Lipodissolve Left Me with Hideous Depressions in my Thighs and Huge Patches of Broken Capillaries - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I am 5'2, 108 lbs and work out five times per week...

I am 5'2, 108 lbs and work out five times per week. Despite my athletic figure, I have ugly pockets of doughy fat in my inner and outer thighs that are completley resistant to exercise and make me feel so uncomfortable I do not have the confidence to wear a bathing suit. My inner thighs touch even when my legs are apart. So naturally, when I had the money to look into professional means of addressing this problem that has affected my self confidence since I was a teenager - I was quick to seek out a solution.

In retrospect, despite knowing how imperative it is to DO YOUR RESEARCH - and despite THE OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF NEGATIVE FEEDBACK I READ HERE - I was so overly anxious to do something - I ignored it.... and found an office performing this procedure and had them do the first treatment immediately after the required consultation.

I paid nearly $4000 - for what was to be a series of 8 treatments. I had only ONE - and the damage it did was irrevocable.
I was advised that the inner thigh area would be overwhlemingly painful and make it difficult to walk - so that I should start only with my outer thighs. The only positive note I have to report, is that I did heed this advice and do only this area.

Now, most of you, I would like to think, would have sat up from the exam table and run from the building if you had noticed, as I did, while having the solution prepared - that there was blood spattered on the white blinds covering the windows of the room - but again, my terrible dread and insecurity that plagued me since my youth regarding my appearance got the better of me - and I remained on the table awaiting the injections. In my mind I thought I should snap a picture of this with my phone. Why I didn't, I cannot say - but I sincerely regret - more so now, four years later, than I did then.

It wasn't terribly painful, except for the discomfort of my outer thighs swelling with fluid. And I actually walked out of the building feeling victorious, that at last - something would change. I had no idea just what. I did bruise terribly, as informed - I looked as though I had been in a horrible accident. And it was very difficult to walk. The feeling of the tissue, and the appearance in the days that followed was unbearable.

But when it subsided, and the bruising and swelling left - I found I looked far worse than I had before. I had a copious amount of extremely sensitive and painful knots covering my outer thighs - that could not only be felt at the slightest touch - but were VISIBLE. I was given a small sponge covered craft paint roller about three or four inches in width, disguised as a "tool" for smoothing this ghastly and excruciating result with no more than a sticker with the doctor's name and the words "LipoDissolve Massager" bubblejet printed across the section where no doubt the Home Depot tag had been removed. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain - but this hurt so badly to administer that I couldn't help but cry.

My tears, however, were premature - as I had not even begun to experience the emotional devastation I was to face when I attempted to return to the office to demand a refund after accepting any cost of a single treatment for the remainder of my package - to find that THE OFFICE HAD BEEN ABANDONED. And the associates of the firm, just next door - not only attempted to HIDE FROM ME - but refused to divulge where they had gone, how the doctor could be reached - and what I could do to salvage any thread of my dignity by demanding a refund.

I was horrified when I left... and when I returned home to search the web for this bastard - I found he was being touted a scam artist and had all six of his offices closed and no information available on how to pursue him legally or otherwise. He simply disappeared, like a ghost - with thousands of dollars it took me over a year to save, and I had hoped with all my heart I could apply toward seeking a GENUINE medical professional to help me with the damage I am left to face, far worse than what I had to see in the mirror all those years before the biggest mistake I have ever made.

I have large, absolutely hideous depressions in the sides and backs of my thighs - it looks as though literal CHUNKS of my tissue are gone - and they are visible no matter how I move or stand. And as if this alone was not enough to bear - I have patches -over five inches in diameter - of bright red and purple, screamingly obvious broken capillaries riddling my outer thighs, in the area where the injections were made.

I doubt that there is ANY procedure that will ever hide the ugly depressions that cover my upper legs, - and I am even more doubtful that I will ever be able to afford any treatment of this, or even laser treatment of the broken vessels that litter my legs at 28 years of age.

I am sharing this in the hopes that I can discourage anyone else, who is so desperate to address a body concern with any cosmetic surgery - from failing to heed the advice and experience of others - and far more so - ignoring their own intuition, as I did. For even as I traveled to the office to have this done, I was stricken by hesitation and doubt as all the reviews I had scoured over for days prior loomed in my head. At the time I had this done - there were only TWO positive remarks to be found here on RealSelf - against about eight tremendously negative and foreboding reviews.

I wanted to believe that all those negative things, wouldn't, and couldn't, happen to me -- after all, I was young. Healthy. Fit. With a superior diet. Active. Exercised regularly. And I knew I was the kind who was committed and diligent where any aftercare was concerned. So I expected optimal results, and the best case scenario. What a fool I was.

Please, don't do this to yourself. No matter how insecure you are, no matter how unbearable you think it might be to look in the mirror at that flaw you see. That LipoDissolve syringe isn't a magic wand. It is filled with lies, and utter destruction.

Now, years later, still with the remains of my blind folly - I am seeking remedy. And I have GUARDED hopes in only one thing after four years of intensive research.
I am disappointed to see there is no section discussing this on site, but perhaps that is because it is not a cosmetic procedure administered by a licensed professional.

That is, the BelleCore HoneyBelle.
This is a device you may buy - at a mere 10% of what I foolishly paid for these ugly scars. At less than $400 - this "random orbital oscillating massage" appliance has steadfast and consistent positive reviews regarding the treatment of cellulite.
If you are determined and faithful, and use it AS DIRECTED, to the letter - you can expect to achieve the smoother skin you are vying for.
I have had mine only a few days, but I can say in all honesty I am seeing a change in the integrity of skin. I am not at all hopeful it can do anything about filling in these ugly rivets where it looks as though my tissue has been gauged out; but it DOES have a NOTICEABLE impact on cellulite - and I recommend you ladies invest in this non invasive treatment you can administer in privacy and convenience - before spending thousands on a procedure that can leave you with more than just a simple case of buyer's remorse - but scar you for life.

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I chose the closest office to my home that offered this procedure. This rating is more than generous considering what happened to me as explained above.

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