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I had wanted to reduce the labia majora and minora...

I had wanted to reduce the labia majora and minora for a few years as they had become saggy with age. My gynecologist agreed that a labiaplasty would yield desired result relatively easily. I had it done days later for $1600 in a very simple in office procedure. Medication was not necessary, area was numb with local anesthetic. I drove out of there fully capable two hours later. Took Prescription pain medication first day but experienced almost no pain only discomfort. Now three days later I would say this whole process has been virtually painless with only minor discomfort. I would highly recommend this procedure for anyone desiring to feel better about that area. I could not be happier and Dr. Bloy in Fort Myers did a fabulous job and has with great care followed up on my progress. I have had no significant swelling or bruising, almost no swelling, and almost no bleeding except immediately after returning home from surgery. This was the best for me as it has been so simple and so easy and I have the results that I have wanted to feel confident and happy with that special area. I am glad that I read lots of reviews to know the range of what to expect after and even more glad that my experience has been fantastic. Literally I could go jogging and carry-on regular activities the next day if it weren't discouraged. I am somewhat taking it easy as not to irritate the area but again with no pain and almost no discomfort I could if it were allowed to exercise jog do anything I would've done before and I am only three days out from surgery right now. I could not recommend doing this more and suspects that others would have a similar experience at least with my doctor.

Day 4

Last night and today-some increased discomfort due to swelling mostly around clitoris (I did not have a hoodectomy) which seems normal given the trauma to the area. Other than a small need for pain medication and steroid cream to treat swelling and minimize swelling, all is very well still. The doctor again provides attentive care and answers all concerns. I am still delighted with the doctor and the procedure!

Great still-end of day 4

After experiencing some discomfort, I am again delighted to report that everything is going great. A checkup revealed no significant swelling and only a need for cortisone/steroid cream which the doctor quickly provided. I am happy to know that I am healing perfectly with no concerns. With the approval of my doctor, I have started applying numbing cream combo of lidocaine benzocaine etc. this totally numbs the area and really removes any discomfort. I am able to tend to daily minimal activities like driving children cooking cleaning up showering grocery shopping and errands with care and limiting them while having only slight discomfort. I still could not be more pleased with the procedure and the care provided by womens contemporary health (Nicole and dr. Bloy)! If this procedure appeals to your needs and having improved labia/vaginal appearance would make you feel more confident sexually, I say do it!!!

Days 5/6

The last few days I have had pretty uncomfortable itching and burning, some hardness to the labia in certain places, asymmetry of slight swelling and unpleasant irritation bordering on pain at stitches in base near perineum (no perineaplasty though) and at point where labia minora meet clitoris. I really should stay in bed some but am stubbornly active to my own detriment. After such an operation to this very sensitive area, discomfort is to be expected and not really a big deal. I find sitz baths very soothing, antibiotic cream lubricates well, topical triple lidocaine benzocaine tetracaine numbs area a bit (god send really). Lying down is best as standing much becomes uncomfortable and sitting is painful a bit. Doctor aftercare assures that it looks good and is healing better than averagely. It is just a matter of time. I could not be happier with decision to do this still despite unpleasant discomfort!

Day 7

Had follow up office visit today-needed it because of super tenderness and major discomfort yesterday. Seems that area is healing fabulously but pain is due to inflammation. Doctor doesn't feel it is necessarily infected but prescribed Krefeld antibiotic to treat and help with inflammation. Mostly though a trim...corticosteroid ointment is to be used and warm moist heat. I am hoping to turn corner and end discomfort shortly. The skin is just super sensitive and it should go away. This hasn't been fun but still so happy I did it and know that this will pass.

Day 7

Red and slightly swollen
Stitches healing well
Tender because of inflammation
Keflex prescribed

Day 8

Last night was the worst-It seems I have been having allergic reaction to antibacterial ointment or corticosteroid cream, or something because labia and surrounding tissues got increasingly red swollen. The area felt burnt and looked it too, dry and stiff skin. Very painful! Thankfully it is getting better already and have started probiotics, taken diflucan (yeast infection possible source of raw skin), taking Benadryl to suppress inflammation, and taking warm baths, and using Vaseline to lubricate and soothe area! I am using water bottle after bathroom to gently wash area. Not a good couple of days but again "it will pass"! Hoping tomorrow will be better day!

Day 9-skin issue clearing up-good!!!

Today things on the burnt skin cleared up a lot. For me the use of blt numbing cream, triple antibiotic ointment and cortisone cream for inflammation just burnt my skin. It is good for others to hear bc my only pain and problem were a skin reaction not anything relates to the labiaplasty itself. I ended up having to turn to the least irritating most protective and nourishing topical to heal the dry red burnt swollen painful skin-honey was the miracle I needed. Within hours of washing anything else off the area and applying honey all over and within the area, the dry painful stiff cracked skin peeled/flaked off and supple moist healthy tissue underneath was calmed and comfortable. Finally! It was a rough week with the burning pain and swelling-honey kills bacteria and microbes and yeast, is anti inflammatory, is moisturizing, and anesthetic--it actually relieved the pain that pain killers couldn't touch immediately as it started working on the new skin! And healing for the actual labiaplasty is still going perfectly-sutures look great and all is well. I am so glad I did this and had a supportive doctor bc It helped me calmly make it through those unexpected things that could have had me hopeless and in tears-instead it was a pleasant though painful week-no problem that can't be gotten over and certainly no reason not to have had this procedure! I highly recommend doing this if you like. Will post new pics tomorrow.

