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I am 54 years old my son is 32 I gained...

I am 54 years old my son is 32 I gained approximately 80 pounds during pregnancy. I also yo yo dieted for years. I always wanted to have this and finally pulled the trigger. I have always had a belly it seems like, no matter my weight. I choose my surgeon based initially on location, recommendation, and price. After my consultation I was very impressed with him and moved forward with the surgery. I am 11 days post op extended TT and lipo of my waist and flanks. I choose to have my surgery out of town near my family and thank god I did. As horrible as I felt for the first week there is no way my husband, could have given me the po care my family did. Between my sister-in-law, sister, brothers, mother, nieces and nephews I was never alone and wanted for nothing. Monday night before the surgery I did not sleep and nearly called the surgery off due to impending doom feelings I could not shake. Tuesday morning I flew out bright and early and met my sisters for breakfast followed by my pre op visit at the surgeons off. I had all my labs done at home and results sent to my surgeon. Wednesday my sister in law took me to the clinic and dropped me off. The surgery lasted around 3 hours I was in recovery around 1 1/2 hours, then home I went.

Recovering from the anesthesia was a little tough, coughing was a bitch. I was so sore and uncomfortable. No matter how prepared I thought I was, nothing could have prepared me for how uncomfortable I was. I am trying to avoid using the word pain, because I kept up with the paid meds really good for the first 5 days then went to an as needed basis. I really thought I was just going to get up after 5 or 6 days and be on my way. NOT. I had the drainage tubes in longer than I expected, minimal swelling, I just kept draining. Everyone heals differently and the drainage tubes are something you can't rush. I had originally scheduled my time for 10 days here with my family I thought that was plenty of time. I went to the dr the day before my flight and he told me he could not remove the drainage tubes as I was still draining too much. I was really upset, nothing was wrong, my body was just not ready yet. I had to change my flight and tell my husband I would be here another few days. My dr. Told me to come in Saturday morning if the drains had less than 25 cc per drain after 24 hours. They had 30 cc, so I did not go in.

I have an appointment for Monday morning (tomorrow) at 11:30. It's looking really good that they will take the drains out. I want to go home so bad, I miss my husband and my dogs. I dont regret having the surgery here, my family were so great it was like being at a spa. My BIG mistake was underestimating how long my recovery time before I could fly would be. I am vey happy with the surgery so far but I really can't tell anything yet as I am still bent over and wear my binder religiously. Please every keep your finger crossed that they remove the tubes and I can go home tomorrow

Drainage tubes came out today and I was finally...

Drainage tubes came out today and I was finally able to fly home. Hubby picked me up at the airport took me to dinner. I am flat wore out. At home I had flowers and a bedside table set up with drinks and snacks. He went out and bought new sheets for the bed that are supposed to help with my night sweats. Obviously he's glad I'm home too :)

2 weeks post op today. I think it's like the...

2 weeks post op today. I think it's like the magic number woke up today feeling pretty darn good, walking a little more up right not so much discomfort in my lipo areas. Still no driving and have not returned to my regular household activities but feeling more normal. I have a love hate relationship with my binder.

16 days post op having a really bad night. I seem...

16 days post op having a really bad night. I seem to have just fallen apart emotionally, that lead to a fight with husband and then both of us saying very ugly things. I don't know what's going on I'm healing fine, no complications. I just literally had an emotional breakdown. Wondering if its an after event of my surgery

17 days post of ETT and lipo with muscle repair....

17 days post of ETT and lipo with muscle repair. Emotions are all over the board I hate everyone even the dogs then 5 mins later I love everyone especially the dogs. Today was my first real day venturing out by myself for about 6 hours. I did not wear my binder but a spanx compression garment. Felt fine but really could not wait to get my binder back on.

Also in swell hell today

But, everything is progressing as it should so I guess I really can't complain.. Trying to make myself stand a little straighter

Finally added some pics today thanks Kimmer on the...

Finally added some pics today thanks Kimmer on the info about the iPad. I am definitely paying for my outing yesterday felt like crap binder bothering . Just want to stay in bed all day. So here is how I guess it's going to go for a bit one good and then one bad day lol. Peace out

3 weeks po today. Walking almost upright,...

3 weeks po today. Walking almost upright, feeling much better. I can sleep on my sides if I'm careful..

Incisions looks good and clean shower with dial soap twice a day and rub bacitracin into the incision. Scabs are starting to fall off.

Energy level is slowly going up, but still slightly off.

Still swollen but I don't think it's unusual. Having a really hard time taking pictures of myself tried to take a side view looks like I'm smelling my armpits. Won't post that one. Will post later after I download them to my pc. Can't post pics from my iPad

Can't wait where real clothes skin still sensitive from lipo so staying with my soft loose clothes.

Happy healing. Peace out

24 days post op wore my regulat clothes today...

24 days post op wore my regulat clothes today (jeans) with my spanx compression garment. My husband and I were out all day looking at houses and furniture it was a long day and man am I paying for it my abdominal midline hurts like I stressed the sutures, and I feel like I have an inflated inner tube around my incision area. I'm tired as hell and going to bed at 6: 00.

Also I think I have a stitch or two trying to work there way out right at the top of my pubic bone and is more swollen than the rest of my incision. Sigh!!!!!!!!! I want to be back to normal again getting frustrated with the lack of energy

Posted to Slow but Sure - Fort Lauderdale, FL on 1...

Posted to Slow but Sure - Fort Lauderdale, FL on 1 Feb 2012
4 weeks po today some burning in my midline area where they repaired my muscle , some tenderness and, hard and swelling of the lipo areas. Swelling is off and on. Less swelling in the morning . Still feel tired but it might be more boredem than anything else Incision is healing very well still have no feeling in my abdomen. Trying to be patient and not freak out about the little things. But I is want my life back and wane to see the final results. Will post my 4 week photo later

4 1/2 weeks post up walked a mile with the dogs...

4 1/2 weeks post up walked a mile with the dogs this morning wore me out for the rest of the day. I need some energy

Yey for me 6 weeks today. Feeling 7 on a scale of...

Yey for me 6 weeks today. Feeling 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. Everyday is a little better. Scar looks really great. Still get tired in the afternoon and then get really grumpy, but everyday is a little better. Still a little swollen, not really comfortable in jeans yet. Still wearing my compression garment mostly at night and when working out. Only doing the treadmill 2.5 miles an hour for an hour, but hey you have to start somewhere. Can sleep on my sides but have not tried to sleep on my tummy yet. my next milestone will be when the swelling goes down even more and I can start wearing smaller clothes. Even with all the bitching and complaining that I have done, I am still extremely happy that I had the surgery. Posting 6 week pics Peace out

Hey everyone. 4 months post op and life is good. ...

Hey everyone. 4 months post op and life is good. Still a little sore in the lipo Areas but everything else is good.still swollen every evening because I have such an active life just flew down to fort lauderdale last weekend doc is loving the result. He showed me my chart and my before pics, how quickly we forget I was well kinda horrified. Doc says the swelling is so normal and may continue up to a year hey I can deal with that. Up to 2 hours in the gym 4 days a week I have to admit I have not lost but about 6 or 7 pounds but the change in the shape of my body is amazing. I have to tell you all this people keep asking me if I had my breasts done lol because there is not fat under them and they look more defined. I am a 36 DD and blessed with good muscle tone so they don't sag a lot but I just thought it was funny that people were talking about my boobs. Peace out
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