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I've read so many reviews on here and I am so...

I've read so many reviews on here and I am so happy to have found this site. I'm scheduled Jan 7th, 2014 for my BA. I'm very excited, but absolutely terrified. I have wanted big breasts ever since I was about 3 yrs old I told my family I wanted tits like Wonder Woman... Well I didn't get that wish until I was pregnant with my children I LOVED my big breasts. I'm 5'8" and 135lbs. My boobies deflated to about an A :(. I wear mega padded bras and decided that I'm turning 37 this year and it's time to take the plunge. I'm very happy with my body otherwise, but living in the Miami area A. It's hot here and you spend a lot of time at the pool/beach and B. Everyone has had a BA it seems. My boyfriend is extremely supportive, although when I found this site I was on it so much he thought I might be cheating lol... Then I showed him and he's happy that I'm on here learning rather than driving him crazy with my BA obsession. He's going to be there through my journey and will be nursing me back to my old self. I am going to a plastic surgeon who has 20 yrs experience and a friend of mine went to him and he did a fabulous job. Now... I'm an ER nurse and let me tell you the thought of going under anesthesia scares the living day lights out of me. That is my main fear, because I know how codes go and I know human error is a very real thing. Second, I'm terrified of them not "settling" or "double bubble" or the "capsular contracture" or "bottoming out"....I think I've covered the main complications... And if any of these happen then I get to revisit my first fear. WHEW..... That's a load off. I've taken two weeks off from work and have scheduled my surgery the first day of those two weeks. I still haven't bought any bras, but in the midst of Christmas shopping I will take care of that.

I went to two consultations with my surgeon. He's very kind, direct and tells me honestly how the procedure is done in terminology that I understand. I feel that he does this for a living still today because he loves what he does. He recommends mod profile plus 425cc, saline, periariolar. He says that he will attempt to fill to 500cc, but because of my small frame he may not be able to go to that size. I want them as big as he can get them, but I trust him and I don't want my upper range of motion to be affected.

I want Wonder Woman boobies!!! And I'm super excited. This is something I'm truly doing for myself. I've worked very hard to be able to get to a place where I can do it financially and emotionally and I'm hoping by my girls trip, planned in March, to the Keys I can wear and awesome bathing suit... With noooo padding.

I have a few questions.... How did you know what size sports bras to buy? I'm really at a loss for this... My preop is December 23 and I would like to purchase some stuff prior to that. What else should I start accumulating in preparation???

I put up a few "wish" pics.. How many of you had something totally different in your mind from your actual results?
Thanks for listening:)))

Getting all my boobie supplies...and getting a little freaked out :0

So over the past few days I've been getting all my supplies.... Bras (which is driving me crazy because I have no idea on what's the best or most comfortable or will even fit.) I've had little boobies forever!! I purchased a sitting up pillow at Ross and found smooth move peppermint tea... It seems as if the days are flying by with Christmas shopping... Work... Home... Kids...so much to do and I'm a total planner so if I don't feel like it's just right I get anxious... I go back and forth on if I'm doing the right thing. My gut tells me I am and that my surgeon is going to do a wonderful job. I worry about how people are going to react especially at work where it can be a total gossip mill... I worry about my kids reaction. My son is 10 and my daughter is 6. I have not told them yet because my son hates it when men stare at me now and I don't want my daughter to think that big boobs equal beauty...anyone else felt this way??? It's still so surreal that I'm getting this done. And of course mommy guilt because I'm scared of complications.....just venting. I know what I feel is natural...anyone else feel this way?

It's getting close...

Well my new work schedule came out today.. I have I think all the things I need except for new pillows.. I want big fluffy pillows for my bed for after the surgery....Monday is my pre op and time is flying by! I have bought quite a few bras and am interested in the tonserio (sp?) bra??? Is it worth it? It looks like a super comfy bra. I'm decided on my cc size and decided I definitely want between 450 and 500cc. I have always wanted big boobs and being 5'8" I know I can carry them. It's just going to be such a change. I'm very excited and not as nervous as before... I'm just still contemplating on how to tell my children...what have any of you told your kids? My son is 10 and my daughter is 6 and very aware of body image, girls start so young with it...

Post Op Today.....I believe I am ready:)

I'm ready....I can't believe I am two weeks out! I'm excited/scared/nervous/and ready for it to be done and over with. I'm all paid in full, have all my bras, have my extra pillows...although I think I am going to get a few more fluffy ones. I have my time off planned, my friends are going to come over and I have that set up, I have netflix set up...going to do my free thirty day trial of Amazon Prime...I need to drop off my prescriptions, I had to beg for them due to the fact that they don't normally hand out the scripts until the day of surgery...I guess too many people cancel or "lose" the scripts...I'm just glad I got them because ideally I don't want to leave my house for the first three days lol (and I am an overly organized person at times)...I'm anticipating a lot of pain, and I want to heal as quickly as possible to get back to my normal life and I know that rest will be best for my healing.