Day 10-feeling good and healing great

I am so delighted to report that honey turned out to be the gentle antibacterial anti yeast anti inflammatory great anesthetic moisturizer that my angry skin was desperate for! I have washed area and used only honey on area (with doctors orders) for about 20 hours now and have gone from excruciating burning and dryness to soft and healthy skin-the honey soothed immediately and the dry cracked layers peeled off quickly-looked like a snake shedding tough dry outer layer. Skin layer shed literally off my clitoris and all of the outer vaginal area. Now skin is calm painless and stitches are doing perfectly as can be. I can move freely without pain-and friction is minimal as honey is lubricating inner and outer vaginal area. Ok, so this is bit messy but it's just honey and will clean up easily. Will even be able to wear panties and leave house today without wanting to cry from irritation. I am so glad I endured and have a doctor who would work to find a solution to my particular problem. And again, the labiaplasty part has actually been no real pain or problem-it was my skins exactions to topicals and chemicals that was my only problem! I still recommend doing this if necessary to feel and/or look better. Thank god for good relationship with doctor though bc this would have been horrible trying to deal with alone as a patient with no real knowledge and experience.

Day 13-so good!

Today stitches were removed. They are vicryl and will dissolve by 6-8weeks completely on their own but are not needed any longer. The stitches created the only remaining pain and discomfort of this procedure. And for me the irritation and pulling and poking of them made sitting walking sleeping etc very painful and impossible to ignore! But for only the 12 days since the procedure, this is totally reasonable and thankfully over today day 13. They were painful to remove-even with numbing cream-but it was worth the hour of pain to end any pain from this procedure. And I am so thankful my doctor did not feel inclined to make me wait and let them dissolve by themselves by 6-8 weeks. Now, I am feeling only a bit of tenderness and am so happy with the labiaplasty and the doctor and nurse team who treated me. I am able to see how well this is going now and am again still so glad I did it. So, about 13 days of up and down pain and I made it. Totally worth it. The swelling and suture line will continue to heal and look better.

Day 13-stitches out and healing well!

Stitches out-lumps and bumps will smooth out nicely and swelling will go down. Have to remember that the area was just cut and traumatized and healing is not instant-totally normal and good though. I don't get freaked out but am posting pics of recovery so that others can have idea visually of recovery and to compare theirs to so they can relax and trust the healing.

Day 14 (over now)

Today (yesterday at this hour), was day 14 and, while moments were painful and I was concerned with progress, the area is quite healed and entirely comfortable. Whew! I am amazed now at the speed of the healing in last couple of days-especially since my skin reaction threw an unpleasant wrench in things last week. I am basically done having to focus on area or take extra special care. More healing will continue to produce final result but the difficult part is over - I am so glad and pleased!

6 weeks

Seems like I have completely forgotten I had this procedure now. I have no issues and area is continuing to settle in to its new shape. I have conducted all activities as normal for weeks now and am delighted with the results. The area will take months to completely settle and for final result to be seen. But already looks good to me. The only discomfort I have had in past weeks is itching from dissolvable sutures that weren't able to be removed completely and take weeks to completely dissolve on their own. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone that needs/wants it. Just be prepared to have discomfort for few weeks and know it will pass quickly enough and be worth it. And I suggest asking if doctor can use a new faster dissolving super thin vicryl suture to shorten discomfort! My doctor now has switched to a better one available for this reason. Lucky future patients! :))

Over 2 months out-all is well

I couldn't be more pleased with my decision to have this done, my choice of doctor/practice, the speed and process of recovery, and my healing. I do feel my satisfaction is due in large part to the care, attention to detail, and follow up the doctor and his staff have provided. I have one tiny area, upper right if viewing photo, that is slightly pointy and not as smooth as I wish. This is not unusual as little tweaks are often necessary after result is seen following some time of healing. Good news is revision for this type of tweak is quick, easy, and not something I will have to miss any regular life for beyond a couple days of light care for a tiny pea sized wound to heal-no stitches and no pain or discomfort expected-this is more like having a mole excised and not a full surgical opening and closing. So happy! And for those that have his done at same doctor, the new even tinier and more quickly dissolving sutures and small but unique technique adjustments will likely eliminate this little problem without a revision. That is awesome to know so I can pass recommendation on to friends wanting this procedure! Even with a tiny revision coming, I feel I got a top quality surgery and a great healing process. So glad and now seems like so long ago, though he return to looking completely normal will take more months, I am already pleased so much!
Dr Bloy

The office and medical practitioners including Dr. Bloy were fantastic. They were accommodating and provided very caring aftercare. They have a wonderful concern for their patients and follow up beyond The call of duty. I could not be more pleased with their expertise, bedside manner, and the results. I highly recommend women's contemporary health and Dr. Bloy's services in any capacity that he offers.

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