45 Yr Old-350cc Silicone Explant/Full Lift-Southwest Forida

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I am a little late sharing my story as I didn't...

I am a little late sharing my story as I didn't find this forum until the night before my procedures. I was scared and nervous, and words cannot describe how much this forum helped ease my mind going into surgery. I have spent hours reading stories during my recovery these last few days, and I'm so thankful to have found such a great support group. At the urging of others in this forum I have decided to share my story and document my recovery in the hopes that I can help others also considering explant and lift.

In 2008, at age 38, I made the decision to get implants. My c cup breasts were saggy after breastfeeding two boys, and I wanted to feel better about myself and look better in clothes. I researched many doctors in the area and chose a surgeon who specializes in breast reconstructive surgery for cancer survivors. She is truly a talented surgeon and has helped so many women with her beautiful work. Her portfolio speaks for itself, and in addition to her impressive credentials, I knew she was a perfect fit for me.

My surgeon urged me to do a lift instead of implants. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of scars from the lift procedure, and instead opted with implants to fill out the saggy skin. My surgeon expressed concern that they would be too heavy for my frame, and at one point said she would rather not perform my operation. I begged her to move forward with me. I think she finally agreed knowing I was going to do it anyway and would just find another surgeon, and at least she would do a good job for me.

I had 350cc silicone Mentor implants and a mini lift around my nipples. She did a beautiful job, and I was 100% happy with the results. I felt great in my clothes and had so much more confidence.

Within a year, however, I knew my doctor was correct when she said they would be too heavy for me. I started experiencing daily neck and back discomfort. Working out became more difficult because of my heavy breasts. Bras were very uncomfortable, and I started going without a bra as often as I could at home in the evenings and on weekends. This was a huge mistake because my doctor warned me to always wear a bra or they would drop and stretch due to the weight, and sure enough they did.

Within a few years I found myself with sagging breasts again, only now I also had the discomfort of very heavy implants.

I have always been very thin but started to gain weight when I turned 40, not a lot, but enough to give me a fuller figure, and of course my new additional cushioning went straight to my breasts. My D cups turned into DD.

I wouldn't have thought anything could be worse than my natural sagging breasts, but I was wrong. I found myself with chronic pain in my neck and back. Even laying in bed reading was uncomfortable because my breasts were so heavy. I started to get constant rashes from the weight of my boobs laying against my stomach skin, and had to make sure I washed my breasts a few times a day and put baby powder in my bra to absorb sweat.

Finding a comfortable bra became impossible. 4 hrs in a bra and I was done. Just done. Bra shopping was my personal hell. I have a drawer that I call the bra graveyard...full of bras upon bras upon bras that ended up not working out.

Two years ago, age 43, I was diagnosed with 3 bulging discs in my neck. I've been in and out of physical therapy since. One time my neck spasmed so badly that I was in physical therapy for two months straight and in excruciating pain constantly. I have been miserable to the point of OBSESSION. Every day when I would start hurting, I would just look down at my breasts and wonder WTF was I thinking? I was living in constant pain, every minute of every day.

And let's not even talk about the emotional discomfort I have gone through. I am somewhat a conservative girl, and never really wore a lot of clothes that showed much cleavage. I really got implants so I would fill out my tops, not to scream boobs! After my weight gain, even the loosest fitting tops made me look HUGE and unnatural, and it was quite obvious I had fake boobs. I was so embarrassed and shopping was a nightmare. I got to the point where I wasn't happy with anything because all I could see were my giant boobs. And swim suits are the worst. No support for my giant implants, halter tops were downright painful cutting into my skin.

Because of the nature of my job, taking time off had to be planned at least a year in advance. I knew last year that I couldn't wait any longer or I was going to end up crippled.

I went back to my original surgeon, and by the way, she was gracious enough not to say "I told you so." This past Tuesday she performed explant surgery with capsule removal and a full lift.

When I woke up from my surgery I was in pain, but it wasn't as bad as the pain level following my implant surgery 8 yrs ago. I thought the drains would bother me, but honestly I was so thankful to have them. I kept wondering where the fluid would have ended up if it was leaking in my body. It was a relief to know that my implants were intact upon removal. It's nice to know that I didn't have any silicone leakage in my body.

