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I've wanted this ever since I started gaining...

I've wanted this ever since I started gaining weight 12 years ago. Well, after two years of working hard, 6-7 days a week in the gym, I lost100 lbs and got my body fat to 20%. As most who are getting this procedure or who are considering it, you know all the exercise in the world won;t get rid of that hanging skins so here we go! I am excited but nervous. I have heard all the horror stories about clots and wound issues with healing, etc. This board has been invaluable for the many on here who have shared their feelings and those who have already gone through it and offered their suggestions and tips. I am still forging ahead and can't wait to be one of the contributors who has been there!

So I don't post so regularly but I have to tell...

So I don't post so regularly but I have to tell you, I am getting more anxious as I get closer. Pre-op changed again (my crazy schedule) to 9/21 and surgery is 10/4. I am going to be doing this a lot on my own. I love my friends to death but honestly, think the peeps here are not cut out for this-my northern friends are pros at plastic surgery post-op-friend -care, but not this group. They are more the "are you crazy, do you realize the risks, people die from this" group. I am hiring some home health care for a few days and getting a walker, shower chair, and conceded on renting the recliner. I still can't wait to do this though. I have worked so hard at getting the weight off and in my weight training; this will be the final piece (well, maybe boobs next year).

Had my pre-op today. My PS said I could continue...

Had my pre-op today. My PS said I could continue on all supps except Vitamin E and fish oil (and the fat burners of course). No showering for 3-5 days.
Everything else was staus quo info.Got my questions answered and then went for my bloodwork and diagnostics.
My "nurse" was a little new and stabbed me in 3 different places trying to get blood. After stabbing number 3 I made her get someone else. Then my EKG was abnormal (she didn;t connect one of the leads) and finally, my blood pressure was high. Small wonder.
So now I have to monitor it for two weeks prior to surgery, twice a day or they won't do the surgery. It isn't usually high but I did take a fat burner this morning and had a cup of coffee on my way to the appointment-lol, nd she aggrevated me.
They won't give the prescriptions in advance since S. Fla is the pill capital of the country and they are controlled substances, so have to wait until day of. Got my binder and am looking on line for the other garments.
Hired a home health aid for the first few days as I just don't like depending on people but if I have to I would rather it be a professional.
Have everything else and I guess I am ready. Not nervous, just not looking forward to the recovery, being out of the gym, being still-that kind of down time so doesn't suit my personailty, but oh well!

As posted Friday, had my pre-op and my BP was high...

As posted Friday, had my pre-op and my BP was high. Well it has remained high all through the weekend. Not sure what's going on but will be seeing my PCP this week and the PS rescheduled for another two weeks out to try and figure out what's going on and go back on BP meds if needed. Sux. But better safe, right?

I was admiring my booty today in the window of a...

I was admiring my booty today in the window of a shop next to work. Just kind of caught a glimpse and had to stop to admire - lol. I have literally been working that ass in the gym twice a week-heavy squats, heavy stiff legged dead lifts, heavy leg curls and heavy leg press, to grow and shape that booty, and it has worked. Now I will be out of the gym and not lifting heavy for what, 3 months? And it will probably drop like a stone-again.
All my goodies came today! Two more compression garments (black and beige), my toilet seat riser, some pads for the bed and the shower chair. I ended returning the walker because my trainer loaned me his, plus a cane. Bigger comfy clothes, wedge pillow, and various medicinals. Now appt with PCP tomorrow to get this blood pressure down, since it's still up there, and we should be good to go. Fingers crossed!

So I went ahead and postponed my TT due to the...

So I went ahead and postponed my TT due to the "HIGH" blood pressure reading the nurse was getting at my PS's office during my preop. I ought a BP monitor and it was reading on the high side too. Friday I met with my PCP and y BP is absolutely PERFECT. She took it 4 times and her nurse took it 3 before that-all by hand and all perfect, not even a glimmer of high. I brought my BP monitor with me and they used it a couple of times and it was off by like 20 point so she said obviously defective. As to the office BPs she suggested the nurse may had some issues and that the PS contact her o confer if he felt a need but she had absolutely no qualms about clearing me for surgery. I keep telling myself better safe but now I wait for two and a half more weeks but will go into it knowing that i am quite healthy.
I am sooooo ready.

Getting anxious-I have friends telling me I should...

