Labiaplasty (26YO/Female/No Kids) - Fort Myers, FL

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Alright, so I've been wanting to do this procedure...

Alright, so I've been wanting to do this procedure for a LONG time I just don't care for the appearance of my labia and it gets in the way during sex sometimes. I've been to a few doctors for consolations but I never got the warm and fuzzys after speaking to them. At lot of places want to do general anesthetia and I prefer local anesthesia because because it's a short procedure and honestly don't want to be put out. I'm located a few hours away from Dr. Bloy so I emailed them to see if I could do a consolation over the phone. I sent in some pictures and received a phone call from Dr. Bloy within 48hrs. Although I never met him I felt super comfortable from the start. Extremely friendly and answered all of the questions I had for him. I wanted my procedure the next day! Lol Anyway, I'm in the process of picking a date that fits with my schedule so hopefully I'll be updating this within the next few days/weeks. I'm super super excited!

Day 1 of Recovery

Swollen and gross on one side

Day 2 of Recovery

Still super swollen I was bleeding a lot thanks to Aunt Flow.

Day 5 of Recovery

Alright, some improvement finally! Still bleeding a tad but nothing major. Lots of bruising still. Sorry, I haven't shaved I'm a little paranoid to be near there with a razor. Stitches are getting itchy and it's getting annoying but hopefully they dissolve soon.

Day 7

Virtually no pain today! I'm so excited. I did a lot of walking this weekend but I didn't have any issues. Still spotting just a little but nothing crazy. I'm gonna attempt to shave tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Also that's part of the stitch sticking out at the top

Day 6

It's finally starting to look normal. Left side it still more swollen than the right.

Day 8

Super itchy today

Day 14

Good lord it's itchy!!! Did you guys use anything to help with the itchiness??

Day 14 (night time)

Alright, so someone commented saying my labiaplasty was botched and that I should sue my surgeon because my other labia was completely missing. That is not the case in the previous photos my left side was VERY swollen compared to my right side. It's still going down but here's another photo showing my other labia. I promise it's there lol

Day 14

Day 18

Still a little itchy. I worked out a few times this week with no issue. The little black lines are the stitches with dry blood. Left side looks normal and the right side seems like it's making improvement every day from what it was.

8 Hours After Surgery

So I didn't want to post this because it looks horrible but I figured I would show you the good, bad and ugly. This was the night after my surgery. I was FREAKING out. I had a follow up the next morning and he assured me that I was something that happens and not to freak out

3 weeks 2 days

I'm back to working out every day! Left side is starting to look like the right side

One Month Update

Everything seems normal the tissue is kind of hard near the cuts not anything crazy but I'm sure after a while it'll go away. Pretty happy with it, my left side goes down every week I think it's taking it's sweet time but if you remember that was the side that was super swollen

6.5 weeks post op

Hello everyone sorry I've been terrible at updating this! I've been taking pictures but I forget to post them. Things are going great! The tissue is softening up there's a few small spots that are kind of hard but nothing too crazy. I'm able to work out like normal and I feel completely normal. Super happy with my decision! My left side still looks a tad bigger than my right but I'm still happy with the results and it's the side that has more hard spots so I'm hoping once those soften up it will look more even. Sorry I haven't shaved eek

Quick collage

Quick collage if you don't want to go through all the pictures
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