Tummy Tuck & Booty by Dr. Miami

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I don't really care to blog my experience, but...

I don't really care to blog my experience, but this site did help alleviate a lot of my fears so it's only right that I return the favor.. My surgery is scheduled on the 10th (in 2 days).. I had my consult and the Dr. was extremely nice.. I showed up early in the morning one day in summer of 2015. They gave me a number and told me to come back at noon.. Waited a few hours and he saw me, said my BBL would be beautiful and said he would love to be my surgeon. I didn't want a tummy tuck although a previous surgeon told me I needed one.. Dr. Miami explained to me why I needed a tummy tuck.. So now I'm getting a tummy tuck although I hate the idea of having a scar. I always imagined having a flat belly with the cuts on the side with no scars.. But this is reality..

I originally scheduled my surgery for Jan. 2017.... that's just how far out he is booked.. But luckily someone cancelled and I'm paying cash so Monica, my patient coordinator was able to move me up to March 10, 2016..

Monica has been awesome all the way through, she responds to all of my questions promptly, she's very professional and the payment process is a breeze. Monica also is sent me all my instructions telling me what I needed to buy..

Tatiana helped me get my bloodwork and physical done last minute.. She isn't the quickest to respond after that, but she does do her job well... Without her I would not have got my paperwork in on time.

Taylor sent me my prescriptions in the mail, answered any questioned I had right away (within minutes). She texted me her number so that she would always be available for questions.. She's so awesome!

I'm staying with nurse Mary for 10 days.. I was referred to her by Monica cause once again I was last minute in booking.. I paid Mary a $200 deposit via paypal and the other $1,495 is due when she picks me up from the airport.. So far Mary is very responsive, friendly and told me everything I needed to bring..

And thanks to RealSelf, I packed plenty of tank tops, my friend had a TT & BBL so she told me to pack Depends just incase I can't make it to the bathroom one day, so I have those too.

I'm super nervous, shaking and can't believe I'm going through with this, but I'm so over having a big belly.. I'm ready for half tops and booty shorts.. Most importantly I did my research and know that I chose the best surgeon possible to give me the results I want.

Im adding a few before photos.. I will add some more tomorrow before the procedure. I don't have any wish pics cause I realize he can only do so much depending on how much your skin is willing to expand but I'm asking for a shelf booty..

It's the Day Before Surgery

I'm in Miami.. Nurse Mary picked me up at the airport. Took me to Target to grab something extra, Fed me, her recovery house is nice and her staff is wonderful.. I'm in good hands.. I also went by Dr. Miami's office to sign paperwork and get a few questions answered.. Tatiana called to give me my surgery time for 4 p.m.. This is really happening.. Will make another update tomorrow..

My Wish Pics

Surgery is in a few hours.. Found some with pics.. I need my booty and entire body to be on point and looking brand new..

Day 2 recovery

Not in any pain but very tired. Will do better updates in a few days.

2 Weeks Post Op

Decided to take some pics today.. They are not the best, as I had to take them myself.. Im still wearing the faja the doctor gave me.. He aggressively lipoed my back, So it's still a lil swollen at the bottom. I've been sitting on my butt all day every day so i lost a lil projection but I still have WAY more ass than I did before the surgery.. The entire time I've experienced NO PAIN. My back is just uncomfortable because of the swelling and I'm holding fluid there also. Im just waiting for the okay to workout so I can tone everything up.

My hips

I forgot to add a photo of my new hips.

Booty still hanging in there

My butt looks nice. But my back is still very swollen. I probably need a tighter compression garmet. Slowly I'm starting to see my new shape.

Incision tape came off

Went to Dr. Miami. The nurse pulled fluid out of my back. She also took the tape off my incision. It's a hypertrophic scar. I was told to put sillocone sheets on it.


It looks even better in person. Men are like WOAH when they see me from the back. Honestly Dr. Miami did a great job on my booty. I lost projection but it's still WAY more and better than what I had before. Which is why I went to him. I figured he would give me the best chance of having a nice booty because he also reshape a your body so that everything flows nicely and looks natural.

Pic of Booty

Booty pic.

Curves for days

I will admit that I was kind of uncomfortable with how big the Dr. Made my hips. But I see why... My waist is a 31 and my hips are now a 41. I'm still very swollen in the stomach and the back so hopefully my waist will get down to at least a 29. Anyway men go CRAZY over my hips. My boobs can be completely covered and men all Try to holler at me when I walk by. Even a homeless man told me that I look good! ???? Plus I now have a nice bump in the back. Dr. Miami really did his thing on me. I've always gotten plenty of attention but the way Dr. Miami carved me up is life changing. Plus remember I was never in any pain and my incisions healed with no problems. I will probably go back to get a breast lift done by him. Oh and I look good in EVERYTHING I try on now.

