49 Years Old ,mom of 4. Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I used to be a small waisted female who always...

I used to be a small waisted female who always wanted to gain some weight.
I gained the weight but some came in unwanted areas.
I have been stalking and reading this site for the past 8 months,and have gained the courage to have some tickle lipo done.
I spoke with one Dr at Strax but was not impressed with his bedside manner.(in a rush,no question and answers session)
Did another consult with Dr T Pane,who took the time to answer my question and assured me that I am a great candidate.
Surgery set for 12/29/2014

Anxious and nervous.

Last night I dreamt that I underwent the surgery.
I guess I was actually acting out in my sleep as hubby asked if I am in pain.lol
He is not supporting of my going in for this procedure but he is accepting that I need it for me.
I am on a borderline of anxiety and fear of what if nothing changes or I mess up my stomach.

Have to postpone surgery.

I am sad and kind of relieved at the same time.
Yes I am Mrs emotional.lol
Priorities has to be in order and something very important has to be handled.
So I am rescheduling for some time early next year.

Fat transfer to breast 20 days Pre-Op

I am such a wreck!!!!
I am excited yet so darn scared.
Cannot wait to get my waistline back and finally have some boobie.????

Did my consult today

I went for my consult with Dr Dean and I really liked him.????
He really put my fears at ease and answered my questions candidly.
So excited and looking forward to the 22nd.
Keep me in your prayers all.


I took advice from a few ladies post and ordered the lipo foam,pads ,compression stockings and stock piled on the other necessary items.
7 more days to getting my waistline back along with a side order of boobies????????

5 day Pre-op

I am excited and nervous all at same time.
Payment made in full.
Supplies bought and stocked for using
Counting the days down until it's procedure day.
***Lord cover me and guide the hands of Dr Dean.***

1 day Pre-op

I got the time and instructions for tomorrow.
*** Deep Breath *** Bringing my anxiety level down.
I am trying not to think about the procedure too much.
Got the guest room ready for my first couple of post op days,as my bed is too high.
Prayers lots of prayers my way please.

Today is the day.

I am scheduled for this afternoon so I am just here watching tv,trying to keep my mind from running in circles.
Depending on how I feel afterwards I may or may not update later.

I finally did it

I reached at 1pm got started at 3pm finished at 5:20pm.
I had some of the most wonderful nurses.
Big shout out to Lily,Kay and Pauline.
Dr Dean was just super,he came and marked me up then I got the happy pills.
Surgery was a breeze only felt the vibration,i have no pain whatsoever.
When I was finished I had to pee right there in a bed pan,ooh lawd it felt so good releasing as I had been holding it during the surgery.
I got home had a bowl of soup as I was so hungry.
My garment is so soaked ,hubby is squeamish but the panda need changing.
I got so cold just now had to get a second blanket and popped the pills as I was starting to feel my breast tightening up.
Well I am feeling sleepy now so i will update tomorrow.
See some pics of the boobies

2nd day Post op

Woke up at 2 am had to go pee.
Still leaking but no pain ,just a bit dizzy .
Took my medication walked around the house for awhile then back to bed.

It's now 9:17 got up and washed the bathroom rugs as they were messed up from when we were changing the dressings.
Ate some crackers and drunk a Gatorade.
Feeling woozy so laying in the living room on the recliner.
Made sure it was well covered as I am draining.
Took a pic of the breast them i am loving them.
Still doesn't feel as if I had surgery yesterday.

Went for my 1 day Post op.

I went for my follow up and Dr Dean was pleased with how I was looking.
Minimal swelling and almost no bruising,only thing off is I get a bit of dizziness when I move around too much.
I am adding 2 pics that the nurse took.

1 day Post op follow up

Trying to upload pics again

3 day Post op

I went shopping yesterday for some sports bra and an extra garment for shower/wash time.
Took 2 aleve and the antibiotics but decided to leave the Percocet alone.
Took off the pads as I am no longer leaking ,saw that my skin looked a bit crumpled and swollen in some areas.
So am about to take a shower and try to massage the areas with the arnica as best as i can.
Schedule some lymphatic massages with Sapphire Lipo starting Monday.
Took a quick picture of how I am looking right now.

5 day pre op

My mind is telling me I am healthy and strong ,so I am ready to tackle my everyday fast pace life.
I got dressed in a wife beater some sweats and ditched the garment for a waist trainer.
Did some house work and cooked dinner.
I am now swollen and feeling so tired ,sore and drained.
I have not taken a pain pill since yesterday but guess an Aleve is necessary right about now.
Took a couple pics before I took a shower.
I know it's just a couple of days but I am loving my body even when it's swollen.
Cannot wait for 1 month to see how much boobie I will still be left with.

15 days Post

Loving my changes

It's now 16 days since I did my surgery.
Physically I am feeling great,just a bit sore sometimes especially my flanks and lower abdomen.
Mentally I am dying to be able to ditch the garment permanently and be done with the swelling and soreness.
I am posting pics I just took before my shower.I am all marked up by the garment .
My flanks are still swollen and so sore.
Overall I am really loving my results.
Boobies are all soft and still holding onto that fat.lol pray they have a tight grip and the fat stays.
My booty is more visible now that my waist moved out the way..lol

1month post op

Well it's a month since I did my procedure.
I have completed 7 sessions of lymphatic massages which I would highly recommend .
I am still a bit sore and tingly in my lipo area,especially at nights when I take the garment off.
Dr Dean told me whatever size breast I have at 1 month,that is what I would be keeping.
Well if I what i have now is the end result.I am a happy camper.
I am posting a couple pics .

2 months post op (actually 5 days before 2months)

Okay as promised I would give a monthly update so here goes.
I had my 6 weeks post op visit and was told what I was already aware of ????
I am coming along great aside from some swelling.
Was advised to take Advil and exercise along with wearing a waist trainer.
I have yet to buy the waist trainer but I have downgraded to the garment in the pictures.
Not a great fit as it tends to give me a back roll.:(
Overall I am loving my results .
The boobies went down a tad bit but I am loving them and I have back my waistline and then some.
I lost 7 lbs at my weigh-in.

3 month update

Well it feels and seems longer than three months but it's been 3 months since I did my surgery.
I am still satisfied with my overall results.
However I look at the area around my navel and I see a slight overhang.
I was told that this almost always happen to lipo patients because of the surgeon inability to go in any closer to your navel and remove all the fat????
I have posted a few updated pics after my shower this morning.
Breast are still holding strong onto the fat.
Stomach still get swollen some times and I have a deep tingly itch occasionally.
Other than that everything has is healing great.

4 months post op

I am still pleased with my result.
There are time I still feel a tingling feeling in my stomach area but after massaging the area it goes back to normal.
One of side entry points for my Lipo still feels a bit tender when I pressed in on it.

6 months 2 weeks

It's been very hectic with my new schedule so I am unable to update on the regular.
I am still pleased with my results, just need to place workout somewhere in my schedule so I may maintain the waistline.
The Boobies are still growing.lol
I am still a C but a more fuller C cup

Fake profile

Someone who goes by the name Jessy3y is using my pictures and trying to say that is her.
I know my body and my bathroom.
I can post a NOW picture of myself and my bathroom wherein that person cannot do the same.
Randy Dean

Dr Randy Dean M.D is a surgeon who knows his craft very well. He has a nice smile which makes you feel comfortable and so relaxed to interact with him. During surgery he asks questions to make sure you are comfortable and explains exactly what he is going to do next. If I had to do this surgery again I would not hesitate to book an appointment with him . Thankfully so far I am loving what I am seeing so no need for seconds.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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