14k plus hairs in 2 procedures w/ pictures. ( Review of Dr. Matthew Huebner of NATURALTRANSPLANTS ) - Ft.Lauderdale, FL

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I never write reviews and am only doing this...

I never write reviews and am only doing this because of the exhaustive research I did trying to decide which office and doctor I wanted to use. I grew tired of reading one or two sentence reviews that I was skeptical of being from a real patient. I hope this review helps anyone that is considering a hair transplant For the record, I am not being compensated in any way for this review.

I searched and searched and went to tons of websites, joined sites and looked up recommended doctors. I contacted several and was given numbers to call individuals from many places that were willing to discuss their experience. I am not a fan of surgery or doctors for that matter so I ask a lot of questions and spoke to a lot of men that were kind enough to answer all my questions no matter how trivial.

After literally 2 years of contemplating ( and also dreaming a cure would happen before the remainder of my hair fell out) I decided on Dr. Matt Huebner at Naturaltransplants in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I had surgery in April 2014 and there were no surprises. The surgery was virtually painless and fine. My hairline had receded a ton and the crown was working its way to the front. I bet I was 2 or 3 years from being all bald. Dr. Huebner advised me and I had sent him pictures via email and spoke to him previously so when I met him it was more comfortable for me. He recommended we restore my receding front and re frame my face. He and I agreed on the new hairline and he drew it on with a grease pencil. I was excited. The hardest part is the waiting, never have I wanted to age a year in a day before then.

I am 2 weeks away from my one year anniversary. I am absolutely thrilled with my results. No longer do people look at me and immediately look up at my loss of hair, man I hated that ! The transplant is 100 percent undetectable and I have friends that would mention it in a New York second if it was, maybe you can relate . The people I know personally are amazed that a transplant could look so natural, the people who don't know me have zero idea or thought about it as it is literally undetectable . My hairline is perfect . I am comfortable without hats now and don't have to worry about church or a ballgame where the national anthem would be played or anyplace a hat would be frowned upon. I wish I had done it sooner but this was a serious decision because if there was a 1% chance of it not looking right or real, I wouldn't have done it flat out no way !! , that's why I decided on Dr. Matt Huebner at Naturaltransplants. The patients that had gone through the surgery I spoke with, were very forthcoming and even sent me additional pictures of themselves that weren't even on website. ( I have heard some sites use other clinics pictures so I was able to see actual different cell phone pictures from people that matched the website pictures as I am a bit of a skeptic) I ask everything I could and every story was the same and they all had the same positive experience.

The surgery was virtually painless and fine, seriously. One would think that taking a scalpel and slicing the back of ones head would be painful but the numbing agent worked perfect and I felt no pain. My hairline had receded a ton and the crown was working its way to the front, the balding was meeting in the middle so to speak. I bet I was 2 or 3 years from being all bald. Dr. Huebner advised me as I had sent him pictures via email and spoke to him previously so when I met him it was a more comfortable situation for me. He recommended we restore my receding front and re frame my face.

Surgery was easy, took about 4 hours and I had no pain , just a bit of discomfort the night after the procedure. I stayed at a local hotel and came in the following day for a checkup. They actually pick you up the morning of surgery and bring you back to hotel. Same thing following day. Dr. Huebner also actually gives you his personal cell phone if you have any issues or concerns. I mean who does that ? I could/can get in touch with him personally, not an assistant. Try calling your local general doctors office and asking for his cell phone number.... ain't happening.

The thing that stood out to me and helped me decide, besides the conversations with actual patients and watching the videos, was the fact that Dr. Huebner gets you as many grafts as he possibly can while some of the other surgeons I looked into do not get near the grafts/results he does. My procedure was one procedure and I have seen tons of pictures/videos at other clinics where guys have had multiple procedures to get what I ended up with. It was a flat rate, no per graft nonsense that no one can accurately verify. I also checked into his background and he is a very educated man with an artistic touch that is absolutely necessary for this procedure. I genuinely like the guy and he is very personable and doesn't rush or make you feel like a number. I knew he was concerned with me being comfortable. Off topic but if you ever meet him, you will be envious as he naturally has more hair than one man should be allowed. He and I laughed about it actually, a hair transplant surgeon that has never lost a hair. He said he really enjoys doing what he does because he truly feels that he is changing peoples lives. I cant speak for others but it has indeed changed mine.

