Stay Away from the Wedge!!! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I will start off by saying this is a on going...

I will start off by saying this is a on going cycle of depression and regrets. I got labiaplasty done on Jan 5th from a plastic surgeon I had done my research on. This was an area that as a young teenager had always bothered me. I felt my lips were always too big and the older I got, the more I felt uncomfortable about it. If I could go back in time I would because the outcome is horrifying. I got it done at the doctors office under local anesthesia and got the wedge technique. Everything seem to have gone just fine until a week later I started noticing something off. There had been a extra skin not attached to my lip off to the side. I went in for my one week check up and showed him but he said not to worry, everything looks fine. A week later I went back in because of the extra skin and separation. He then told me he would like to fix it and of course I agreed thinking it was no big deal. Long, Long, Long story short I went in three times for a serious repairs. A week after my third surgery and it is totally separated on one side, causing it to look like a lizard tongue. Why I did not know something was wrong the second time is beyond me. He kept telling me it would heal from the inside and fill in..... no such thing. Update to today, I've been doing hard core research on someone who will be able to repair what is left of something I should have left well alone. The few well known reversion doctors I have spoken to has told me this is why they don't preform the Wedge because it does this and its hard to fix. I am terrified my life will never be the same and sending pictures to these doctors praying they will tell me it can be fixed. Please ladies, think hard about if you really need it, and if you do, please make sure you get the best out there and stay away from the wedge. This has not only hurt my relationship, but I had to stop working, stop doing every day normal things. I hope I am able to help someone out there from suffering my pain. I hope a positive update one day!
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