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I cant believe its finally happening! I have two...

I cant believe its finally happening! I have two children and my stomach didnt go back to the way it was before I had them. Ive lost all my weight from the kids but thats the only thing making me feel unhappy with my body. I am so excited and nervous at the same time but know whatever it takes to go through it will be worth it. I have a lot of support from my husband and close friends and family, just counting down the days now...

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and all...

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and all stuffy. This needs to go away ASAP! I have 18 days till surgery day and have to be well!!

Ok, Im adding my pre op pics. Ikk. I honestly...

Ok, Im adding my pre op pics. Ikk. I honestly think I look worse than these specific pictures show but theyre already pretty bad. I have my pre op appt on Tuesday and cant wait to get more info. My countdown says 11 days, 20 hours, 16 minutes, and 30 seconds..yay!

OMG Its 8 days and 47 minutes away from my...

OMG Its 8 days and 47 minutes away from my surgery!! Holy cow! I had my pre op yesterday which helped calm some nerves and also sparked some new ones. After I left my appointment I was literally sick to my stomach all day just knowing its REALLY HAPPENING and its so close! I got my scripts (Percocet, antibiotics, zofran for nausea, and I asked for something for anxiety that day so he also gave me xanax although when I was leaving the nurse told me not to take it the day of which completely defeats the purpose but its ok I guess. Found out I will only have one drain and no pain pump, all my stitches are dissolvable, I was very adamant about how low I want my scar so hopefully it will turn out really well as far as that goes. Going to wear a really low cut skimpy bikini in on surgery day for him to mark it on me, seriously, Im 29 years old and want to show off the new hott me not some huge scar. I will most likely have a vertical scar in the middle because of my belly button piercing that was stretched out a little from pregnancy but Im ok with that, no biggie. Was told to wear something super comfy that day and sweat pants and a hoodie would probably be best cause I will wake up cold and shivering from the anesthesia. I think I am going to wear my hubby's sweat pants that are obviously bigger on me and super comfy and one of my sweaters.

I have read around that people are expecting to feel sick and possibly throw up after surgery? I really hope thats not the case, if someone can calm my nerves on that. It sounds like the most horrible thing to have stitches in your stomach and to be throwing up, ugh. How awful!

They told me I can re pierce my belly button after 6 weeks but to me that sounds a little bit early so I think I will wait a little bit longer for that, still good to know. Im so excited about that!

I havent really bought anything for aftercare as far as bandages or gauze, etc. Is that really needed? If seen some posts that show people bought a whole bunch of stuff and never used it. Any input on that would be appreciated.

I am so excited I cant even function properly. So...

I am so excited I cant even function properly. So glad that we took the kids to Seaworld this weekend and that kept my mind from thing about Thursday. We had so much fun! Things Im nervous about.. my belly button and also my scar!! sooo much. I am bringing in a really low cut bikini so he can mark on me wearing it, I just hope the end result is as low as I want it to be. My belly button also, Ive seen some weird ones, just hope its as normal looking as it can look. Im getting so nervous... 3 days, 14 hours, 58 minutes, and 20 seconds lol. I cant wait!!

I am officially on the flat side!! I went in at...

I am officially on the flat side!! I went in at 9:30 this morning and started at 10:00. My experience was very pleasant. The doctor marked me up wearing super low cut bikini bottoms and had to get completely undressed, for those of you that don't know that. It was totally fine. They took me in to the OR and had me lay on the operating table, which they had all warmed up for me and felt nice. They covered me with some blankets, put some leg warmer like things on to help with circulation, gave me my IV and I don't even remember anything after that until I woke up post op. I was not nauseated whatsoever but did stay pretty loopy for a few hours even after I got home. I think I told my husband I loved him like 100 times in my "drunken" state lol. I was able to peek at my tummy a little bit but was so loopy I hardly remember. I can't wait for my office visit tomorrow to get a better look.

They gave me zofran before the procedure and after the surgery they gave me some crackers and one of my Percocets but they wanted me to go home and eat something before taking a second one and then count 4 hours after the second one to take 2 more. Doing that caused a lot of pain for me for the hour before I was due to take them again because by then the first one stopped working long before that.

I'm drinking a ton of water and its making me have to pee quite a bit, which sucks cause getting up and down just sucks. My hubby helps me up and down if course and if I recommend anything to any future tt'ers it is a reclining couch or chair! It's wonderful and comfy and so necessary!

For the most part, except from the hour that was pretty painful it has been completely manageable pain wise. All the pain that I'm feeling is due to the lipo from what the nurses tell me and that makes sense to me from where I'm feeling it. My hubby had been soooo wonderful throughout this whole process and has been taking such good care of me, I really am a lucky, lucky woman to have a great man!

Will update more after my appt tomorrow and possibly pics : )

Issues not fixed...

I am now 3 months post op and have had some issues that I have been worried about. I had my 3 month appoint at my PS office and brought up my concerns, which are still having loose skin, my side love handle area is very flabby/jiggly, and my skin gathers oddly at the end of my scar. There is also a hole in my belly button where one of the stitches came out. He completely blew me off and acted as though I was just being a picky anal person, cut me off while I was talking about these things and then rushed me out the door. Yes, these are smaller things that Im having but from talking to other PS I know they can be fixed and for the amount of money that I spent I should not have to feel like he doesn't give a crap whether I am happy with my result. For the thousands of dollars that I gave him, I should have these things fixed. I look better than I did but that's not the point here. I was VERY turned off by my appointment and very discouraged knowing Dr Garramone is not going to do anything to help me!! Took my money and ran with it!

Things may be looking up.

As I commented below I have received an email from the doctor talking about doing a non invasive skin tightening procedure and possible laser scar treatment. I have replied and will know more about that soon. I should have waited to update my review for when I wasn't super stressed, upset, worried, etc from my last appointment that day but I also think I should be completely real and at the time, that's how I was honestly feeling. I'm hoping everything follows through and I can have these issues resolved but at the moment I'm feeling hopeful. I am uploading my official before/after pics from the office. You cant see my belly button issue unless its an up close pic of it and the flank issue doesn't show in the pics, its more with clothes on and feeling the jiggly-ness (
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