36 Yr Old Female, 3 Kids, the Struggle is Real - Fort Myers, FL

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Ive been wanting to do this a long time. I finally...

Ive been wanting to do this a long time. I finally got my insurance approval and went through the three month program the Dr suggested. Today is day six of my pre op liquid diet. My family is of no help or support as I have asked of them. As they currently sit here eating chinese food and ordering pizza. I just go into another room so I dont have to see it, smell it, or be around it at all. I have struggled my entire life with my weight. In my family all the women are on the plus side. Phentermine has helped me yoyo back and forth with my weight. When I first was introduced to it after having my son, I lost 100 lbs. Over the years, not taking the diet med, I gained every bit of it back. When I hit 30, I could not lose the weight as fast and somewhat easy as it seemed before. Now I just gain, what I do lose I cant keep off. I work a full time job, I'm not a lazy person. Ive always been active but my body doesnt like to keep up with my mind set. Now the weight is taking control and I am feeling worse than I ever have. I got up to 323 lbs when I started this. My last weigh in a month ago, I was at 305 and I'm not sure what I am at today. I go to my pre-op appointment with my dr this Thursday, so I am sure he will weigh me to make sure I am sticking to my liquid diet. I am hoping for the energy and mindset to be able to stick to a diet and exercise plan when all of this is over. My coworkers tell me I do well and my weight doesn't seem to hold me back but the pain I endure every day tells me different. I am praying this is the beginning to a whole new me. I am tired of being tired.

Just me

2_days before preop!

2 days and counting! I've been an anxious emotional wreck. I'm having dreams of everything that can go wrong. It really sucks. Today I'm gonna try to be better and not worry so much. This liquid diet feels normal now and more and more I think I can do this. I don't ever want to go back to my old life style of eating, I want this new life. I want to feel healthy, I want to go hiking with my mom July first! I'm gonna post pics from yesterday, I am now at 291, down 15 lbs from the two week liquid diet!

Todays the day!

Thank u all for the support! Getting ready to go in now! I appreciate every one of you!!

7 days post op!!

Hi guys! What a long week it's been. It was a struggle. No wonder why they want us so educated on what were about to do to ourselves. It was hard getting fluids in, and I was so tires of clear liquids. I was ready to put something in my stomach. Today started my full liquid diet and first thing I drank a protein shake. It went down so good. I feel almost at 100% today. I know I still have a long road ahead of me but it's good to feel myself again. I took one pic of my wounds last night I'm going to share with you guys. It looks worse than it feels, my bruising is a little ridiculous. Have a great day realself fam!!!

2 weeks post op

Tuesday I went for my 2 week post op visit. I graduated to pureeds! Yay! I've been sticking to Greek yogurt and cottage cheese but I think I will experiment with some scrambled eggs soon. I tried sugar free sherbet like I had saw someone suggested and it made me very sick. Although the calories were low and it was sugar free, I think the carbs were too high. I believe it said 23 grams. Well, it went right to the trash!!! I don't like feeling sick. The protien shakes, cottage cheese, and yogurt, so far keep me feeling good. And diet green tea is my new best friend. If I don't have my bottle of water, I have my tea. Dr released me to a 30 lb lift restriction and exercise. I'm also back to taking my medicine whole.. Which I don't understand how I'm aloud to do that but not eat regular food yet. It makes me worry the meds will cause a leak. If anyone knows , please inform me. My pills are big ones.. So are our vitamins??? Anyway, I'm going to go hiking in the mountains this week and am leaving tonight. Hopefully burn some calories and get away from everyone in my household that is on a regular cooking bacon or ordering pizza. They make this struggle harder but I have gone thru way too much and cried too many times to let their unhealthy ways take control of me. I have lost 18 lbs since surgery. That is 47 lbs in total since I started this weight loss journey. The first two months was 15 lbs doing the high protein, low carbs. It wasn't till the starve ourselves diet, or as the drs call it, the liquid diet that I lost the other 32 lbs in total. Well everyone, I'm feeling good, I'm happier now that I can eat something and I'm taking it little by little. What a change its been!! I hope you all have a great fourth of July! I'll be checking back in when I can.

3 weeks post op!!

Lots of exercise this week. Feeling good. I know it's only been a week but I'm posting yesterday's pics anyway!

5 weeks post op!

Hi friends! I feel I shouldn't have stayed away long. I came home from my vacay. I did great while away. I exercised, I ate exactly the way I was supposed to. I am 25 lbs down since surgery. Now, I came home to a very stressful situation. I was given less than 30 days to find a place, my landlord sold our home. So I was right away packing and looking for a new place. I've still been doing good up til these last couple days. We found a place we're moving into tomorrow. In the meantime, all my dishes, pots and pans are all packed! So the families been eating out, and I been doing gas station protein shakes! Well, I just hit my 5 weeks and graduated to regular food. SundAy night I get the family taco bell, for myself I got the protein bowl. I picked at the chicken, veggies and beans. I left the rice. My sleeve did well with this. I didn't fill myself or get sick. Last night I take my son to the store for drinks and a snack. I got pork grinds!!! I ate 4. And was fine! They were 0 carb, 0 sugar 80 calories, and 8 grams of protien! It sounds great, but is this even aloud?! Now today, I'm anxious, stressed, and starving! I make my fam a pizza, fries, and stuffed scallops. I had a stuffed scallop, which ingredients once again, not bad. I go shopping, get some things done, come home and see the pizza!!!!! I cut half a slice and picked at it! Bread and all!! Of course went and put half of that down the toilet!! Big mistake! I'm feeling more guilty and worried than anything. I worked so hard to come this far and just really been slacking. Hope after this move I can get things back to normal. I will gladly take any tips of helpful info from any of you!

9 Weeks Post Op!

W 291 CW 258 why am I feeling I should be losing more? I am exercising, getting in my protein, taking my vitamins, and staying under 900 calories! I'm losing my hair already so I chopped it off! Am I being dramatic? I think my body wants to stay fat and now let's add some baldness! AnywY heres some recent pics!

241, 50lbs down 3 months post op

4 months post op

Post op 5 months


sleeve gastrectomy

208 lbs. Down 115 lbs now. 28 lbs to my goal

size 14!

11 months post op.
Dr. Moses Sheih

He's a great doctor. Very highly recommended, been told he's the best. He has treated me with respect and answers all my questions. His program was well worth it and cost was reasonable.

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