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Hello all. I will soon be 50 years old and as a...

Hello all. I will soon be 50 years old and as a gift to myself I am having a Tummy Tuck (Upper & lower abs, back, sides and flanks) & Fat Transfer to buttocks. I have been trying to gather all of the information and tips from others that have had the surgery performed (thank you all for your wonderful advise). I am both excited and nervous. Here are a few things that I'm worried about 1) How do I determine how many cc's to have injected? I want a fuller bottom but I want it to be proportioned. 2) I've heard a lot of complaints about the pain level. 3) My doctor (Dr. Pillai/Charlotte, NC) said the surgery will last about 6 hours. I would appreciate any tips, suggestions for pre & post surgery, nutrition and general overall guidance. Again, thank you all for the wonderful posts and I will be posting & blogging along the way and sharing my experience with others as well.


Hello ladies! I am currently trying to prepare for my upcoming surgery. Although my surgery isn't until December 2015, I want to have everything purchased and readily available. I have been on AMAZON looking at Compression Garments/FAJA. What is the best brand/kind to purchase for post-op? Should I purchase on that is thigh length, long (down to calf), with straps, w/o straps? Please HELP! I want the best garment to maximize my results (and comfort). Also, can anyone tell me if I need "foam boards"? My surgery is being done locally, not long travel time to/from surgery facility. One other question that's been on my mind. For the beautiful ladies that had TT, Lipo along with BBL, what was the most comfortable position to sleep/rest in?

Getting A Headstart

Soooo, I'm 2 mos pre surgery and I'm super excited! Decided to get a jump start on purchasing a few items I will need and thanks to all of the wonderful guides & preparation lists I think I've made a few good decisions. My current preparation list included: Bio Oil (Walmart 2 oz $9.88), Hibicleanse, Northshore Chux, Anti Embolism
Support Stocking, Ab Support Flattening Board, Scar Away Silicone Strips, EZ Pee
Urinal (all ordered from Amazon total of
$93.24), Vitamin C, Iron & Multivitamin. I would like to purchase a second comp

Getting Closer To Perfection

So.....had physical with my PCP. He is very supportative and went thru a lot of additional info with me. Everything looks great. Blood pressure a little elevated :( Taking meds and trying to tame this anxiety. Still keeping up with all the wonderful reviews and results. Wishing all you dolls continued healing

Doctor Approval!

Well ladies....had a visit with my POP today and that blood pressure is well controlled....EKG....excellent. Next stop will be the blood work! I'm wicked excited as time draws nearer. Still reading reviews and pics and lifting everyone up in prayer. I'll soon be joining all you Dolls on the other side soon! *All smiles* ~Charlotte, NC


My how time flies...I can't believe I am now 31 days away from the "flat side" & "bootyland" lol. I am excited and anxious...not scared because I have been preparing for this surgery for a looooong time. I enjoy reading all of your stories and following all of your recoveries, success, and most importantly...advise! I will begin posting my pre-op pics on tomorrow. I didn't want to do it too far in advance because that's just doing too much...lol. I am hoping for your support and continued advise. I am getting a TT/Lipo and BBL. I STILL have a lot of questions and wonderings so feel free to plug in and hand out any advise that you think will be helpful. Happy healing to you all. ~ Charlotte, NC

Surgery Date Changed...

No worries, my surgery date changed by just a few days. Mr new date is December 14th! Still filled with excitement. Will be doing blood work this week. As promised, uploading my before pics. Can't wait to do away with this old body and welcome the new/improved body.

Juicing For a Healthy Start

So, I've decided to juice for a couple weeks before surgery. My main goal is to get my body healthy and detox my liver which will take the hardest hit from the anesthetic. I also want to make sure the healing goes as smoothly as possible. I have been reading up a lot on the benefits of juicing pre and post-surgery. I don't think it would hurt to drop a few pounds as well for optimal benefits. If any of you beautiful dolls have any good juice recipes that include lots of dark green leafy veggies, please share them with me. Thank you and I'm constantly in prayer for everyone that's embarking on this journey. Happy healing to everyone. ~ Charlotte, NC


Just a couple of pictures of what I would like my results to resemble. I'm a pretty big girl (5"4"/200) so I would like fuller/rounder hips and nice projection. Trying to stay "realistic" about my results tho and definitely keep in mind that any improvement is better than my current situation...lol...

