mth review

Well i feel lik i look the same i maintained measurements but stomach finally bloats again???? it didnt for awhile. Heres sum pics of my results.
Dr kellly

So im officially a Dr.Valls Doll. Sorry i cant change original info but Dr.Valls done my bbl he done a good job to early to tell everything but i am curvy now wit a round butt,i wasnt built bad at first but my butt had no projection and i do now. I wasnt even at first so im hoping i even oit more but i look good im happy.

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