54 Year Old - Tummy Tuck, Breat Lift & Aug with PRP Fat Grafting to the Breasts, Lipo to Thighs & Knees - Fort Myers, FL

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I am 54 years old & 2 weeks post-op TT, BL...

I am 54 years old & 2 weeks post-op TT, BL & BA with PRP fat grafting to breast & Lipo to thighs & Knees. My surgery was completed by DR. Robert Brueck in Fort Myers, Florida. FIrst, I want to say that in addition to doing a lot of research into the procedures I was interested in having done, I am also an RN with many years of medical experience. I knew that I was going to be very picky regarding the surgeon that I would allow to complete these elective procedure on me. I had my consultation with Dr. Brueck on 4/4/16 and was very pleasantly impressed as soon as I walked through the front door to his office. As a healthcare professional, one of the 1st things that comes to mind, (aside, of course, to safety and experience), is cleanliness in regards to the facility and the staff. I have seen far too many nosocomial infections as a nurse and know how difficult they can be to treat and the complications that can result because of them. The 1st thing I noticed after walking through the door was that the office was clean (spotless), no unusual odors, the staff were all dressed professionally, clean, well groomed, and I observed their use of cleanliness to insure a safe environment. The office was well organized and everyone was friendly, welcoming, patient and willing to answer any and all questions.....always a good sign. As soon as Dr. brueck walked into the exam room for the consultation I felt at ease. He was smiling, friendly, maintained good eye contact when answering questions, made me feel comfortable during the exam and took all the time I needed to ask and questions and discuss my concerns. I knew immediately he was the surgeon for me.....everything on my check off list from facility to expertise was there. I booked my surgery that day for 6/9/16.

Fast forward to my pre-op and surgery. Since I live out of state (NH), I wasn't flying in until 6/5 so we scheduled my pre-op visit with Dr. Brueck for 6/6. All of my other pre-op requirements were completed by my PCP....labs, ekg, etc and Dr. Brueck's office and my PCP coordinated everything......easy peasy! I got my pre-op scripts and went over the procedures that he planned on doing and off I went to finish my errands pre-surgery and wait for the big day. I had no doubts and was extremely comfortable with my choice of Dr. Brueck. On 6/9 I arrived at the surgery center at 6:15am and met another friendly and competent group of nurses who would take care of me through the day there. My only real concern that I had was how tough would the recovery be....would it be very painful etc. Dr. Brueck explained to me that the TT is generally the more cumbersome part of the recovery. However, he uses Experal, which is a anesthetic that is injected directly in the muscle of the abdomen and it provides 3-5 days of numbing. I can tell you that I had ZERO, pain....only a few days of mild discomfort when trying to get up and down. I only needed the Vicodin he gave me for 2 days.....and only Tylenol after that. I also had no discomfort from my breast lift and aug either....just some mild tenderness when the nerves started to regenerate at about 10 days. I have never had such a pain free and easy surgery in my life. I really believe it has to do with how gentle the Dr. Is manipulating your tissue....also no real bruising to speak of.....except some in the Lipo areas. To be honest, the Lipo areas caused me the most discomfort. Anyway.....2 weeks in......healing beautifully.....love my new lifted breasts and my flat tummy. I am still relatively swollen but this is normal for several months and patience with the resolution of this will no doubt yield me a beautiful result. I have already gone out to dinner with friends and family over the past few days and have done very well.....a bit slow....but no issues. Of course, I am following every instruction my PS gave me as that is the key to proper and timely healing.

In closing, I can't say enough about Dr. Brueck and his staff......they are professional and masters at their craft! I will be returning in November for an arm lift and some facial reguvination. I would never even consider anyone else after the wonderful experience I had with Dr. Brueck and his team. His web-site is Beauty by Brueck.....and it speaks for itself!

Pre-surgery photos

Just for a comparison. here are my pre-surgery photos taken at the PS office

POD 1-7 progression Photos

Some additional comparison photos Days 1-7 ** note the lack of bruising ** I truly believe it is because of the doc and the gentleness of tissue manipulation during surgery. I have always been a pretty good healer as well....so maybe genetics plays a small role. I did NOT use Arnica and Bromeline as my PS does NOT like his patients to use it as it can contribute to additional blood thinning and bleeding. I did have 1 drain and left that in for 10 days until the drainage slowed down. I would rather have it in for a few more days than chance developing a seroma. Breast implants are 425cc mod profile plus Mentor

2 week post-op update TT, BA, BL, lipo

Today it is 2 weeks post-op TT, BA, BL, Fat Transfer & Lipo. I have been fortunate to have had an uneventful recovery so far. i have had a much easier experience than I expected simply because I had several procedures done at the same time. I had a horribly painful recovery when I had by gall bladder out and expected much the same. However, as I said before, ZERO pain.....just some slight expected discomfort upon trying to get up & down for the 1st few days after surgery. My incision are healing wonderfully....no infections, seroma said or hematomas...yippee! I have been very careful to follow ALL of my PS instructions and not do more than I am supposed to simply because I feel good. I can't stress this enough. I have been out and about in small spurts as I still become tired easily and know that when I am feeling that it is my body speaking to me loud and clear saying......slow down and rest. I still have swelling all of the time....mostly mid afternoon......again my body saying drink more water and get off your feet for a bit....so I listen. I have a few more weeks off from work so that should help. Just as an FYI......m
The most important items I purchased and used during the recovery:
Toilet seat riser
Shower chair
Dulcolax suppositories (took 1 every day starting on day 4 when no bm.....worked like a charm with the MOM)
Milk of Magnesia (cherry flavor....hate the plain...lol)
Isopure protein drinks (need protein to heal....40 GM per bottle and zero carbs or sugar) drink 2 per day - bought at Vitamin Shoppe - you can order on-line and they will deliver - grape is my favorite
Zippered sports bras
Phanzyme gas caps (took 1 in morning and 1 at night starting 3 days before surgery and will for 4 weeks after.....keeps the bloating down and helps with passing gas so less pain in abdomen)
Omeprazole tablets - same as Phanzyme gas caps.....helps stomach acid and prevent nausea
Dial soap - antibacterial - use it to shower before and after surgery - I also cleaned the drain tubing and bulb with it (outside of it...not inside) helps to eliminate bacteria and prevent infection
Extra compression garment - target/Walmart
gauze pads for my incision site and bacitracin just in case I needed it
puppy pads for my chairs ( in-case I leaked.....never one leak even on my compression garment)

That's about it......I hope this information is helpful to those of you preparing or considering these types of procedures. I will be having my 2nd round in Dec...... Arm lift and some facial work. My 3rd and final round will be next spring some time.......thigh & buttock lift or LBL....not sure yet. I had/have a fair amount of loose skin and laxity that will only respond to surgical removal. I lost 115lbs after Gastric Bypass in 2009 and finally have the opportunity to take the next step. Best wishes and good luck to everyone....you are all in my thoughts & prayers!
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brueck is professional, attentive, friendly, and makes you feel comfortable. He listens to and thoroughly answers any questions you might have. My surgery and post-op healing couldn't have gone more smoothly. I am ecstatic with the results and plan on returning in November for additional procedures. I would never even consider using another PS. Thanks Dr. Brueck and your wonderful team......you are wonderful at your craft. You were certainly blessed with special and gentle hands....i.e......Beauty by Brueck....that says it all!

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