T-Minus 31 Days and Counting!

Booty Buddy ordered!

28 Days .......

Time is winding down and it's becoming real. I'm too excited at this point. Still purchasing supplies and trying to drop just a few pounds. Eating healthy and taking my vitamins and extra iron. Praying for everyone. ~ Charlotte, NC

Searching for a second compression garment...

I have been searching for a second compression garment/faja. I was wondering which one is best, the buttocks enclosed or exposed. I came across a post by a fellow doll Hunnybee and I thought it would be helpful to others as well as myself. Here it goes:

This is the best explanation I've ever seen for the butt-in vs. butt-out question:

Sitting during the recovery period is harmful to the new fat grafts because it exerts a tremendous crushing pressure, up to 400 pounds per square inch in some areas on these tender cells and tissues. Even the areas that are not crushed are under such pressure that blood flow is shut off. Squatting and stretching are not as bad as sitting, but they can place significant wear and tear stress on the tissues. The blood vessels that keep the cells alive and the grafts themselves are held together by a mesh of tissue called the extracellular matrix. This matrix is composed of protein rods and cells that link together. In the beginning it’s a gel-like structure. It can get deformed by folds in the garment or constant low grade pressure. This matrix is only 50% as strong as it’s going to be at the 1 month post-op. This is why stretching, squatting, etc. is not ideal in the early post op period.
A compression garment is very helpful during the recovery because the low compression prevents tissue swelling. Tissue swelling is the enemy of good healing. The pressure is not nearly enough to crush tissues or shut off circulation. A compression garment with the buttocks cutout would be the exact wrong thing as it would allow swelling in the buttocks and prevent drainage into the surrounding areas. As a matter of fact, it would milk swelling from the surrounding tissues into the uncompressed buttocks. Why 3 weeks then? These are the key things that must happen for a fat graft to be successful:*Blood supply must reach the fat graft before it runs out of nutrients.*Blood vessels must get incorporated into the graft successfully.*All the tissues- fat grafts, blood supply, and surrounding tissues must be knit together successfully by the extracellular matrix. It takes 3-4 days for the blood vessels to grow into the fat grafts. During the new few days, the blood vessels begin to strengthen. The extracellular matrix surrounding the fat graft takes another 2-3 weeks to reach enough strength to withstand minor stresses. This is why 3 weeks is the absolute earliest a patient can begin stressing the tissues. A patient should plan for 3 weeks mostly of rest on her stomach or sides, getting up occasionally to limber up the muscles, but avoid things that place stress on the healing tissues. The three week recovery is important in achieving the best possible long lasting result. Sitting on your buttocks during the first or second week will likely prevent some fat graphs from taking, resulting in less prominent buttocks than you could have had by not sitting.

Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of valuable advice.

27 Days And Counting!

I'm on the countdown. Like a kid at Christmas time (I've been extra nice). Still purchasing my supplies. Booty Buddy arrived today...looking all good and stuff. I want so badly to purchase a faja but I'm simply lost on this. I want to have at least two additional CGs at home before my surgery. Should I speak with my PS first? What is the best brand? What waist cincher should I purchase? Help! Don't want to caught unprepared. Prayers going out to all Dolls with upcoming surgeries and Happy Healing to those already on the "flat side" and "bootyland"! Lol


When times get tough and I can't reach that itch....a some help from my little friend! Lol...

Nothing But Happiness! 21 Days And Counting....

Hello to all of your dolls! I am on the count down til my surgery date. Again, thank you all for sharing your stories on this site. I have gained valuable information from each and everyone of you. I am constantly praying for all of you. I am so excited to be getting a little boost in my confidence. I have a strong, loving and supportive network of people to help me get thru the recovery of this surgery and i am grateful of that. I'm also grateful for the wonderful advise from you ladies and this site that is a great network of support from all over the world. Continued healing to all of you that has made it over to the other side and many prayers for those of us that are just about to begin this journey. Hugs all the way from Charlotte, NC.

Blood Work.....Check!