Now, the scar that so many of us have been concerned about and worried about etc.. I literally cannot feel my scar and my primary doctor who took the stitches out 10 days after surgery even commented how clean of a job it had been. I absolutely haven't thought about the scar at all. I was so concerned it could be felt or seen if hair was wet.. not the case. I have researched all the different ways to have a hair transplant and for the most coverage this is the procedure by far. The scar is a non issue, I have looked for it with wet hair and a fine comb and cannot find it and I know where it is. I would imagine if I shaved my head with a razor, I would see it but that would be the only way and I wont be doing that anyway.

In summary, should you do it ? Was it worth it ? Would I do it again ? The answer is yes. Looking back, I knew I had a complex about my hair loss and even commented to people if I started going bald, I would just shave my head and go on with my life but I knew I was lying to myself . Truth be told, I look a ton better with hair and I hadn't fully realized until I got my hair back how it had changed me and how much it had previously consumed my thoughts . I wouldn't go to certain bars because they had a no hat rule. Lots of situations I am sure you may have experienced. It was worth every penny and although I am a confident guy, this was the one part of me that I was self conscious about. Use whatever clinic you like, take my review as you wish, just please remember one thing. Just because you see advertisements on tv or hear them on the radio does not make them reputable. Any celebrity will endorse anything for the right amount of money. As an example, you think every attorney you see on television is the best, "have you been hurt in an accident , call blah blah blah" .... I feel truly blessed that I was intelligent enough to investigate and was able to make a decision I am thrilled about. Do your research and know that a damn good hair transplant is attainable.

In my opinion, the industry is getting better but I feel there are still a lot of hack job doctors out there doing business right now. I have a friend in the UK that had one done about 4 years ago and it was a disaster. He begged me not to do it but I researched and found the right clinic. He has seen my hair and felt it and is embarrassed and upset that he didn't do more research. He may in fact go for a repair at the clinic I used. Its hit or miss guys and you really want to make the right decision on this the first time. Hope this helped someone out there that is contemplating this surgery. I will be posting pictures of before and after. Good luck !

As requested, updated pics just a few days short of 13 months since procedure and exposed scar

Hey there, whomever is watching this or perusing the site and found my little thread. I cut my hair buzzed it about 30 days after procedure. I wanted to see the scar and also allow the hair to grow in as evenly as possible. Please note the before pictures compared to these. It still makes me smile when I look in the mirror today, I haven't had a haircut in almost exactly one year. The most recent pics show my hair and it was before I went out the other night, I wore hairspray in it as the front hairline is about 1 inch too short to be held into a ponytail. I have about another month or two til I can pull it all back 100 percent. Anyway, the scar is from about 30 days after surgery and I was shocked how small it was in such quick fashion, I cant feel it and looked for it when I got out of shower with it wet and couldn't find it with a fine toothed comb.

I have seen some serious hatchet jobs on here and other sites. I am so sorry to see those and if I can help or answer any questions please feel free to contact me. I was very determined and found what I truly to believe the best surgeon in the business. I basically got 7 thousand hairs, I see guys getting 3500 to 4000. I would have needed another surgery or two and maybe that's the "business" part of it. Lets show him some growth and then we will get him for 2 or 3 more surgeries. I will let my pics speak for themselves. Take care and do your research if you are going to go through with this surgery.

2nd procedure with pics !!

Hello, Realself people,

I just had surgery on September 30th 2015, and wanted to share my experience. I again chose Dr Huebner From Natural Transplants in Ft.Lauderdale Florida as I was thrilled with the results of my first procedure that I had with him back in April of 2014. it has been approximately 18 months since my 1st surgery and I got between 6800 to 7200 hairs implanted in my initial surgery. I decided to have an additional surgery after the first one was fully grown in simply for some density and I had a pretty thin crown relatively speaking so I thought this would be a good time to have the second procedure. The front hairline was actually pretty full and I can wear my hair in a ponytail and no one looks at or notices or mentions that my hair was thin in the front at all, but I recognized it so wanted a little bit more density added to the front but to focus the majority of hair to the crown. This time I got 34 centimeters x approx 200 hairs for a total of approximately 6800 grafts.

