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Best thing I ever did for myself

For over 8 years I had wanted a rhinoplasty. I have had consultations with multiple doctors and for one reason or another never made it to surgery. Finally 2 months before my 25th birthday a friend of mine told me she had a doctor she wanted me to meet, Dr. Pinella in Ft. Lauderdale. For years I had considered what I wanted. I am of Northern European Jewish and Roman Catholic descent, my features were large, including my nose and the bumps and crooks that went with it. I didn't mind the size of my nose so much as the fact that it was crooked, so my profile looked different at every angle, no side was the same. When Dr. Pinella walked in the room his eyes lit up, "I love doing this type of nose", he said. I told him I only wanted the bump taken out and my nose straightened however I could tell his artist mind was already working. I figured out how to pay for it booked by surgery and pre-op appointment. At pre-op I asked the doctor about my chin, when I had taken before photos of my face I noticed a small flat spot. I figured this could be fixed with fillers but why not ask about an implant, I'll already be under anyway. Two weeks later I went in for surgery, my anesthesiologist was so reassuring and his demeanor was so pleasant and calming. Having never been under anesthesia in my life and being prone to anxiety I was a more than a little nervous. He put me at ease, we began talking and as it turns out we studied the same thing in college! While on the table we were discussing Microbiology Lab and the next thing I know I am conscious. I ask the nurse how long I have been awake for to my surprise she said a little while, this was a relief however because It seemed like coming out of anesthesia is stressful so being unaware of it all together made me very happy. I basically woke up from a nap. Since then I have felt GREAT! No pain at all except for removing the stitches. The chin implant felt like what I imagine Botox would feel like because the movement of my lips and chin was stiff but as each day passed it got better. As for my nose, no pain at all, there was no packing and my only issue was blood clots in my nose that prevented me from breathing. Hydrogen peroxide soaked q-tips gently twisted around up there a few times a day (after the first week) broke it down and cleared it out so my stitches could be moved, these two things were the only painful part. Bruising was another story one eye was not so bad however my other eye was so black and despite bromelain and arnica it still took over two week to completely fade. However after a week and a half it was very easy to cover with makeup. The doctor gave me a steroid for swelling and I have taken photos everyday to track the changes. It's really cool looking at the changes, I will post these photos when I have the opportunity. Psychologically I hated my face, absolutely completely hated my face for a week and a half. I was a potato, just a potato. The doctor told me not to look in a mirror for two weeks at least but I could not help it. A POTATO! Granted I got my chin and nose done not just one or the other but I started asking people if I ruined my face, every question was met with "you are absolutely crazy you look BEAUTIFUL". For the first week and a half to two weeks I thought I looked like a stranger and like I would never look like a member of my family again. After a little less than two weeks definitely a week after my cast was removed I finally woke up one morning walked into the bathroom and saw myself with a different nose. No more weird shaped nose, my Jay Leno sized chin has subsided and my potato face was gone. I LOVE MY NOSE. I absolutely love the changes. Dr. Pinella did an amazing job, best of all it doesn't look like a surgically crafted nose it looks so natural. I even have a tiny dimple on one side that I'm sure is coincidental but I love it because it makes my nose unique again. Just a much prettier, more feminine, not so over powering unique. This was definitely the best thing I ever did and I am so happy I went to Dr. Pinella and his team. BEST PART: I love taking selfies no and I cannot decide which side is my "good side" because I love them both!

A couple of more before photos

It's been 8 weeks since my surgery

I love the way my nose looks! It has been such a change. I have always been told I was a beautiful girl but having a straighter, smaller nose has given me a different type of confidence about my looks. Sometimes if I catch my reflection off guard I am still not used to it but I still feel great. I still have scar tissue in my nose that I feel is soften ending up. My cartilage is still super hard. Being an esthetician the most annoying part is not being able to extract blackheads from my nose. I have been using my clarisonic however which helps a lot.

I can't believe it's been almost 4 months!

In August 2015 I had a rhinoplasty. My motivation for doing this was ever since I was a pre-teen I have hated the way my nose looked from almost every angle except 1. After years and years of looking for a doctor and chickening out I finally went ahead and got the surgery. Dr. Pinella and his team as I have said before were wonderful!

I admit there are a few things I wish I was more adamant about. I absolutely love my new nose no doubt about it! However there are a few qualities all the members of my family share in nose shape that I no longer do. However I don't regret one thing at all!

A nurse had told me she recommends patients get their makeup done with contour how they like then photograph that to give the docs an idea of what their looking for. I did not do this but I have no qualms about it. I truely feel Dr. Pinella is nose artist!
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