How bout that Hemoglobin level is a 14! YAAAAAYYYY! I must say thank you to my Ninja (smoothie maker) and my new best friend SPINACH! YAAAAAYYYY! I am too happy that I'm actually healthier than I thought I was...lol Just goes to show that you can be a "big" girl and still be healthy. I'm proudly wearing that size 14...lol Forgive me....I'm really giddy today.


Good morning/afternoon/evening to all you Dolls! I am up this morning praying for all of us currently in surgery, with upcoming surgeries, and those recovering from surgery. I pray God opens the heavens and rain upon us with His healing grace. He is the ultimate healer and I look to Him for his wonderful grace and mercies. The Word says "Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. We do not have to be physically gathered we can be spiritually gathered so I as all of you to take a moment as ask God for His healing mercies. Ask that He BINDS, death, pain and regret and LOOSE healing, prosperity and happiness. In Jesus Name.....Amen! Nothing but love for you all ~ all the way from Charlotte, NC

Supplies Arriving!

Received my faja/compression garment "aka" CG. I couldn't wait. I didn't want to be without a "fresh clean" CG after the surgery. If I can't wear it immediately, I know I'll be able to wear it at some point. I ordered an XL according to the size chart so it shouldn't be too bad. I'm also going to order 2 more (medium and small).....wishful thinking, huh? Lol. Remember..., "ask and ye shall recieve" lol. Oh...asked I also received my 8x11in Lipo Foams as well. They're pretty thick yet very soft. I'm thinking these will help when I need additional compression or to prevent permanent marks from the CG. Anywho, I'll figure out something creative to do with them. I have just a few more items to purchase and I'll be all set. It's getting real! Hope all is well. Big hugs from ~ Charlotte, NC

Turning Down For The Evening

I'm about to shower and turn down for the evening and I decided to post a lul update. I've lost 7 lbs....I know, I know not much however, I don't want to be skinny afterwards. I want to still look like a mature/seasoned woman...just have a few sexy curves. Tummy went down just a wee bit but it's still gonna produce some nice buttocks and hips. Sooooo, here we go....


God is good and all is well for me. My doctor (PCP) contacted me to day just to reassure me that I am healthy enough for this surgery. He has been such a blessing to me and definitely making sure I am 100% healthy to withstand this surgery and allowing me to contact him personally (i.e. cell phone) with any questions and concerns I may have. He told me my hemo level isn't 14 but rather 14.7! All other tests are well within range. I am going to continue to eat clean, no smoking, no drinking, little to no sugar, saturated fats and anything else that will hinder a successful surgery and healing process. Just wanted to share my little bit o heaven to day. Hope all Dolls are doing great. I can't wait until I am able to post my post-op pictures too !! Wishing everyone a blessed day. * Big hugs all the way from ~ Charlotte, NC


Had a few extra $$ in my purse so instead of buying a new wig, I've decided to buy a few more products after all, I have only 18 more days to go. I don't know if any of you Dolls have heard of a product called "Manuka Honey" which is actually produced by bee that pollinate the Manuka Bush (Leptospermum) in New Zealand. Apparently The Manuka Honey has been used for many years to cure such ailments such as sore throats, digestive illnesses all the way to Staph infections and gingivitis!. Well..., the product has also been proven to heal wounds! It is now manufactured under the name "MediHoney". It comes as a wound dressing (bandage type thingy), a gel, and a paste. It is pretty expensive (about $50.00 for 10 tapes)..I purchased the paste for about 7.50 (1.5 oz)...I ordered two tubes. I am going to speak with my plastic surgeon about it first and then try it if it's ok to do so (I don't have any allergies to Honey). I have my pre-op appointment on 12/02 and I will get back with you all to let you know what he says....but in the meantime, Google it and read up on it and check it out with your surgeon. Every surgeon is different and will design a recovery plan specific for you so don't go using nothing that has not been approved by your surgeon (my lil caution warning!) lol. Anywho..., here are a few pics of what I purchased today.

14 Days And Counting...

Got the the Thanksgiving holiday just fine. No over eating for me. No weight gain for me. Eyes on the bigger picture. Wishing all of you happy holidays and happy healing! See you on the other side soon!


