Liposuction to Abdomen/flanks, with Fat-to-breast Transfer -Fort Myers, FL

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Just had my surgery this morning. Not going to...

Just had my surgery this morning. Not going to lie, I'm an incredible amount of pain. My breasts more than my stomach actually. I just got up to use the bathroom and lost a lot of the "bloody fluid" from the wound site. Kind of freaked me out, but they said it was to be expected. Going to go ahead and post my before pictures now, and I will post more pictures as the bandages come off and as I heal! Any questions, feel free to ask!

6 hours post op, after a nap lol

Stood up to use the bathroom, LOTS of bloody fluid came out. Became very weak and nearly fainted. Soaked the bandages. Turned rather pale and my BP dropped. Scared the crap out of me!! Spoke to a nurse via text message about it (how awesome is that!? Amazing customer service!!!) and she answered all my silly questions and put me at ease. Then she taught me how to change the bandages before I went to bed.

12 hours post op, bandage/gauze change before bed

Used the bathroom before bed, and changed the bloody gauze and tape. The process makes me weak, and again, I almost fainted. But as soon as I was laying down again, I felt much better. My BP went back up, the color returned to my face, and I wasn't so dizzy. Scary but manageable.

36 hours post-op

Was instructed to remove the bandages and take my first shower after surgery. The appearance of my body is definitely a little shocking. It looks like my left breast is WAY bigger than my right breast… And my stomach looks pouchy and pregnant... I'm sure that's just the swelling… The breasts I'm not too sure about though. I showered and washed with Hibiclean. It stung a little bit at the incision sites. Took a lot out of me. Couldn't wait to get re-bandaged and crawl back into bed. More updates tomorrow!

3 days post op, worst pain so far

Today has been the worst. Maybe the last of the anesthesia finally wore off, or maybe the pain meds just aren't doing their job, but feel like I got hit by a truck. It is almost unbearable. The meds (Oxycodone and Robaxin) aren't even taking the edge off... I am really beginning to worry about the size and shape difference in my breasts. My left breast is, in my opinion, perfect. It is full and lifted and round… The right breast is much smaller, more of a cone shape, and does not extend outward past my ribs like the left one does. I know I will lose some of their current size simply because not all the fat survives, but I'm really nervous about how uneven they currently are.

5 days post op appointment

The doctor says I am healing well. I have stopped taking the narcotics/pain meds, as the constipation was just too much for me to handle LOL.

Still very concerned about the size difference in my breasts… He says I need to wait between four and five weeks to see proof of an actual difference... But as you can see from the picture, currently, there IS quite a difference Even the nurse agreed; the left one is noticeable bigger. She made sure to tell me that "we put the same amount of fat into each breast", but based on physics alone, that doesn't guarantee they will give the same final appearance. Especially since most breasts are naturally slightly different sizes anyway.

Will be going back for another post op visit this Friday, and getting a "lymphatic massage" to help with the abdominal swelling. He also recommended I do ice rubs to my abdomen twice a day. Not looking forward to that, going to be very cold!

10 days post op

Just had another post op visit on Friday. Followed by a lymphatic massage. Docs says I'm healing nicely. Says it still too early to tell about the unevenness of my breasts. I told him that my love handles still seemed very visible, but he assured me it was just swelling, and I will actually slim down even more, as the swelling goes down. Thrilled with the liposuction results so far! I've never felt so confident.

2 months post op! Lipo = AWESOME! Fat-to- Breast = Fail :-(

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't checked in in a while! I am two months post op, and feeling great. I was getting lymphatic massages once a week for the first seven weeks, they definitely helped with the swelling. Not to mention they were super relaxing and comfortable! Still experiencing numbness in the liposuction treated areas, but some feeling is slowly returning,

The liposuction looks great. My stomach has never been so flat, and I have never been so confident. :-)

Unfortunately, my breasts have returned to the same size they were before surgery. I have included in this update, side-by-side before and after pictures showing this. :-(

I was told that I would lose a lot of the transferred fat, and be left with about a half cup size increase. But as you can tell, I did not get that.... I understand there were no guarantees, but I'm hoping for this to be rectified somehow at my next postop appointment! Feel free to ask any questions!!
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon

I went to Dr. Marc Schneider, at Schneider Center for Plastic Surgery, in Fort Myers, Florida. I had three consultations, and I can easily say that Dr. Schneider was by far the best choice. He is not your typical doctor, in the sense of "all work, no play". He is a super funny guy, and can easily bond with you on a personal level. But when it's time for business, he is knowledgeable, serious, and incredibly honest. He answered all the questions I had, even the goofy and joking ones lol (I'm a goofy girl!) He was very detailed in explaining what outcome I should expect. Just an all-around down-to-earth guy! I have never felt so at ease with a doctor before, in my entire life. His office also has a Snapchat account and (with permission) he posts snaps of his surgeries. This was really cool to me, because I was sent home in bandages. So being able to look at it later on Snapchat was AWESOME, because now I'm not so antsy to rip off the bandages and see the results LOL. From what I can tell so far, he did great work. Being completely honest when I say this, every staff member that I encountered, was amazing. I loved chatting with Melissa, the office manager. I like being able to joke around with people, I feel it helps to take some of the edge off of something that can be really scary- such as plastic surgery! And all of the staff joked around right along with me, while still maintaining absolute professionalism. They put me totally at ease.

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