My Journey for my Mommy Makeover Has Officially Started Today - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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My surgery date is 12/16. I had my final...

my surgery date is 12/16. I had my final consultation, obtained my quote and scheduled my date. I'm excited that I finally stopped procrastinating, and anxious it is soon.
I have researched this procedure for the past 5 months, and have been on this site into the wee hours of the night reading others posting


I lucked out today....I found this beauty at a thrift store today. It still had a tag on it plus it was my size. Lucky me!!! I paid $5 for it...originally.. $119...
Im collecting my supplies need for my MM. I'm so excited, I have to talk myself out of buying thinks I don't need or t
I can buy them post surgery...

Date change ????

My surgery date has change to 12/20, four days later. I got my list of stuff as suggested here on realself. I need a shower chair, which I see my neighborhood store has one for $23...
My family and friends have been very supportive.
I have kicked up my workout for the past two months to increase strength in my arms and legs, so I don't have to use my core for the first week or so. I'm starting to increase my protein intake, from eating meat/fish 2-3 times a week to 4-5 times. I will also have green smoothies with protein starting 2 day pre-op. My greens are already bagged and frozen which makes life simple.
I will upload more before pics as I get closer to THE DAY...

It real!!

Anesthesia fee paid......

New surgery date

Now official, surgery scheduled for 12/20/2016!!! Anesthesia-paid. Surgery-paid. After surgery supplies-checked. Comfortable recliner-in position. Nervously counting down!!!

One more day

I have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 6am. Surgery is schedule for 730am. Presently I'm having a nervous stomach thinking about it.
Yesterday morning I got with a scratchy throat so I started panicking that my surgery will be postpone. I took every type of home remedy I'm aware of to soothe my throat. This morning, it feels a lot better and I will continue the home remedy minus the rum.
Today I have to prep for surgery. My Ps gave me antifungal med to take in addition to a bowel prep. This should be fun. I will have to stay close to home and not venture to far away. That will allow me to finish tidying the house.
Speedy recovery to the realselfer who are post surgery, good luck to the ones in the process and be calm (easier said than done) to the realselfers whose date is in the future .

Can't sleep

It is now 0245 and unable to sleep. I have to be at the hospital for 0600 for surgery. My ulcer has flared up and I can't take any meds to alleviated the pain plus I'm feeling nausea. Oh well.....

1st day post-op

I'm out of bed seating on a chair..I requested my pain meds every 3hrs. That has been working for me


Incisions sites look good

Angry BB

It has been 18 days post op

It has been 3 weeks post op. My abdomen and my girls are still swollen and feels tight, especially at the end of the day. I'm off the percocet for about one week now, however I take it with me if I have a doctor's appointment and I'm unsure how long I will be out. My last Dr's appt, I was out for 5 hrs. It was the first time driving, my car did not start,it was sitting for 2 wks so the battery died. I got a jump start and went on my way to the Dr's office. I was out the drs office in about 45 mins, the car will not start again. I called roadside assistance and was back on the road in about 45 mins to an auto part store for a new battery. I could not get a battery installed there and the car again would not start. I had to call roadside assistance again. An hour or so later, I'm heading to the dealership for a new $213 battery. OMG...what a day...I digress. ..
My incisions are healing nicely. Initially my belly button had looked angry. After it was debrided, it looked less angried, however the Ps said if I want to revise it later on, he will do so for me. He suggest not to use any scar therapy at the moment but to moisturizer with cocoa butter. There r 2 stitches at the point of tension under both breast which will be removed this week, I also think I have a stitch on my right breast at the areola which I will address on my next visit.
I walking upright but slow. I'm not in any pain or discomfort but the fear of being in pain / discomfort, I walk slow and bend's a mental thing...
My sleep pattern is way off, since I have 3 more weeks off work...I will work on it.
Positive vibes to all...let's keep paying it forward....


Everything is going well. I have the go ahead to start exercising to include riding my bike...we will see how that feels.
I have been buying sports type bras, I'm still a bit swollen and not sure yet know what size to get. It is so much fun trying different clothes on and not have to worry as to what bra I need to wear.
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