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I am a 27 year old woman, and after months and...

I am a 27 year old woman, and after months and months of research I finally decided to get smart lipo (tumescent liposculpture). I have always been 120-125 pounds all my life. But back in 2007, I was a victim of a senseless act of crime and was shot in my abdomen. From the healing process and the depression I am afraid to say that I gained 30 pounds in less than no time.

A friend of mine went to Dr. S and her result where AMAZING. Needless to I stopped my doctor search and went to him. Being that I am from New York, and the doctors office is located in Florida, I had to do my consultation over the phone and by email. Not the norm but nothing is ever normal in my life. Lol! I book my surgery date, did my blood work (in NY) and filled all the prescription that the doctor sent to me before hand. I scheduled a flight the day before the surgery, so I can have a little extra time to think.

When I got to FL I order some food and took a Ativan, to put me to sleep calmly. They give you that to relax you the day before so you won't be freaking out.

Day 2
My appointment was at 10:15am. I took a shower with Dail soap. No lotion, just deodorant! A wore a loose fitting sweat pants. I did have a bagel which was recommended by the doctor, because they didn't want me to get nauseous, after taking all the medication that day.

When I arrived I immediately met my nurse. She was like a angel sent from heaven. She explained everything to me and put at ease. We bonded so quickly and I felt so comfortable with her that I decided to lay back relax and let her do her job.

She mad me take all 4 of my medications. Once that was settled in she put me in my room for the day. Told me to change into this bikini looking thingy. The doctor came in took some pics, marked me up and I was on to the table. Nurse  then started to administer the tumescent. THIS IS THE ONLY PAIN THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PROCESS. THOUGH IT WAS KIND OF PAINFUL IT WAS NOTHING TO CRY ABOUT.

Look @ it this way 40 mins of being uncomfortable or 6 month of torture in the gym. When she was done numbing my stomach (upper and lower abs, flanks and bra fat). I sat there for about 40 minutes just so the anesthesia will set in.

The doctor came In and went to work. Because I had scars from my accident, he went in to undermined ever single one of my scars (no additional extra charge) he spent so much time at perfecting it. And that he did. It got to the point where my best friend ( who was in the room with me most of the time, and the nurse began to cry as to how beautiful my scars came out. When this was done, he went into the smart liposuction. This was a piece of cake.

We were in the room signing songs and laughing. The only thing you feel is pressure. THAT'S IT! He then told me to roll over on my side so he can began the liposculpture this again no pain. He did both sides and we were done. the nurse Bandage me up with all this padding and taught me how to put on the compressor garment.

I got up off the table a walking into the other room. I had to lay down just in case I got dizzy, (which I wasn't). But at this time, the my incisions started to leak, through my garment on to my clothes. The nurse gave me some pads to sleep on so I won't ruin the hotel bed.

I got to the room. Had a salad, took a Percocets, an antibiotic, and a Ativan. And went to bed. The funny thing is, is Throughout the night u will have to "pee" more than usual. But that's normal. When I got up around 6 am I realized that I have leaked out allllllll over my garment and allllll over the bed. It look like a crime scene, literally. But once I changed the pads on the bed, I never leaked again. So the leaking was done in less than 24hrs.

Day 3
Very minimal pain. But I am very sore. @5pm took off my garment had my best friend wash it out and I jumped into the shower. This is where I took off my bandages. My stomach looks absolutely amazing. I started to cry. I put my garment back on and went to see the doctor for a follow up visit. The doctor was also amazed at my results that he took my post op pics that day instead of 6 weeks later. He gave me a cushion/pad to put in my garment one on the front and 2 on the side. This is to prevent the fluid pockets and to keep my stomach smooth.

After I left the doctors office, I went shopping and out to dinner. I will be honest sitting at the restaurant was kind of uncomfortable. Especially since I didn't take any pain killers. I got back to the room and fell asleep with out taking the meds again. BIG MISTAKE! I was sooooo sore and uncomfortable all night. I had to use the bathroom about 6 times that night. Around 4 am I decided to take a Percocets and a Ativan. And I slept like a baby.

Today.... I'm sitting @ the desk and I'm writing this blog. No pain! Just soreness when I move.

Overall I am sooooo ecstatic about my results. Dr. S and his wonderful team were the definition of AMAZING! I will go back anyway and recommend them to the world. As soon as I figure out how to post pics. I will.

Thanks for listening.


Photo Update

Dr. Rodger Stratt

This must be where they are hiding all the nice ppl in the world. Everyone in the office was so great. I got to the point for me, when I felt like backing out. But once I got there I met with my nurse, she eplained everything single thing to me. She even told me the painful parts (which by the way not that painful at all). Dr. S is a true genius and didn't not finish the job until he felt it was at his perfection! Overall the experience was amazing! Def a 5 star in my book.

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