I went for a follow up the next morning on Wednesday and got to see them for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised! Because of my new weight I had more breast tissue than I did prior to my original augmentation, so she had a lot to work with. I was expecting small, flat breasts, and they actually have a round shape. They are of course swollen and will likely drop and flatten down a bit, but I'm okay with that.

I genuinely am at a point in my life where I care more about my health than how I look. As long as they fit in a bra that doesn't hurt I'll be a happy camper!

I went again today to have the drains removed, and asked my doctor if I could quickly take pictures a few of my old photos from my file. I'll share these images of my original breasts, post implants, and then my before photo last week. And then I'll start taking photos now of my healing process to share.

My husband has been amazing! He knows how much I have been suffering, and is very happy that I'm already feeling relief following my procedures. My breasts look scary right now, and I'm so thankful that he is being so wonderful and making me feel great about myself. He says he can't wait to "get his hands on them!"

I am already feeling such a huge difference! I feel like I weigh 10 lbs less, like I was carrying all that weight on my chest and now it's gone. I am so excited to take a walk and not be in constant pain and discomfort. I'm looking forward to wearing a bikini top again! And tank tops! And maybe even a strapless dress! But most importantly, I'm looking forward to feeling healthy again, both physically and mentally.

I'm ready to be comfortable in my body again.

4 days Post Op

Drains out and breaststroke are swollen and should settle and flatten over time. I'm shocked at how much natural tissue I had! I look bigger than my pre augmentation in 2008. My middle age weight went straight to my boobs. No wonder they were so heavy

Itchy Boobies

I must be healing because I'm itchy itchy itchy. It's like a deep itch and I'm trying to ignore it. Pain is getting less and less. I've been religious about my meds and have taken a Vicodin every 4 hrs which really helps. Also taking antibiotic. I've been doing nothing but laying in bed looking at stories on RealSelf! I'm obsessed with boobs...

Show and Tell

Tonight we had our closest friends over for the Super Bowl and also my 46th birthday. Did I mention I hate football? I get screwed every 4 years or so and get upstaged by a football game on my birthday. But anyway, my girlfriends practically dragged me into the bathroom and ripped my clothes off to see my new boobies. They oohed and aahed over them. We were like giddy school girls! My one friend gave me a tiny training bra from target as a gag gift for the "new me."

I don't look like I need to be milked anymore

Yay! I no longer have two cow udders hanging from my chest.

Stitches removed yesterday and replaced with some steri strips. Most of bruising is gone now and I'm pretty much out of the house of pain.

I'm 5 pounds lighter. I'm carrying myself completely different and haven't had any neck or back pain. The difference is just amazing.

And I look so much better in my clothes. I FEEL better in my clothes. It's so nice to put on a shirt and not have those giant fake breasts trying to burst through my chest cavity like the creature from Aliens.

Looks like I'm going to end up a solid c cup. The girlies are still a little swollen and I certainly won't mind if they shrink a bit more.

I just feel so much better both physically and emotionally and I couldn't be happier!

I Heart My Teets

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since explant. Pretty much back to life but still taking it easy. I've had two bad days, this past Saturday and a week ago Sunday where I was in pain all day from overdoing it. It felt like I had pulled or popped a stitch? I just tried to rest and let it pass. Still not able to sleep on my side because my boobies pull too much despite wearing a sports bra. Did I mention I hate sleeping in my back? I feel like a darn vampire laying in a coffin.

Otherwise healing is going nicely. Right is healing a little cleaner than Left. Looks like the incision and stitch weren't quite as clean under the nipple and it looks like the scar will be a little thicker. But I can live with that. Why? Because I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

I went to a movie with friends this past Friday. I wore a tight fitting sweater. I haven't worn a sweater in years because sweaters made me "looka like a porn star."

It's a pleasure to get dressed and not feel self conscious. My teets are now perfect for my frame.

Regular bras aren't comfortable yet so I'm still in a sports bra. And I'm still not quite ready to exercise. I still have some healing to do.

Naples Plastic Surgeon

Just amazing! Wonderful doctor, caring, gracious, gentle touch, and really listens to her patients. Her portfolio is beautiful and was a true representation of her work. Support staff is also caring and thorough.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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