When should i began wearing the ab board and back triangle? My surgery date is December 14th. How soon after should these boards be worn? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

13 Days And Counting!!!!

Couldn't sleep very well last night, mind all over the place. Why am I trying to get a sore throat?!?!? I'm trying NOT to put any kind of medication in my body over these next three weeks and my throat is scratchy this morning. Lord help me. What's a girl to do? I have a few more supplies coming in this week and I've been contemplating getting a walker for assistance for the first week(?) I also have to purchased some fruit and veggies for some smoothies. From what I gather, there is little to no appetite after surgery and I want to keep my strength up. I pray everyone is doing well and recovering well and for you ladies that are just about to go into surgery, I pray for safe surgeries with NO complications and may the hand of God be with you.

Last Minute Rush for Supplies!!!

Trying to think of absolutely everything that I need. A few more supplies arrived yesterday - training corset with bones & boy o boy it is a beast. Purchased the MediHoney for the wound treatment and some Bromelain and a few more Chux Underpads for my bed, chair, car, pillows anywhere I may need them to protect my furniture. What did I leave out? Please plug in if anyone thinks of anything that I may not have. I'll get the little things from WalMart such as pads, gauze, alcohol pads, citrate (for the big bm). I'm thinking about purchasing the Coleman Converta Cot and a body pillow(?) Don't know how necessary they will be. Just brainstorming on ways to sleep comfortably without resting on my sides and booty. I am definitely open to any and all suggestions and advice. As always, I am lifting everyone up in my prayers for safe surgeries, no complications, speedy healing and wowing results. ~ Hugs from Charlotte, NC


Ladies please give me a hand. I am trying to find a faja (above the knee) with the buttocks out. What's a good brand? Does it run small? surgery in a week so I need one asap. Please advise. Thanks

The Final Countdown.....

The Final Countdown....wooooo..yeeeeah! Ladies, I am truly on the countdown. My surgery is one week away and I don't know how to act. I think I'm good on the supplies, just waiting on a few more to be delivered. I hope I haven't left out anything. Last thing I have to do is my hair so I won't be looking crazy these few week I'll be laid up..Lol Please send up a lil prayer for me and everyone headed into surgery and I'll continue to pray for you all.

Just Chillin!

Well ladies...I've done all I was told to do...can't do no more but just chill and wait for Monday December the 14th and I wiil be on the flat side with some booty. I am very excited and unusually calm. I can't wait to post my post-op photos. Well I'm gonna turn in and get some sleep. Prayers for you all.

4 More Days!!!

It's almost my time to shine!!! Went to my pre-op and everything is in place and we're all set to go. I will be the first and only surgery scheduled for Monday December 14th which I like because I know he will take his time and sculpt me correctly and afterwards I will have time to recover without being rushed off in a wheelchair to my car (no shade to anyone or any organization). I will be reporting to the surgery center at 6:30 am and it will be on and popping. I am asking for your prayers and continued support and I will do the same. For the Dolls that will be having surgery on the same day, I know you're excited as I am excited for you and thinking of you as well. Big hugs from Charlotte, NC!

Quick Question For You Vets...

My surgery is on Monday 12/14. I wanted to take a laxative tonight. Is this recommended? I would use a magnesium citrate. Heeeelp!!!!


Hello beautiful ladies and gentlemen. Tomorrow, December 14th is my time to shine! I am filled with so many emotions right now. I really can't believe it's about to go down. I've wanted this surgery for a very long time and to finally be getting it is just overwhelming. Thank you all for your wonderful advise, tips and sharing your experience(s). Now I'm asking for your sincere prayers for myself and all the other Dolls (female & male) that are about to have surgery. I will be posting pics AS SOON AS I can. Sending big prayers up for us all. My surgery time is 8:30 am and I should be transformed by 3:00 pm. Until then.............deuces! :)


Ladies, I'm headed to the surgery center.Prayers for us all. Muah!!!

I MADE IT!!! :)

Surgery was successful! Pain is an 8, will update when I feel a little better. Thanks for your prayers!

