30th Birthday Present Breast Lift with 600-800cc - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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My boobs have always been an issue with me since I...

My boobs have always been an issue with me since I was younger then I nursed my son and gained weight. I have lost 40 pounds recently still working on 15-20 more pounds before surgery. I hate the extra skin and sagging. I want big higher boobs. I have been looking for a Dr. For awhile and came across some reviews for Dr. Revis and love his work. I sent him and email and pics and he responded even on a weekend. I have decided he will be my doctor and my surgery date has been scheduled for the end of May! I am so excited and also very nervous... I just want beautiful boobs so I don't always feel like I have to turn around or cover them when I am in the shower with my hubby! We have been together 14 years and he tells me all the time he thinks they are amazing now ... he knows I feel they are my worst enemy lol so he is supportive of my decision and looked at several doctors with me. I do play a contact sport ( roller derby) and plan on taking the rest of our season off after our bout in may. Just hope I don't have issues with the implants when I do go back to playing... Dr. says I shouldn't have any!

My body now and wish boobs

Posting pics of what my body size is and wish pics

No surgery yet

I wasn't able to get my surgery done due to the fact I am now pregnant. I am going to have it done in the next year. I will be getting my tubes tied after this one.

It's been awhile since I posted and things have changed

I now have my second child and have surgery in 2 weeks.
I am have posted a new review but it hasn't posted yet and I was trying to get some advice before surgery.
It will be out of state and I am traveling with my family. I will have two days in Fl before surgery and wondered if anyone could tell me how you felt the next couple days after surgery and what items you brought with you.

31 Mother of 2... Had Surgery Planned Before but Got Pregnant

I had surgery planned for last year in May but about 3 months prior I found out I was pregnant with my second child. I had lost 50lbs and was super excited to get my boobs lifted but I guess me loosing weight gave me more energy and ability to get prego again.

Me and my husband have been together for 15 years and we were set with just having one kid. I can't be more happy to have my little baby but now excited to finish this journey. I had a lot of things go on last year and as the time went I saw several negative things and talked to other ladies and decided to change my Dr. It's not that I think the other dr is bad I just feel you need to be 100% confident in who is doing your surgery.

Post op day 2

Late posting this.... Really swollen and feel so tight and heavy. I am very confident everything is going to heal up and look great!!!

At home 5 days post op

Looking much better! Back home and just trying to relax second day with no pain pills. Using arnica gel for bruising and swelling and it seems to help a lot. I wish I would have bought the pills and started then before surgery that they sell at his practice
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