The surgery was perfect. I had no issues and everything went as planned. I experienced just slight pain the night of surgery on the suture line but it has since gone. No big deal at all. The cool part of having my hair this long, I can cover the entire crown and suture line with a ponytail (see pics ). I am wearing a ponytail now in public and surgery was just 6 days ago and No one can tell. Anyway, just wanted to show some new pics from my 2nd and most likely last surgery. I have high expectations for the final result. I expect the density to be substantial. Fyi, I allowed Dr.Huebner to shave the crown so he could better get to and see where to place the grafts. I had quite a bit of hair in the crown before so it made surgery faster and he could be very precise as where to place so many grafts. I highly recommend Natural Transplants as they have done exactly what they said they would do. I now have approximately 14 thousand transplanted hairs and am very satisfied. I will post additional pics as some growth begins. I am not affiliated or compensated for my thoughts and endorsement of Natural Transplants. Finally, ALL PICTURES on my blog are untouched and ALL pictures are of me. My girlfriend highlighted my hair about 6 weeks ago so that is why the color is different if anyone is wondering. I not on this website to deceive anyone or mislead anyone. I am here to hopefully help and advise someone who is considering this surgery. Use any Dr that you wish, just please do your research. I am willing to send additional pics to someone out there or to discuss my procedure or answer any and all questions concerning this surgery. I researched it for well over two years and have two surgeries under my belt so I feel like I could help someone that is looking for answers. Thanks for looking at my blog and pics and feel free to pm me or leave comments. Take care.

6 weeks post op from 2nd procedure

Hello Realself people,

Just an update and a few pictures of my hair 6 weeks after procedure. I had a little shock loss in front and those hairs have already begun growing back. Most of my swelling/redness in front is gone and has healed. Up close, I can see a ton of hairs that are about to pop up, I can see them but they are barely showing. My crown is coming in nicely as the hair that Dr. Huebner shaved in the Crown has already grown an inch or so. I can see an uncountable amount of hairs that are about to come through. Very excited to see the final result but like last time, it just takes time. Anyway, no surprises, the scar is healing perfectly and I don't ever think about it. Here are a few pictures. Please remember, I am only 6 weeks post op and I had some shock loss in the front hairline but they are returning and the new hairs that are out are tiny right now, difficult to see in a picture. 4 months is when I expect to see some good growth.

4 month post op pics and thoughts

Hello Realself,

I just thought I would post an update. I changed my hair back to brown (original color) as I got tired of blonde highlights. To make long story short, 2nd procedure, 4 months post op. 1st surgery front hairline was main focus with some grafts put in crown. 2nd procedure was focused on Crown and some grafts added to front for density.

I could not be happier with my results thus far. Dr.Huebner really did a fabulous job. The Crown is growing in nicely and I have a ton of little hairs that have just sprouted. The front hairline is going to be very full in another 4 months. Anyway thought I would share pics. ALL PICS taken with flash.

4 pics showing progress pics of transplanted hair on crown of head

6 month post op (2nd surgery)

Back again.. This is my 6 month update with pics from my 2nd surgery. Surgery was Sep 30th 2015. I have had a good haircut since last update. Note , any shininess in pics is from gel I put on sides of hair to control it.

I am very happy with the results. Looking back I was expecting a good result but this has been a great experience and it has changed my look so much. One of the very few people who knows about the transplants is blown away that it looks so natural and full. They mention it without me mentioning it. I will be totally doing something else and they will say my hair looks great and I should find something else to worry about and that was hair was complete and done and done. It makes me feel good even though it's a bit embarrassing as I am not a big compliment taker. I am only entering the 7th month so I have a few more months of growth. The pictures are all with flash so it shows any thinness of hair as scalp is highlighted . In normal light, my crown is not thin and there are still a lot of tiny hairs that have yet to grow out all the way. The front hairline is totally solid and it has some more growth to go. I will try to take some pictures without flash and in the daylight so you can see how good hair looks in everyday situations. Any questions just let me know.

Final pics after 2nd procedure

Updated pics. I have been asked to provide additional pics . There are a few with hair wet, some outside in direct sunlight and some casual indoor. The last pic is what I call the hardtop vs convertible.. Any questions please let me know.
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