I'm still planning on going with 500cc mod profile plus saline implants. I'll be happy with 450, but my weight fluctuates and right now I'm 134lbs, but I normally like to be at 140lbs. So I want to have the largest breasts possible that my body can handle.
So that's it. I'm ready....I think I'm overly ready. My boob obsession is getting old and I'm glad I have Christmas to keep me occupied. Until then ladies...I want to thank you all for all your comments. I welcome any advice...I still don't know how to tell my kids. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there. :)

One week preop:)

Excited and neevous...I'm ready. I have my scripts filled, bras, smooth move, and arnica. I'm taking down the tree tomorrow and going to get the house as clean as possible for Tuesday... A lot of women compare the arrival of their new boobs to the arrival of a child. I feel much the same way. I've decided how I'm going to tell my children and am about as mentally ready as I can get. Hopefully I can get some sleep in between then and now....


I keep on trying to imagine how it's going to be with larger breasts. I'm ready and scared. I'm afraid of the pain and hoping they aren't too big or too small... How is my current wardrobe going to fit??? Lol all these questions. Only four more sleeps!! I can't believe that a day I've waited for for so long is almost here! I pray pray pray that they turn out as beautiful as I have imagined them to be......

Post op day 1

Everything went really well yesterday... It wasn't nearly as scary as I had anticipated. I am pretty sore today, but no nausea was experienced thank goodness. The PS, nurse and the anesthesiologist were wonderful. I absolutely love my surgeon. I ended up with mod profile plus 430 cc's. I'm very happy so far and finally have boobies.... Now on to worrying about them dropping lol. I hope that they will drop with no complications. I'm taking pain meds every four hours, but I'm a wimp when it comes to pain...anyways happy healing to me and to all the ladies that have had a recent BA.

Feeling better

Pain has really subsided today...but I do miss sleeping on my side:(... Still having more pain in my left breast than on my right but at my post op my doctor said he did more work on my left and there's 10 cc's more in it... But it feels way better today than yesterday... I love them...they are kinda big but I think I'm going through the "what did I do to my body ?" Stage and my BF and I are fighting...haven't been able to do all the things I normally do around the house and seeing how he reacts makes me look at the bigger picture... It's just boob surgery and he's melting down.. Imagine if it were something bad? So unfortunately along with that I'm getting used to my boobies. So for the new year I may have new boobs and be single :/... Not too bad of a combo, but I'd rather all be well....Anyways... Had my kiddos for the first night tonight and even with all the hugging they didn't notice... I hate keeping it from them though. So I will think more on that aaaand I haven't had a bm since before the surgery and as a result I'm nauseous... Drank smooth move for the third time tonight...started drinking it two days ago ....So over all not a great third or so day post op but on the bright side I know it will get better... I'm going to take pics tomorrow and try on my bralette again:)

Settling in....

Well here I am five days post op... I'm feeling less pain but still using pain meds... My righty is settling in.. It was even a little bouncy this morning! My left is going to be my problem child... I feel like they are going to really take time in settling, but I'll be ready for bikini season :) I'm resting and plan on resting through the week...really glad I took two weeks off...happy healing to all my real self ladies! Yay boobies!

Taking their time

I'm a little over a month post op. Got the green light to sleep however I want, work out, remove my Steri strips. My left boob is still high and being stubborn. I massage a lot and my doctor tells me that it will settle in. Even though they still are dropping and fluffing I love them. I'm going swimsuit shopping on Wends and can't wait! I'm still healing and I know it's a process. My pain is very very minimal now with some aches and occasional sharp pains. I don't like to go without a bra yet because I'm not used to the heaviness.. I do wish I could have went bigger but when he was doing my surgery it was all he could fit. All in all I love them... They are starting to feel like mine and I'm forgetting that I've had the surgery... It's def not for the faint of heart... But if you are healthy and can handle some pain it's worth it:)

Last post :)

Hello all...had my boobs done in January and I cannot express how happy I am to have gotten them :) my clothes fit wonderfully...I finally fill out a bikini and overall physically they were that thing that was missing... Mentally I have adjusted and am very satisfied with my body image now...my doctor had a great eye and did not make them too large or too small for my body type... I have mentor moderate profile plus implants my left is 430cc and my right 420cc... I'm 5'8" and weigh around 130lbs and I'm 37. I'm now a full c small d. I can show them off when I want to and hide them well too.... My recovery was great...it took some time for my stubborn left boob to fall into place, but my surgeon assured me it takes time for the pocket to mature and it did:) I know I'm lucky I had fantastic results and def won't be tempting fate again with more surgery... I'm just how I'm supposed to be now:) anyways I hope this helps some ladies in their decisions...the support I've gotten from this site has been tremendous...kisses to all of you and good luck on your journey!!!

7 mos post op...love my boobies!

They are settling... I love them... Very happy I did this surgery :)
Harold M Bass

Very experienced doctor. Very kind and patient. He answered all my questions and was always available. He made me feel at ease the entire time. I can't say enough good things about him.

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