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My results are not in but I am so confident in my... - Fort Lauderdale, FL

My results are not in but I am so confident in my doctor that I am sure I will be loving it in about 4 to 6 more weeks.

I am an Esthetician and am 47 years old. I have had some Juvederm injections to my naso folds and temples but from research I felt that Sculptra would be a more natural, lasting result. I have been watching women just fill in the lines for years and there gets to be a point where it just doesnt look natural. You can only puff out an area so much and you start getting the "bulldog" effect.

I chose Shino Bay because Dr. Aguilera injects a LOT of Sculptra. His explanation of the aging face was exactly what I was seeing and his way of "fixing" it made the most sense to me. I have been treating faces for 20 years and that is looking at a ton of aging faces!!

I am posting prematurely and only on the pain aspect of Sculptra. I have had other filler in the past and it was very tolerable. When I went on line I read all these reviews on the pain and swelling etc. It really scared me and I was sitting in the chair with my palms sweating.

It was a piece of cake! Dr. Aguilera does use a special compounded numbing cream so I am sure that helped. It was left on for at least a half an hour. I did feel some areas more than others but it really was so tolerable. Ive gone in twice and that is all I should need. The first time was so easy that I had no apprehension what so ever the second time.

I am sure that this procedure, like any, depends on the doctor you are seeing. If you have done your homework and your doctor is at least a gold (preferably Platinum) level injector of Sculptra, I dont think pain, and swelling will be an issue AT ALL.

I mainly mentioned pain so others would not be frightened. I had NO swelling and only a few injection site bruises. I was able to continue on with life like normal. No down time what so ever.

I will check back in a few weeks about results....

Sculptra update

I don't have a lot of time to write all that I would like to. I only had two rounds of sculptra. All I really had an issue with were the marionette lines and the lines coming down from the corners of my mouth. In the past they had filled just fine with Juvederm and Restylane. This time I did Sculptra because I as afraid if I kept filling the lower half of my face it would start looking bulky. First round of Sculptra I basically did not see anything. About 6 weeks after the second round I lost my features. I just look fat faced and my high cheek bones hardly even show at the apple area. The lines coming down from my mouth look way worse because now the lower part of my face is fat and heavy. I don't like it at all. My face looks smooth and glowy but fat. It reminds me of a pretty girl getting pregnant. They just lose there features but are radiant and glowing. I do not like it at all and wish I had never done it. I went to the biggest injector of Sculptra in Florida. He is a great doctor and an artist. I haven't even gone back to say anything as he is 4 hours from me and I know there is nothing that can be done. I would say that unless your face is very very sunken in looking, stick with the other fillers and go slow. 2,000.00 to get a fat face with no more high cheek bones.
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