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I am a 53 year old woman. Unfortunately ! I have...

I am a 53 year old woman. Unfortunately ! I have enjoyed the triple whammy of adult acne, Basel skin cancer and minor rosacea. I grew up in the sun worshipping age, where more was better, baby oil and iodine were the tanning agents and the idea of sunscreen was overwhelmed by marketing for deep dark tanning oils.

I have had many Basel skin cancers removed on various parts of my body. THREE on my face. All excised via competent Plastic Surgeons. Scars are not terribly visible, but they were removed 12 years ago.

Skin cancer ... Is CANCER. Research is at your fingertips, but don't let it overwhelm you to the point you are your own doctor. It will terrify you.

I FINALLY found both a Plastic Surgeon I adore ... they fix cancer removal hack jobs ... and a dermatologist I trust. Both with impeccable credentials and a kind manner. I will not be a poster child for great skin ... Damage done long ago ... But 'we' ... I say that to 'the collective' out there that might read this ... CAN take charge and do SOMETHING that helps.

I now go to my Dermatologist (both afraid and ebullient) ... He found several actinic ketosis at my last appointment. Okay .. NOT cancer. My great Doctor suggests PDT. I read about it and became afraid because of all the negative reviews. Having JUST done it YESTERDAY, I thought I would, write my own.

Read up on PDT and the science behind it. DEFINITELY worth it!!! I am the biggest CHICKEN out there when it comes to anything medical. I have had the excisions ... Many stitches for a small spot ... Scary! ... I have done the FU 5 /Efudex ... Neither ' a walk in the park' but PDT, done yesterday, is way better. Same result. Faster timeline.

I write this after popping a few Aleve and sitting with a cool towel over my face. Heaty! Yep! Bad, bad sunburn. Yep! ... But didn't that start, the problem?? .... The results will definitely be worth it!!! I am have made it a goal to avoid Moh's surgery or further stitches on my face.

Advice ??? ... Go through your dermatologist. Be sure the nurse puts a great, small powerful fan in your lap. You won't feel a thing! It tightens up afterwards, in my case at least. Definitely STAY OUT of ANY sunlight for 48 hours or an extra day after that. It will get your attention. Stinging, prickly. Makes the red worse. 2 minutes in the sun will hurt.

Watch some old movies. Clean cupboards. Throw yourself a party and be grateful there is actually something out there that can help reverse the damage you may have done and help avoid more 'complex' procedures.

It is definitely not as horrible, at least for me, as the reviews I have read.
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Associates in Dermatology Adore my Derm. Dr. Laertes Manuelidis, My favorite Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen Prendiville and Nurse Michelle who performed the PDT in a competent and caring way.

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