Melasma Treatment - Melanage Mini Peel - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Melanage Mini Peel 43yo Filipino Portuguese Very...

Melanage Mini Peel
43yo Filipino Portuguese
Very first facial treatment

I've always had very sensitive skin. I hyper-pigment easily so I was deathly afraid to do anything to my face. I went to Shino Bay based on reviews and had an excellent experience. I am posting before and 2 weeks post treatment pics.

The following outlines my treatment progress:

Tues Melanage mini peel
Tues after washing off - skin was normal
Wed am: wash/soothing balm. tight skin. no peeling. Still normal
Thurs am: wash/balm/sunscreen. burny. Light peeling on chin
Thurs pm: wash/mel cream. burny after mel cream applied anti-red balm.
Fri am: wash/balm. very burny and red after wash (and all day). Light peeling; chin, cheeks
Fri pm: wash/cream. very burny after wash and mel cream. Very red. poss from rubbing it. calmed down w anti-redness balm.
Sat am: wash/balm/sunscreen. itchy, peely; chin, forehead. Very flakey. Feels very dry. Very little burning on cheeks (still not significantly peeling)
Sat pm: wash/cream/balm. burning w cream. Relieved w soothing balm.
Sun am: wash/balm. peely in hairline, eyebrows, under chin. obvious peeling around mouth chin little upper lip. No longer burny just very tight and dry. Still no peeling on cheeks.
Sun pm: wash/cream/balm. Not real burny. Minor. Little soothing balm.
Mon am: wash/balm/sunscreen. no burning. Tight. Very dry. Peely on neck chin corners of mouth. left cheek very dry wants to peel. Still no peeling on cheeks. sunscreen helps to cover peeling.
Oct 24 Mon: spoke w Practitioner. Increase cream to 2xday for next two days. Wake wash/sunscreen then gym. Then after gym wash/cream/sunscreen.
Mon 2pm: wash/cream. Burny. No peeling. Not dry or flakey (??)
Mon pm: wash/cream. Burny.
Tues am: wash/cream/sunscreen. Sunscreen made peely worse. Peely around corners of mouth chin neck. little upper lip. Still no cheeks no forehead.
Tues pm: wash/cream. Little burny.
Wed am: wash/cream. Little burny. Neck very peely still.
Wed 12pm: met w practitioner and Dr. Had retinol boost on cheeks and upper lip. Continue to use cream for another week until next apt on Tuesday (do not use cream tonight). Resume twice a day tomorrow through apt on Tuesday (use soothing balm to cut down on flakey dry look; begin on Sunday to be sure no peeling by Tuesday). Cheeks began to peel significantly today possibly due to boost. Upper lip peeling more too.
Wed pm: wash. leave dry, nothing else. Very tight and dry. Very peely all over. Especially still on neck.
Wed am: very dry flakey. wash/cream/sunscreen/powder on face. Soothing balm on neck and corners of mouth. Tight and burny around nose/mouth. Very peely under eyes. Still peely around mouth and upper lip. Itchy all over.
Thurs am: wash/cream/sunscreen. Tight. Very little peeling. Still around mouth. Some on cheeks/under eyes.
Thurs pm: wash/cream
Fri am: wash/cream/sunscreen. Still flakey around mouth. Upper lip. Hairline. Itchy. Dry. Balm used on the corners of mouth.
Fri pm: wash/cream. Balm corners.
Sat am: wash/cream/soothing complex. Flakey around mouth. Upper lip. Very dry. Tight. Reapplied soothing complex mid day.
Sat pm: wash/cream. tight. itchy. flakey around mouth
Sun am: wash/soothing complex. Gym. Wash/cream
Sun pm: wash/soothing complex/itch relief cream (hydrocortisone 1%)
Mon am: wash/soothing complex/sunscreen (woke to significant peeling all around mouth. Upper lip)
Mon mid day: peely upper lip. applied Cerave AM all over (w sunscreen)
Mon afternoon: follow up apt w practitioner. Applied scrub/hydrating mask/moisturizer. Very nice soothing treatment. Discussed treatment going forward. Recommended hydra facial next month. And possibly second peel in the coming months.
Mon pm: wash/cerave PM
Tues am: wash/Skinceuticals CF/cerave AM
Tues pm: wash/Cream/Cerave PM

Brandy did my treatment and she was amazing. She took time to get to know my concerns and addressed every one w patience and care.

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