(Breast Lift W/ 325ccs)

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AHHH Finally! I've wanted this procedure for what...

AHHH Finally! I've wanted this procedure for what seems like...well forever. I've been secretly (or not so secretly) stalking blogs on this site for months now so I've decided it was time. Today I had my pre op appointment and my surgery is set for 2 weeks from now. The waiting game begins...

Here are my stats, I am 5'10, 155lbs +/+ 3lbs. I am 25 years old and so embarrassed at the sight of my breast. Pretty much flat, saggy pancakes ...sexy!....Not. At a 34 DD (right now I'm probably a large C or small D) I workout a lot and lost a lot of breast tissue, body fat etc. So my full double D's have pretty much suffered at the expense of my fitness. I just want to fill out my DD's like I once did so I've decided to get a lift with saline implants under the muscle(do people still go over the muscle? If so why? just curious). I don't know what size the implants are; however, I told the PS I want to be a full D/DD so I'm putting my faith in him (scary I knoooow but I completely trust him). Hmmm...what else?
I initially was hesitant because of the scars because I didn't want the vertical scar. My PS said I will only need the periareolar incision; however, if he thinks I need the vertical he will do that. I'm crossing my fingers sooooo tight that I will only need the benelli bc I really don't want the vertical. I do scar easily and its terrifying to think of a scar there. Another thing that terrifies me is the possibility of being too big. Other than those two concerns I am sooooo excited and I don't know how I m going to last these 2 weeks just...waiting....

Any advice on anything (best scar creams, etc) please feel free to comment I need all that I can get!

P.S. I probably will add photos when I get closer to the Op date

How long were you stuck in bed?

So I took about 4 days off of work. I know everyone is diferent but how long were you stuck in bed or back to work, or just up & functioning again? Im hoping for a quick recovery ....we will see.

4 days!

Ah I'm so excited! Today I went and got a few things for Monday.

-Pain meds (Keflex, Vicodin, Zofran)
-New pillows (mine are flimsy and flat)
-pineapples (I heard this helps with healing?) IDK but it was an excuse for me to buy pineapples :)
-anti-bacterial soap
-Ehhh I cant remember anything else

What else do you guys recommend? I know I didn't get much but I plan to get back out. And were you guys completely immobile the next day? The girl in office was telling me make sure I set my room up where everything I need is close by. Guess ill just put all my school stuff...force myself to study.

OK I've waited long enough to post some pre-op photos

Here are a few. 2 more days!!!

I don't really have issues with how they look in bras or in swimsuits but without its another story!

p.s. Is anyone anemic? I ran out of my prescription last week and started taking regular iron supplements that I have. They are way lower in iron and all the other stuff (my vocabulary is amazing right now. Sorry its late) but I wasn't sure if this is something I should be concerned about.


The girls are home yayyyyy! I feel great no pain just pressure. I went in this morning. They took a urine sample to make sure I wasn't preggers...negative. I got my surgical drawings then went in for anesthesia. i was put under general anesthesia, instead I was sedated. That is one reason why I feel so good right now (the other reason being my surgeon is amazing). Well, there was only an issue with finding a good vein in my hand so they ended up moving up to a bigger vein...good thing I'm a tough cookie when it comes to needles! After i woke up from what felt like a 30min nap. I was bright into another room to relax until I was ready. I literally walked out of there and my cousin drove me to chase. Hey I had to pay some bills! Lol i am home now and feel wonderful I made a smoothie. Now I'm just propped up on my bed doing some reading for school.
Overall my surgical experience was better than I could imagine. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR POSITIVE THOUGHTS/PRAYERS! XOXO


I wasn't put under general anesthesia, instead I was put under sedation.


Feeling a bit more pressure on my upper chest and by my armpit area. My cousin had to do my hair for me. So hard for me to have others do things like that for me. Last night I woke up a couple times (around 4am, 6am, 7am). I ended up taking more pain meds at 4Am because the cocktail the anesthesiologist started wearing off.

