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Have been trying and to get a BR for 2years now....

Have been trying and to get a BR for 2years now. Have had big books since 6th grade and once a had my son at 17, they have been growing bigger and bigger ever since. I tried working out and it was like, I wasn't getting nowhere. So I finally got feed up with them and decided to start my progress. First, I tried to get Medicaid because I heard they would cover it. Now I wasn't working much at the time literally part time and I figured they would give me Medicaid. So I applied and they gave me SHARE OF COST and I'm like WTF. So I tried to use that and no one would take it. So I broke down and said f it and thought of a way to save the money, but that didn't work either. So fast forward this year, I started a new job and loved it and they offered health insurance. I applied and got it in January and decided to try through BCBS PPO.April, I meet Dr skipper and she literally looked at my breast and said you need a BR and I was like YES! So she literally got the ball rolling. Within 2months she had me get a mammogram, blood work, breast ultrasound and therapy for 6weeks. And now I have my PS appointment soon with 2 different surgeons and I'm so..... excited. I'm pretty positive they will approve me so my surgery will be soon........


I am currently still waiting for my surgeon to send the paperwork. I called on Monday and they said it should be sent out soon. Ughhhhh I am so ready for the new me that I am becoming impatient. But I have found other things to occupy my time like college this fall and school shopping for my son. So God's willing, when I call again next Monday they would have sent it off. Everyone keep me in your prayer and I need all the positive vibes I can get ???????


Called my surgeon office and they said they submitted my paperwork last week. But I called my insurance company as soon as I heard but they said they don't have anything! I'm going crazy right now, do they mail it or fax it or what. I need answers

1step closer

Called bcbs today and they informed me that they received the paperwork and are forwarding it to be reviewed, YAY! So I will call them in a week to see if a decision was made. GOD is pointing me in the right direction. Pray for me ladies


Just called my insurance today and I was APPROVED! YAY! So my surgeon will call me on Thursday or Friday letting me know the next step. Also, when I was on the phone with my insurance they said I had until September 7 to have the surgery! I'm a little confused, that's less than a month. But I am happy and jumping in my shoes. My prayers were answered

waiting for the date

Bcbs called my doctor today and let them know I was approved. They are supposed to call today and let me know my surgery date. Im so excited! They also said I might not need a pre op appointment because of my age. But don't I need meds and the anti soap to wash with the night before the surgery. I will ask when they call oh and I will post pics soon.

date is set!

Got a call from the ps office and the date is set! September 2 is pre-op and surgery is on the 8th. Im excited like crazy! I finally took some pics too.

checklist prior to surgery

Im not too sure on what to buy for my recovery. I know I will need pillows, arnica oil and some gauze but I'm sure there is more that I need. If anyone knows please reply. And I unfortunately don't have a recliner so what Can I do about that.


Has anyone paid their hospital, up front, before surgery was done? My hospital is trying to get 500 prior to surgery and they have only been giving me estimates and don't even know the full cost. I have BCBS and my deductible is 600 and I have meet about 75 of it. I'm still learning about how insurance work but that's ridiculous if I can't do payment arrangements with the hospital

date change

My date was changed to Sept 15 and my pre op is this Tuesday. I was upset for a moment but I realized that it was actually better to set it back.

pre-op appointment

Pre-op went well. Got all my prescriptions, and paperwork for the surgery. Surgery will be Monday at 7:30 am but I half to be there at 6:30 am. My meds are ; xanax(anxiety prior and after surgery). Lortab (pain meds), antibiotics and nausea meds. I am so ready for my "VACATION"


Paid the rest of my deductible to my ps today at the last minute! But the surgery is happening so im happy. Bought prune juice, sports bra antibacterial soap and gauze. Tomorrow I will get pillows and the rest a few days after surgery.

the other side

I made it! At home recovering right now. And my hubby is so helpful. Bout to take this pill and sleep.


At home watching tv and scrolling on Facebook.

post op day 4/5

Im feeling pretty good today. I stop taking my hydrocodone and started taking my Motrin. I drove down the street lol. I still have drains and tape around incisions until my appointment on Tuesday. I have feeling in right breast but not the left. The drains are starting to irritate me a lil and I can't hide them under non of my shirts. Will update after appointment but here are some pictures.

drains removed

Got my drains removed and it did hurt for a good 5 seconds. But my sides are swore but happy they took them out. Got the tape removed around my incisions so now I got to start apply some cream or Vaseline to them and covering with gauze. But so far I'm good but I try not to do too much still.
Port Saint Lucie Plastic Surgeon

Just left my consultation with Dr. Lee and he was down to earth and understood me fully. He will be sending my paperwork out next week then its the waiting game. I hope it doesn't take months (as the nurse there told me). But my Dr think they wouldn't have no problem approving me because of the size of my breast and how little I am. He didn't tell me my size but he did tell me I was huge! And I might need a skin graft for my nipples (yea that big). But I know god will make a way, I mean, he has so far. One step closer to the new me♡♥♡♥

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