Getting anxious-I have friends telling me I should accept myself as I am (I do), give myself credit for all the hard work I have put in and the results I've gotten (hell yeah, I do), how can I risk my life for something "so superficial?" (meh), how can I place so much of my self-worth in my appearance (um, I don't).
Yes, all GOOD thoughts, huh? It's amazing to me that everyone thinks they have a right to an opinion, even when unsolicited, and the negativity.
Of course I have questioned myself because I don't take this lightly. It is major surgery with risks. I will need to return to work in 2-1/2 weeks, I will be out of the gym for some time (that scares me most) and I'm pretty much on my own down here. My emotions are up and down, just like everyone else, everyday. Should I cancel and lose my deposit, should I postpone further? Yep,several times a day. Ultimately, I will go forward, hope for the best and deal with whatever may come. I still think it will be worth it.

Had my final leg workout tonight and as I was...

Had my final leg workout tonight and as I was doing squats, for which I have a fierce love/hate relationship, I was becoming almost wistful thinking "I won't be doing this for a few moths" and how much they are going to suk when I go back to doing them and am basically starting all over. I need to stop reading all the other posts outside of this forum because they are making me second guess myself. So far everyone here has had a pretty good recovery it seems but some on the other forums have had horrendous issues/complications - so only good stuff, only good! Today I made a HUGE pot of chicken soup and froze it. I make my own to control the sodium since all the prepared varieties have a dump truck's worth in each serving. I have stockpiled plenty of food and healthy snacks-crackers, ginger candy, ginger ale, SF puddings and Jell-o and the soup for first few days when my appetite may be funky as well as my stomach. Got the MOM and Colace but I may just hit the MOM because that's what seems to do the trick for everyone-lol. I am most worried about the nausea because I get SO sick from pain meds and the anti-nausea drugs don't help. I can't imagine getting sick after this surgery. Ok, I am projecting so going to bed now. Nothing left to buy or do-just work and wait.

Wow-got my call to be there @ 7 AM. I am first....

Wow-got my call to be there @ 7 AM. I am first. Yippeee! I am surprisingly calm. Had today off and ran some last minute fluff errands. Doing laundry now, went grocery shopping. I-Am-Ready. Couple of Xanax before bed and I'll be even more ready. Wish me luck!

Okay, I can't see any of the comments any of you...

Okay, I can't see any of the comments any of you posted yesterday. What is up with this site? Kimmers?? Anyway, I made it!! Pain is not so bad and I haven't taken any pain meds. I was SO nauseous after I woke up and they said the anesthesiologist only put half the norm of pain meds in the IV because I am so sensitive so the pain upon waking was quite a jolt. The worse I have had is really about a 4-entirely tolerable and I am not sick. Tylenol and Valium. Getting up and down from seated position (the toilet) is fine; getting in and out of bed a challenge but I have mastered it. Coughing? Excruciating! Blowing y nose? Impossible! Sneezing? Hasn't happened yet thank God. Have first post-op today. Right now I am sitting and that is uncomfortable so going back to bed. Had breakfast (Fiber One) and banana. I have quite an appetite (prob because I am not nauseous). Hopefully I can see your comments later but thanks and best to all who went yesterday and are going today. Oh yeah, NO shower until drains are OUT :(
Doc, nurses, anesthesiologist were all great! couldn't ask for a better team.

Yeah, so ready to give Caregiver the boot. Very...

Yeah, so ready to give Caregiver the boot. Very sweet but she's been hogging my couch and all my communications are in the LR-TV, laptop so she needs to go. Doing most for myself only problem is picking up the cat dishes so the lil baby will be eating on the DR table for a few days. She's doing some laundry now then we're going to drug store for more Tylenol and an extra pair of those sexy white compression stockings. I am eating normal, still no BM which I am surprised since I am not taking pain meds. If not by this afternoon, out comes the MOM. I want to blow my nose so bad and it HURTS! I feel like there's a small rodent in there and i can't clear it. I am really surprised by how tolerable the pain has been. I guess because I didn't do much lipo? He did give me more Valium and stronger so I took one of those before bed and then had a nightmare where I was screaming no,no,no and woke the poor aide up. Knocked me out though. I may have to clue the neighbors in since our walls are paper thin, so they don;t think I am being murdered in case it happens again. So far, worth every dollar, ache, pain and anxiety ridden minute.

Yeah-I thought I was on top of everything. And I...