1 Day Post Op!

Hello ladies. I'm doing surprisingly well. My pain level has been about a 2. I am taking my mess on time, especially pain meds. My surgery was a breeze. Dr. Pillai did a wonderful job. I am pleased with everything. I'm not too big and not too small...just the right amount for me. I received 800 cc's per cheek. He made my health and safety number one priority. Unfortunately the upper part of my abdominal was scar tissue and not useable fat. He cut that out and my muscles were fine. I have two drains which aren't put to good out very much but we're gonna keep them in place for a week. I'm doing lots of walking (slowly) and I'm almost standing straight. Buttocks are pretty hard right now and sitting up high. I suppose the fluff fairy will come thru one day. Again I say, I'm very pleased with my results. I thank God for His healing mercies and I thank you all for your prayers.

Number 2 is better than number 1!

Did number 2 with zero problems thanks to my spinach smoothies. If you ladies have a Nutri Bullet or a Ninja, I suggest you use it to get those raw nutrients. My smoothies are full of fruit and SPINACH. No hard pushing or calling on the Lord over here. Just SMOOTH sailing! Ha! Happy healing to you all. Remember to send up prayers for those going into surgery today. Big hugs all the way from Charlotte, NC.

Day 3 Post Op

Hi ladies. Day 3 andn I'm still doing well. Still have a lot of swelling...legs, thighs, vjayjay, back, sides, tummy...everywhere! My doctor's technique must be different because he did not dress me in the "traditional" c and he does not want anything to touch my buttocks for now. My PCP told me to follow his advise because he knows what technique he has used. I said OK because so far so good. My results are coming along well. My butt is not as big as I wanted it but it "fits" my body structure very well. He encouraged me to just wait and be patient and assured me I would love what I see. My pain level is still a 2...just a little stiffness but a brief walk around the house helps that. Peeing and pooping very well and regular. My incision is low and straight (bikini cut). It is also extended on both sides to avoid the dreaded dog ears. My daughter and fiance have been a tremendous help and just wonderful to me. My daughter give me these delicate massages and my boyfriend can't take all the tape residue...lol...He is constantly rubbing it off. I have started a surgery frenzy amongst my friends and family! Now, everyone has something they want to tweak...funny. Anywho, I'll post pics later. My daughter and fiance have been taking them and they're slow to forward them *sigh*! I hope everyone is doing great. Many prayers to the newbies. Going back to bed now. Muah!


Hi ladies. Sorry for hiatus been extremely depressed. Nothing is what I wanted and I can't believe it. I look exactly the same now as I did before my surgery. Buttocks small, no hips, no projection, no cuff , no volume...nothing! My tummy tuck is OK but I don't have that "snatched" look. My doc encourages me to be patient with the healing process. He insists that I will love my results once I'm healed. I've been dealing with extreme swelling all over. He only used a waste binder and not a "traditional" compression garment so only a portion of my abdominal area is covered so you know swelling is uncontrollably bad! I'm still very boxy looking. He didn't do half of what was discussed in out consults. After reviewing my body more closely I noticed that fat was only injected into one area (upper) of my buttocks which explains why there is no real change. I'm trying to remain optimistic and professional but I am really unhappy with my results. Now, I've decided to plan and save for round two of lipo and bbl and I plan to have it don't by June of 2016 in Miami. I've seen great reviews and the results that I want. Please give any suggestions for susurgeons and recovery houses etc. I want to get started ASAP to get the process going and over with. Thanks again for all well wishes and prayers.

Decided On Dr. Osak Omulepu For Rd. 2

Contacted Dr. Osak's office for a quote. Definitely headed to MIA in June 2016 for round 2. There won't be any mistakes this time. Awaiting price so I can send deposit and make preparations. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My boyfriend and I are driving down so I'll be staying at a hotel for the duration. Are there any suggestions for a nearby hotel? Also, suggestions for lymphatic massages. I'm looking to have lipo to abs, back, and flanks with transfer. Please keep me in prayers.......again!

A Few Pics at 16 Days Post-Op

Just a few pics to share my struggle right now. Got a quote from Dr. Osak's office for $3900.00. Thinking about a June date. Prayers, suggeations, criticism, compliments all are welcomed.


