Large Neck Lipoma Removal. Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I had a large lump on the back of my neck for 20...

I had a large lump on the back of my neck for 20 years. Every doctor I went to told me to leave it alone as my hair covered the lump and there could be complications from surgery due to its proximity to important nerves. In recent years, however, the lump began to affect my range of motion and I had no alternative but to have it removed. I went to a plastic surgeon who instantly recognized it as a lipoma. I had it removed with local anesthetic in his office. I could hear the snipping and cauterizing, but I couldn't feel a thing. Due to the size of the lipoma (IIRC 6 cm x 4 cm), the doctor did internal and external sutures. I was prescribed antibiotics and hydrocodone + codeine, but I did not need the pain pills at all. In fact, I didn't even need an aspirin afterwards. There was no pain or discomfort whatsoever. I should have ignored the advice of 6 different doctors and had it removed years earlier. The removal was covered by insurance, which meant that the insurance company negotiated a favorable rate with the plastic surgeon. The total cost, which I paid in full (I had to meet my deductible), was $650. I am happy to regain full motion of my neck and the scar is so minimal that I can finally wear my hair up again.
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