Yeah-I thought I was on top of everything. And I guess subconsciously because I wasn't taking pain meds and I was eating, didn't think I would need it. W-R-O-N-G! Yes I had a BM and it was the most prolonged, excruciating part of this whole freaking procedure. TMI but this is the only place I can discuss where others understand. OMG, I prayed more in that bathroom then I did before the surgery. Need less to say, I popped one as soon as I crawled out of the bathroom.

My PS didn't say I couldn't take it off-he said if...

My PS didn't say I couldn't take it off-he said if it bunches up, pull it down and if it cuts too low, pull it up. I want to do some pics tomorrow but I'm afraid I won;t be able to get it back on right. I guess I can wait until next post-op on Monday.

I removed the binder-what a beatch that...

I removed the binder-what a beatch that was-getting all that packing back in and the cat wanting to help.

'nuff said

'nuff said

Had second post op today w/PA and she took one out...

Had second post op today w/PA and she took one out. See the PS on Thurs and the other will go then. Was a piece of cake- didn't feel a thing it was so fast. Said I can remove the binder here and there for short periods, NO ice at all and no ibuprofen until the other drain is out.

Had my 3rd PO visit today. PS decided to leave the...

Had my 3rd PO visit today. PS decided to leave the one drain in as he thinks it is draining enough still to warrant it (his PA wanted to take both out on Monday). He also said no sitting and I said I only sit at the table to eat and he said he doesn't even want me doing that. So.....recline and choke?? He said all is healing quite nicely though. Took the strips off and said gauze and bacitracin if I feel like it's dry. Still no shower or ibuprofen until the last drain is gone. I am walking perfectly straight however and really, no pain. Still compression stockings if I am lying around the house but if I go to the store and am walking I can leave them home. Next visit is Monday.

Scar lookin' a little gruesome

Scar lookin' a little gruesome

Second drain came out today-yay! Shower in the AM....

Second drain came out today-yay! Shower in the AM. Feeling pretty much myself. Do all my errands in the AM and veg in the afternoon to minimize swelling. My thighs are a full 2" bigger since the surgery. Waist varies from 1-2". I can't worry about that though because it is part of the process and I anticipated 6 months of variables. One more week off from work but honesty, this has been way less of a hassle than I anticipated. No back aches. no prob sleeping on my back or in my bed, no pain pills. I really think being so strong and in such good physical shape prior to, helped a lot. Everyone is different though I guess. Anyway, I see PS again Friday and then it will be every two weeks. Hopefully he wll give me okay to start some cardio week 3. In the mean time, walking to the beach every night and back (it's finally Fall in S. FLA). Be safe Northerners!

S-H-O-W-E-R! 13 days - and it was as amazing as I...

S-H-O-W-E-R! 13 days - and it was as amazing as I dreamed it would be. The CG on the other hand? Ugh. Do you all still use gauze or ABD pads across your incision (or something to cover it under the CG)?
And my waist, abs and hips are bigger tahn before the surgery. I know it's swellling and I don't feel swollen but, yeah, 2-3" bigger.

Just curious who IS wearing one, do you wear all...

Just curious who IS wearing one, do you wear all day and then switch to binder, what kind you're wearing (mid thigh, brief, etc).

Yesterday was two weeks-time flies! Thought I had...

Yesterday was two weeks-time flies! Thought I had a seroma developing since I had this little lump that moved on my belly (since drain #2 came out)> He thought maybe and did try to sapirate it but nothing came out so that was good. Told me I could wear just my binder and skip the girdle or wear both (fixated on the binder over the girdle). Wants to see me next week and if no fluid then I can maybe start light cardio @ gym. Said all is healing well-no scar therapy yet and he only recommends Vit E oil but not yet. Can do light lymphatic drainage massage myself and then if Tues or Weds no further "pockets" have developed I can get a pro lymphatic massage. I feel great and go back to work on Monday! Yay! I am bored and my boss is frazzled.

So now I am a little freaked out. Yesterday, PO...

So now I am a little freaked out. Yesterday, PO told me to start using some soap on my hands over the incision. and around it, lightly in the shower. Today I did a lot of "sitting" and not recliing. I use maxi pads over the incision because he said he still wants the extra compression. Just went to the BR and when I pulled the pad out one had a quite a bit of spotting on it. Again. the side where drain came out Monday -but had a lot scabbing too and some came off. Normal? I've had nothng leak in 2 weeks.

Wow, time flies! Had 3 week post-op today. Got the...