Dr. Miami's office

His office is super clean, nice and in a nice neighborhood. Looks just like Beverly Hiils. Fancy!


This was hard to find so I will post a link.. This one is only $34 on Amazon and it's the best one I've had.. The two Dr. Miami gave me were great but they got too big so i had to buy smaller ones...

For this one cut a slit in the pubic area and you are good to go..

Incision after using silicone sheets

My scar is super thin and red. Which is shocking. Every black woman I know who got a tummy tuck has a wide black scar. The left side is flattening out but the right side is still not flat. I'm going to keep working on it.

Still fat cause of no liposuction

The day of surgery I was worried that the top of my stomach would still be fat after surgery since Dr. Miami doesn't do liposuction with tummy tucks. And I was right. It's still very fat. If you have a fat top you need liposuction FIRST. So now I will still have to get a 2nd surgery to get the fat off my top stomach. When sitting down my top belly will still look bad as it protrudes over my belly button.

Overall My body still looks nice

Waist is down to a 28.5

Today my waist is down to a 28 and a half.. Hopefully with exercise I can get it down a bit more.. I am SUPER happy with my body in clothes right now.. My shape is banging! I get so many compliments on the way the Dr. shaped my body.. Now everything matches with my big boobs.

My flanks weren't lipoed

Went to the pool. My booty is still popping but when someone took a pic of me I was disappointed to see that I still look wide because my flanks were not lipoed. I was already aware that the stomach would t be lipoed with the tummy tuck. Also my scar is pretty high. I had to put on shorts over my bikini to cover the scar.

Other than that I was turning heads with my clothes on. Just make sure this tummy tuck is really want u want cause I can't lie and say my scar being high makes me happy. The scar is right at my pubic line but the problem is my pubic line got pulled up high during the tummy tuck. So I have to wear super high bikinis which obviously by how the shorts look on me are not that appealing.

Guess I should have asked more questions. Had I known my sides wouldn't get liposuctioned I would have skipped the tummy tuck.

Booty Popping

My friend took this video of me on Sunday being silly. I rarely wear my compression garmet and I'm always sitting down.

My back is still weird feeling but I don't care cause I love my new booty.

Necrosis From Doing liposuction with Tummy Tuck

My belly is kind of fat still cause the Dr. didn't do liposuction on my stomach. I ran across a blog of a Dr. Duran patient (Czaria909) who got lipo with her tummy tuck.. Her skin died and now she has necrosis but her stomach has no fat.... https://www.realself.com/review/dominican-republic-brazilian-butt-lift-dr-duran-april-11-2016#dr-review

Just adding this so you have a true understanding of why Dr. Miami doesn't to the lipo with tummy tucks.. I'm going to thank God once again that I went to him.. He's a smart man on top of being an artist..

Someone died at a clinic associated with Spectrum & Vanity (Encore)

A woman, Heather Meadows died from a BBL last week in Florida.. She had her procedure at Encore. Ladies, please go to a good surgeon with a good record.. The link below tells it all.


Really Happy With My Surgery

Im almost 3 months post-op and I must say my body is amazing.. Everyone compliments me on it.. Also the Dr. and nurse said my butt would fluff in 3 months and it actually has.. Most people say its a myth, but it's not.. II went from having no booty to being called a woman with a big butt.. Will post a photo later..

3 month fluff

Dr. Miami is amazing! My ass is huge!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Miami is a perfectionist and an artist.. (pics inside) He has an eye for what looks good on each woman's body. With his BBL technique your booty is surely to be changed for the BIGGER. He talks to you VERY unrushed, even though he's super busy.... I keep in contact with other Dr. Miami Beauty warriors from the recovery house and everyone is healing fine with no complications. Everyone also has a bigger booty.. With so many complications and things that could go wrong with plastic surgery it's really wise to do your research and find the best Dr. possible.... Thank God I did.. I popped up unannounced one month post-op and the nurse saw me right away and told me that anytime I'm in town feel free to come to the office.. (I didn't ask to see the Dr. cause I know he's super busy.... His nurse is pretty good) It's a long recovery process but at the end my body is banging and I have some booty. I also wasn't in pain and survived with no complications.. So I truly thank Dr. Miami for that.. If I decide to get my breast reduced Im going back to him cause I know I'll be in good hands... SIDENOTE: DR. MIAMI does not do liposuction on the stomach if you're getting a tummy tuck.. So you will need to get it before or after. He doesn't do it because he doesn't want to risk the skin of the incision dying. (necrosis) Smart decision on his behalf! Considering my back and arms still feel weird from lipo I'm just going to try to tone my belly up more with exercise.. Im not about that lipo-life.. LOL

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