Today I'm doing well actually just are iou d to my post op appt I will give updates afterwards!

P.s. I realized I didn't say which lift I ended up with...Benelli/preareolar! So happy

post op appt went..

Post open approach went well. It was quick. My PS changed my gauze and was super surprised at how competent I was with moving around and doing simple tasks. I also felt my nipples! Which is surprising because It's unusual to have feeling back so fast. I feel my right more than my left.

Other than the visit I haven't really been taking it easy. I need to rest because It's 6:30 pm now and I'm so tired from doing things today but I have a quiz and cannot miss it so I'm at school...I can't believe it. I think I'm going to try & leave early but I doubt it. My chest was killing me but I took my pain Med. and I'm feeling better. well gotta go to... ugh?I don't even want to say it. Ttyl! Xoxo

P.s. my boobs are a weird shaped right now ones boxy and idk what the other looks like I'm trying not to look at them in there raw form. I don't want to get grossed out lol i know there mine but still. I'll post pics later.


I've been doing good except for the fact that I am sooo uncomfortable sleeping like this! My butt hurts, my lower back hurts and the sides (and kind of towards the back)of my boobs are sore. Good thing I bought a neck pillow because my neck hurting would've been on that list too! Totally felt a little depressed today. I get like that when I stay inside all day though. Hopefully tomorrow will be better...No tomorrow WILL be better!

P.S. My PS said I could shower the day after but I'm so scared (lol) I will try in the AM.

Sorry for my mini rant ...

Back to work & Post Op pics

I went back to work today! ok I know 3 days post-op whyyyyy did I go back to work?! I really didn't have the heart to take more days off I felt bad leaving my job S.O.L. Today was wayyy easier than I thought. I drive a golf cart too so I was worried I wouldn't be able to stir (takes way more chest muscles than you think) and also worried about the bumps I would feel around the course. Everything was great. I was only at work for 4 hours anyway so that was a plus. I'm usually there from 8am-6pm. I guess taking it super slow yesterday helped a lot too.

So here are some post-op photos. A lot of pleating and lumps, and the right has a boxy shape. One is a bit higher too. I know its only 3 days post so I'm staying optimistic that the shape will improve (they better!). I have in Mentor smooth round moderate profile saline implants, 325ccs. I was wearing the tight black top under my shirt today so there are some lines from that.

P.S. Has anyone experienced itching? My boobs and back are super itchy! I'm trying not to scratch because I feel like I will get stretch marks.

My second Post-Op appointment & My insane waterworks...

So yesterday I was a wreak! I was crying randomly for no reason & for reasons that were so insignificant. I think it was a mix of me being off my iron medication because my primary doctor took 3 weeks to call in my meds(I just got them today), my hormones from surgery, & my period! P.s. I've never experienced this affect from my period! I barely get bloated, never crave anything, and she only last 3 days anyways. My body was just physically exhausted, weak, & tired. I just wanted to sleep or lay down. Anyways on to the better news!

Today I had an appt. with the PS. Everything went well he said my right boobie is healing faster than my left because It's taking on It's shape faster. the left is still kind of boxy. He took of the strips which freaked me out a little because i realllly did not want to see my stitches. It didn't hurt, it just felt weird. It wasn't too bad to look at. I really have to thank you guys because I feel like you all who posted your journey have prepared me very well. Because of you guys I knew what to expect. I know the scars puckering etc. will get better. I asked the PS what he recommended for scar creams and he said to use a cream like mederma, and i forgot the name if the other one (scarguard?) but it is applied like a brush. He sells a really good one in his office which is very pricey but I will only have to use one tube of it 3x a day for 6months i don't need much of it because its a good quality cream. Were as I'd probably have to use more of something like mederma and end up spending the same amount. So I made the investment. He also said i can start working out again! I'm soooo happy because ive been waiting for those beautiful words! I actually asked if It's OK for me to leg press and train legs again because everyday is leg day for me. its quite an obsession. He said as long as I don't tense my upper body It's OK. No bouncy exercises though. I'm a cardio freak too but at least i have my legs for now. Weee I'm going in the morning! Anyways my class ran super late tonight, i'm so tired so I'm going to get ready for bed. I hope you all are doing great! I'm so happy I have you guys to share my journey with. :)

P.s. sorry for my grammatical errors I'm updating this from my new phone. Trying to get use to it.