Hello to all of you beautiful ladies. Just a little update on me and my continued journey. As you know, my first round of surgery did not yield the beautiful results that I'd expected (and paid for). I do, however look just a little bit better than I did before and I am thankful for the small improvement. I am still not 100% where I would like to be. I am going in for round 2 (lipo/bbl) with Dr. Osak at Spectrum. Emily is my coordinator and she is sweet and prompt. I have sent my deposit and signed a few forms to make it official. Surgery date will be late June and staying at the Assistance 4 Life recovery house. I am excited all over again and I know this time will be a charm. Thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement. Truly you have all put a smile in my heart. Of course you know the struggle with planning and execution of this surgery/journey so I still need your prayers. Any advice you have will be greatly appreciated. I will be traveling to Miami alone this time so tips/suggestions are welcomed for the travel. I still have quite a bit of supplies for previous so I don't need much this time but if you can think of anything new/different that may have helped you along...pass that info as well. Again thank you all and I will be keeping you updated on the second half of my journey. Happy healing to all of you and many prayers to those just going under. xoxoxo ~ Charlotte, NC


Well ladies, I am "at it again!" Preparing for my round 2/revision and I've chosen Dr. Ortega w/Spectrum. Of course originally I was gong with Dr. Osak but we all know that story. It's very unfortunate that he is going thru this trying time and we all have to lift him up in prayer. Dr. Osak has become a favorite amongst us all. Now, I've scheduled my date for June 28th and I'm working with Emily Ron who, these far has been efficient. I'm excited all over again as I have reviewed Dr. Ortega and I like his work and he is not afraid of the woman with a higher BMI. I considered going to DR to either Dr. Duran or Dr. Cabral (they're kicking out some bad-ass bodies BUT I'm not a fan of the"blue pill"...waking up during the procedure...non English communication....blood transfusions (out of USA), etc. So as good as these women look, my gut instinct tells me to keep my booty American made..lol. I know they're risks with any surgery but I just feel safer knowing that my mommy can get to me just a lil quicker. I am praying that this time is a charm and I need your prayers too. I want to come home with a nice well rounded plump ass with a little hips on the side. I'm also thinking about getting the infamous "thigh gap!" If anyone has any tips or suggestions or input please feel free. Peace and blessings to all of you Dolls! ~ xoxo


Dr. Osak may be back at Spectrum in 30 days. ****Note: Not a sure thing but MAY be back in 30 days***** Per a Spectrum coordinator.

Round 2

So, I've decided long ago that I was going for round 2. I have had many ups and downs since round one and I've learned a whole lot of information I didn't know round 1. I am too happy to know that Hasan is back and I am going with him. I cannot take anymore chances and I don't have anymore money to waste. My round 2 bbl will be with Hasan. I'll be updating as I go.


So, I've scheduled my round 2 with Dr. Orlando Llorente @ New Life Plastic Surgery. After careful research and reviews, I've chosen to go with him. I love his work and (per the reviews) his dedication and professionalism with all of his patients. It is also a major plus that he is board certified and highly trained in the area of cosmetic surgery. It is also a plus that my coordinator, Elena, is a dream. She has been most helpful (even after I paid the deposit) lol and she continues to stay in contact with me. I am so looking forward to this surgery (sx date 12/12/16) and I am sure round 2 will be a charm. I pretty much have heaps of supplies from my round 1 which was 12/14/15 so I will only add a few additional things as I will be traveling out of my home state for this second surgery. I'm at ease with my choice and I trust Dr. Llorente completely. Stay tuned as I will be updating as time draws nearer and I will be posting my current pre-op photos as well. If anyone would like to follow me on IG, my IG name is alldolledup2016. Say a prayer for me as I will be in prayer for you. xoxo ~ Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pillai is very professional. He still has a lot to learn in liposuction and the art of sculpting a beautiful body. While he knows the procedure, he does not execute it well. He is NOT aggressive in his liposuction and you WILL still have FAT on your body afterwards. He WILL NOT transfer a lot of fat to your buttocks so, if you are looking for a big, juicy booty, he is not the man to go to. He only transferred 500 cc's to my buttocks and by the time my body re-absorbed it, I'm probably left with 250 - 300 cc's which has made very little difference and is far from the results I desired. He did not lipo the areas he said he would do leaving me with still a lot of fat all over! His prices are great and very affordable as well as the financing but make sure you do not rush to decision (as I did) because of a great deal. He does have a great bed side manner and his follow-up care is great. the clinical and administrative staff are just wonderful and pleasant.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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