Tomorrows the Day with Dr Matt Huebner - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I just flew in to Florida alto have my first...

I just flew in to Florida alto have my first procedure done with dr. Huebner. I'm a little nervous to say the least but won't bore you with all that. Started balding when I was 18. Never took anything for it and started shaving at 26. Now that I'm 32 I wanted my hair back or at least as much as possible. I plan on combating any future lost with fanasteride and rogaine combo. I'm going to leave some before pics to give an idea what I have. Norwood 6.

1 hour post surgery

This is just a quick update for my post op surgery.

The pain

First the recipient pain is non exsistent. The donor area post 3 hours feels like a bad sunburn but nothing too painful. I was expecting more to be honest. I always thought when I read others reviews saying its painless were full of it but it really isn't too bad. I'll get the donor area in the next week to show the scar. I promise to keep you updated. Any questions I'll be glad to answer no problem. Matthew is a real down to earth goofball. In a good way. Really chill.

Suture scar

Just pulled my bandage off

2 days post

Here's some pics to give you a glimpse at how the swellings going.

Just a little info on post op

I've had a few questions on the post op. Procedures, now every doctor's different but so far it's no alcohol for id say 2 weeks. That's just my theory because it thins the blood. No working out for 2 weeks but I'm waiting a month. That's to keep the scar minimal. I also received an h2ocean spray to use every couple hours on recipient area. I am taking an antibiotic 2 times a day for 3 days. Day 2 I can take a shower and with a cup of warm water rinse my head gently. Day 3 I can do a shampoo and conditioner by lightly washing donor and recipient area and rinse with cup of water. Day 4 you can begin to start sleeping normal again. Right now I'm using a neck pillow with my recliner chair. Day 10 sutures are removed but I'm going to wait till day 14 since my procedure was a little bit more taken out.

Day 2 problem

Top of head is itching like crazy. Think it's the h2ocean dripping around my head.

Day 3

Still have swelling in forehead so that part still looks bad but as far as pain goes it's really only sleeping that's a pain. I usually sleep 5-6 hours a day so luckily that might help that I'm not a deep sleeper. I have some neck pain due to not really testing my head as much not because of the strip pulling. I took a shower last night where I used a cup to washe my head. Today I finally get to do a shampoo and conditioner. As someone who has shaved their head for about 10 years I haven't used shampoo and conditioner in years. Lol. Here's some just waking up photos. I'll upload some post shampoo photos tonight.

2 weeks

Here's just and update
Matthew huebner

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