Side by side laying down

My boobs would always fall to the sides when I would lay down because of the loose skin. You could also see my sternum in my chest poking out.

Id just like to point out that...


Sorry Ive been ....

M.I.A. for a while. School and work are kicking my butt! I am actually suppose to be studying for an exam but thought of you guys so im doing a quick update. Ill be up for a while so I might do another later tonight! haha
Well the girls are doing great. I love them I even wore a cute halter leotard (WITH NOOOO BRA) on Halloween. I wore the same halter for my birthday 2 years ago and had to wear one of those breast lift tapes so they didn't look saggy. The shape is much better than the initial but they are still off to the sides but I hope somehow they transform towards the front center instead of by my arms. I have little pleating (one major one still on my right boobie). I bought the cutest bras! so excited I actually just remembered so I will try to post those with this :)

Also, I have not been sleeping up on pillows...its been 4 weeks. Should I still be doing this? I sleep on my side and back but I slept over my friends house last week and she has the most AMAZING temper-pedic mattress & I slept on my boobs! Idk if this was a bad decision but it was the most comfortable ive felt sleeping since the op! Hmm... I cant think of anything else....OH! I saw my doc this past week and he said I can do any activity id like! well except for vigorous upper body (which I am OK with since I hate upper body)

Well that's all for now kiddos! I need to catch up with a few of you but I hope everyone is doing amazing!!! xoxo

So its been about a month....

Here are some before and after photos

long time no....

So I've been gone for awhile. I wanted to give a 6 month post update. Let me tell you what i'm feeling...I am not happy with my areola size at all. I feel like they got too large. I also feel like I'm dropping wayyyy too much. Someone on here told mentioned this to me (I forgot who) but it's happening! Ugh. I don't know what to do. I need to upload some updated photos so I can get your opinions. I will when i get home since i'm at work. How is everyone doing? I need to catch up : )

Finally adding...

...the updated pics. I hate how my areolas pop out of everyyyy....Every bra I wear! Including low cut dresses or tops. And don't like the size of the areola or how low the beast are hanging. ????


Revision time! I'm reducing the size of my areolas. They are seriously almost the size of my fist (maybe an exaggeration but almost) He said he could reduce the areolas but they way my implant pulls on the breast it will cause it to stretch again. So suggested doing a vertical incision which will change the shape of the breast which I would love! They are settled towards the outsides by my arms which i dont like. I don't want the vertical scar!!! I already set a date and everytHong but I might change my mind about the vertical scar and just do the areolas. Another thing is that he's going to fill me up a bit more to give me more of a higher profile. After sleeping on it I realized I don't want to be any bigger. Any opinions? I need help making this decision. Ahhh

It's time forrr

Revision :)

update on my areolar reduction & vertical

So these are the most updated photos I have. I do need to take some updated ones bc a lot has change but im in bed already. lol. My areolar reduction is still smaller than those monsters before the revision so thats good. I dont know if its just me but I still think im sagging too much. What do you honestly think? (Another reason I need more current photos). Also im dealthy afraid that my vertical scar isnt going to heal. Literally have nightmares. PLEASE what is the best scar cream/strips/miracle worker? I really need to get something else I dont like how im healing. Also has anyone ever had an issue with your sutures or w.e. its called not dissolving? I have a couple that wont dissolve and heal. One that literally pokes me through my skin its so painful & has left a scar in my right breast fold. I will post a pic soon. Im open to advice. Thanks guys!

P.s. I just moved so thats why ive been M.I.A. :/
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