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I'm only on day six but I couldn't be happier. The...

I'm only on day six but I couldn't be happier. The procedure was easier than I thought. I can tell you I think the hardest part of the operation was is taking out the glue from the surgical tape. I'm still removing some. I'm still not sure if the light bruising I had on one side was from the surgery or the removal of the tape. On the second day my swelling was really down; I could see major results eventually I swelled up. From my back you can see a major difference in the flank area.

Day 8 gym

I started the gym on day 7. I couldn't deal with my weigh gain. I'm back on my vitamins too and protein shakes. I'm only doing the elliptical machine and I feel no discomfort on my flanks. I did buy a sport strap for my flanks to use instead of my garment during my workout.

I have to say after using that strap I notice I felt better with it snug tighter so I am using a back strap over my garment to add pressure to my flank till my new smaller garment arrives. So far the extra support has brought the swelling down drastically. I'll post pictures later today.

Day 10

Siting at work all week has made it a little uncomfortable; Can't wait till Friday. There is some itching but then again I'm off pain relievers. The swelling has gone down a bit but I have a long way to go.

Day 14

So things seem to be going good. I see my doctor again in two days. My swelling seems to have improved since I started wearing my tighter garment which at times feels better and stops most of the weird sensations. I have been doing very light massages until last night I wanted to see how everything was, my numb spots, tightness and locations where sharp pains sometimes sparks when I do a fast movement so I massaged a little harder. I do see a difference from last night to this morning after my massage. I'm not advising anyone to do this but I'm felling my flanks are ready. I have been back on my cardio routine for days now and feel no pain. The itching has subsisted since I have started massaging. My institution points seem to be healing fine as well. Garment on almost 24 hours a day. Drying it is a pain.

Day 20

I went and got a free Synergy procedure and I must say it worked pretty well. My swelling went down quite a bit after. I would recommend trying it for yourselves, it was done with ultra sound. I went in worrying about my flanks being so swollen I was told that it was normal (thank God I was really worried after reading stuff online) the difference from one day to the next was dramatic. I'm low in funds so no more treatments for me. Lol. But definitely worth a try.

I did the drainage on Friday the 17 and by Saturday I was in my skinny clothes with no sight of my flanks through my shirt!!!! Mind you im still swollen. O and I did not wear my garment. I sat on a stool without worrying about my back fat... Priceless.

There is still swollen areas and lots of numbness but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Day 20

Still stiff but I can feel the improvement.

Blah! Waiting Game!

Time is going by but slower than I thought. Only on day 26. The swelling is going down little by little. To explain the numbness; when I'm drying myself I can feel the pressure of the towel but can feel the material. There is two locations were I get really nasty sharp pains when I do a weird movement. Itching has stopped. Incisions are practically healed. I can see the improvements and I am slimming down. A little upset there wasn't much of a weight fluctuation but I'm once again doing weights and hard cardio so I'm not expecting that much of a change with my muscle gain over fat loss.

Day 29

Almost a month. Yay. The swelling is going Down really fast now. But it is still there. It is starting to hurt a little more in certain areas. From what I have read its normal.


I had to post; if you look at the picture my swelling is really going down. The so called bands I felt are going away and the sharp pains have subsided.

One of the major reasons I did this procedure was for my self-esteem and that's worth more than 2500. Living in Florida with all these beautiful beaches and avoiding it because you feel uncomfortable about your body sucks.

Still wearing my garment although I really wonder if its still doing its job.
I did accidentally wash it in the machine then dried it in the dryer. Luckily it survived and shrank a little.

I hope these logs are helping others out there especially men (I didn't find much info for male flanks especially the size that I had them)

I'm going to admit, reading to much reviews can play trick on you. I was so happy that I didn't get any bruising I thought my recovery time would had been quick. When it wasn't I thought I hadn't drain all the fluid and my doctor did a bad job. WRONG!

What I have learned:
1. Everyone is different in the healing process so just stay in contact with your doctor he'll make sure everything is going smoothly.
2. Find the right doctor. I did my research before choosing my doctor and his price range was a little higher but the quality of work shows. There's nothing better than having peace of mind while your body healing.


Still waiting for all the swelling to go down.

Great week.

Feeling really good this week. I can see a big difference and a light at the end of the tunnel. :)

I can wear my garment anymore. Fractured a rib; long story. So I'm putting on a back support that cause good support on my flanks and doesn't put pressure on my ribs. Seems to be working. Really happy and looking forward to the following month.

3 month mark

Still hanging in there. There are still some wierd thing going on but I look much better. Still numb in places which is why I know I still need more time for healing.


Just want to update cause I was asked. Here are the new photos.

I don't have much before the serge e****** as I would avoid anything that had to do with taking off my shirt. But I have found a few that might help visualize the before.


Here are some before picture I found. Hope this helps anyone.
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