Wow, time flies! Had 3 week post-op today. Got the ok to go back to the gym. WOO-HOO! Limited cardio, treadmill but he said I can do longer strides and use some speed but no running or incline. Weights, arms and some chest. Standing, sitting or lying on bench-but be conscious of not using the abs (hah! that means light). No legs, no abs. Healing well he said. I am a little concerned about my BB because it still looks like there is a wad of gum stuck in there but he said it will recede more on its own so no marble or anything yet. No scar therapy yet. See him again in 2 weeks. Picked up 2 new garments at Walmart-cute (if that's even possible), snug, and cheap.
Other than getting tired by 3 at work and hitting the bed at 9, I feel great! New pics maybe this weekend if I get to it. Hope everyone is healing well and getting back to some sort of normal.

3-1/2 weeks post-op. Doing well according to PS....

3-1/2 weeks post-op. Doing well according to PS. Went back to gym Saturday and played with little weights. Went Sunday and walked on the treadmill. Haven't been since because it feels like a freaking waste of time. I have to pack into my CG, I still have padding around the scar for extra compression. I wore the binder too per his instructions and was sweating like a man. I am feeling tremendously inconvenienced this week. Pulling off a CG to pee at work, which is often (and a nail or two in the process and they're mine), laying in that dumb recliner at work, being tired like in a blink and my sugar cravings are crazy (oh yeah, getting my period too and it's been every few months for a year, now of course it will be regular and monthly because I need just a little MORE swelling). Glad I don't have the hubby or BF sniffing around because I would likely behead him. Just venting but I'm over it.

Time flies! Glad I let a few weeks go by before...

Time flies! Glad I let a few weeks go by before taking new pics. Can still see some swelling, BB looking good and scar is fading and flattening nicely, with no scar treatment yet.

Haven't seen my PS for 3 weeks. Got the ok to...

Haven't seen my PS for 3 weeks. Got the ok to start Vitamin E for my scar. He snipped a few random stitches that were sticking out. Said I am still a little bloated at the top. Still can't do legs at the gym. At first he said no, then said I could do some extensions. I asked about body weight squats at least and he said ok. Then he said he doesn't need to see me for 8 weeks. There is no way I am going to be able to wait another 8 weeks to start adding some weight to my legs. My ass is going to turn into a pancake. I'll go 2-3, and then start with front squats and some DB straight leg deads. I will start some extensions, body weight squats and seated leg curls this weekend and see how it goes.
Anyway, I said it's still really numb up the center.He said that will go away-in about a year, and smiled. I also told him I feel like I am being trussed up from the inside out (tightness). He said that is the muscles reattaching.

Today I wore jeans all day and was crazy uncomfortable. They weren't tight but just sat in the wrong place, especially when I sat.
I could live in my binder. Back to sleeping in it.
Guess that's it. Overall I feel great. Six weeks flew by, I expect the next eight will as well. Hope everyone else is doing well and getting back to normal and in the holiday groove. November TT's take it easy and December TT's Good Luck!
(Oh yeah, sunscreen on the BB or scar if only wearing one layer of clothing. So like just a shirt, BB needs sunscreen. Can't really expose it full on yet. I live at the beach so this sux because I can't show it off-have to wear shorts-boo).

Anyone notice even a hint of loosenig of their...

Anyone notice even a hint of loosenig of their tummy skin? I didn't have a lot of lipo, just s little right dead center above the old BB; no flanks etc. I was sitting on the bed the other day facing my closet and the doors are mirrored I noticed a little bit of what seemed like "slackness." It's still there and I am still swollen so it's weird. It's tight when I stand and when I bend over.

SInce yesterday, I have watched a video and done...

SInce yesterday, I have watched a video and done more reading and can I tell you? I am a little freaked out to think that the results will be less than stellar. I get not perfect and in my mind, not perfect meant a big scar. I did expect skin to be tight. Was I being unrealistic? See pics. If I sit nice and straight you can't see it. It sux to think that I haven't even made it back to the beach yet and I will need to "watch how I sit" again or I will have sag showing, still.
Naples Plastic Surgeon

Chose this provider based on his CV. Honestly, he is with a big "umbrella" practice here in Ft. Lauderdale. He has a separate practice on West coast not affiliated with this one. He has the creds/board certs so I decided to go for the consult. He answered my questions pretty straight forward, no "unrealistic promises." He has been attentive, good communicator, a bit conservative I think which is fine with me. All has gone very well. Would definitely recommend him and will use him again for breast enhancement in a year. Very happy so far.

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