After a Year of Debating, Finally Getting my Gummy Smile Surgery. Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I went to Premiere Dental today looking for a...

I went to Premiere Dental today looking for a second opinion on a quote for a gummy smile surgery procedure that I received from another dentist in Miami. I feel, as a rule of thumb, you should always get a second or third opinion on any major procedure you want to have done.
The office was very modern looking and clean. The office staff was very polite and I was seen right away for my consultation. The office manager, I believe his name was Kenneth, asked me some general questions and gathered basic information before calling in the dentist, Charmaine Johnson. I feel like I've done quite a bit of research over the past year and a half since I first found out about gum contouring or what they called the gummy smile surgery so some of the information that Charmaine gave me I had heard from another dentist before or read during my own research but most of what she told me was in greater detail and easier to understand than I had heard before.
I have a special case with my teeth because I have hypocalcification. Basically what this means is that I have white spots on my teeth that will not go away with normal whitening techniques. Charmaine informed me about a special whitening technique that they do in their office that might benefit me more than zoom whitening. Since I already paid for zoom whitening with another dentist, we opted to go that route first and see the results before scheduling any other whitening treatments. Charmaine told me it would be best if I had the crown lengthening/gummy smile surgery before I did the Zoom whitening. We scheduled my surgery for February 18. I would have to wait about six weeks to completely heal before I schedule my Zoom whitening. In the meantime, because I do have hypocalcification and white spots on my teeth, Charmaine believes it would be best if I do some in office MI paste treatments to try to remove some of the white spots and/or prep for zoom whitening. She told me these MI paste treatments will also lessen my teeth sensitivity for the zoom whitening treatment.
I have been self-conscious about my smile for a while... In particular, the amount of gum that shows when I smile. Although Charmaine will not be the one actually performing the crown lengthening procedure I am very confident that I will get the results I'm looking for after speaking with her today. I cannot wait to have this procedure done and hopefully get the confidence to stop hiding my smile. I'll post some before pictures as soon as I have time. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had this procedure....

Before photo

Today is the day!

I'm nervous and excited at the same time!! I have been waiting for this for a long time. I really hope I get the results I'm expecting and picturing in my mind and I hope the surgery all goes well. I will be posting pics afterwards so you all can see. Wish me luck!

Slight change of plans... and price!!

Well, the good news is that the procedure is done. I'm home. Everything went well. The bad news is that right before the procedure, the dentist and the specialist sat me down to tell me that I would have to shell out another $1,000 on top of what I already paid. They explained to me that the procedure was more complicated than the dentist originally thought it would be. So to say the least, I'm pissed!!! I went ahead with the procedure because I had my hopes set on having this done but it's very bad business practice!!! The original price I paid in full was SO off from what they actually told me it would cost at the last minute. Anyway, the specialist was very nice and very informative. Her name is Dr. Alvarez. The whole thing took about an hour. I took 4 ibuprophen before the procedure and 3 right after. Two hours later, the anesthesia has pretty much worn off completely and I'm not in that much pain. It does hurt when I talk but only because I'm irritating the stitches with my lips when I speak. I was prescribed Vicodin and ibuprophen for the pain and an antibiotic. I'm going to ice for a while... Dentist said to ice for 5 min and take the ice off for 5 min. I bought soups, jello, soft fruit, mashed potatoes and stuff to make smoothies so I can eat for the next week or so. I have to go back in a week to see how I'm healing. Then, I have to go back in 6 weeks for the dentist to do any touch ups and actually remove any excess gum. Today all they did was the bone contour. You can already see my teeth are much larger than before the procedure so the bone contour has done a lot in itself. Can't wait until I'm 100% healed to see my final results!!

2nd Day Post Op

Feeling swollen. My gums are slightly sore but I am not in pain. Still eating soft foods and taking the antibiotic. Hopefully tomorrow I can brush my teeth. I feel kind of gross today and sad because it's Valentine's Day and I look like a zombie w my mouth like this :(

3rd Day Post Op

I feel like some of the swelling has gone down..
Fort Lauderdale Dentist

Charmaine was very nice and polite. She was very informative and really took her time to explain everything, in detail, about the procedure I'm going to have and exactly what the outcome will be. She was very caring and listened to my concerns about my smile. I feel she has mapped out the best course of treatment to get me the results I'm hoping for. She had her office manager, who was also very nice, work out a payment plan for me. I'm looking forward to having my procedure and seeing great results.

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