Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation-June 18th

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I am recently divorced. After two children (ages 3...

I am recently divorced. After two children (ages 3 and 5) and a bit of weight loss, I'm ready! I want fuller breasts and my flap of a stomach gone!

I'm super nervous about the pain and recovery.....and the blood. "Drains" sound so gross. Ugh! My sister will be home to help me take care of the kids for a week. I have the summer off so I'll have two months to recover before I go back to work. My boyfriend can help take care of me a bit but he doesn't live with me. What kind of help do I need to have arranged? I'm nervous and excited tied into one!

Please see my posts below!

Please see my posts below!

6 years later

This Mommy Makeover was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Dr. Brueck, located in Fort Myers, was my surgeon. My pics are posted on his page but I think my "afters" look even better now since the swelling is long gone.

Tummy Tuck- Even when my weight has gone up, I still have a flat stomach. (The fat comes to the sides/back/butt.) It's been so long that I now take this tummy tuck for granted. My clothes always look nice on me. I wear bodycon dresses without any gross tummy rolls. I am by no means thin or fit, but I have a nice shape because of my flat stomach. The only thing I would do differently is have my other "dog ear" removed. Dr. Brueck removed the one dog ear because it was so large and noticeable. I declined to have the other one removed because it was so tiny. Now that my scar is hardly noticeable, that "puppy ear" drives me nuts. So glad I did the silicone strips! They made a huge difference in minimizing my scar.

Breast Augmentation- The breast augmentation looks great too. I was worried they'd feel foreign, but I honestly don't feel like I have implants. They feel like mine. They are over the muscle because I had enough tissue to keep them looking natural. Honestly, they do look natural.

I just reread my posts after all these years and I laugh because there's so much I don't remember if I forgot. I don't remember the pain at all; I was surprised I wrote that. Anyway, so thankful to have made that choice!

Pics 6 years later

I just took these. Mind you that I'm now nearly 40 and about 10 pounds heavier than the 157 lbs. I was at the time of surgery. Nevertheless, I'm happy with my results and can't imagine what I'd look like now without my Mommy Makeover. (I think I may need a "Fuck-I'm-40" Facelift pretty soon.)
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He seemed friendly and willing to answer all my questions. He's very experienced.

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