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After two kids and 30 birthdays I want to look the...

after two kids and 30 birthdays I want to look the way I feel. so am going to treat myself with a boob job that I been wanting since I was like 22 yrs old lol
I breast fed both my boys and with my last son which is two now I breast fed him for a year! he was no walk in the park. I had to leave work and school just to feed him because he didn't want the breast milk in the bottle be from me... pick eater lol
so now I have pancake boobs lol that's what I call them. I live in NYC I am going to Fort Lauderdale, FL to get this job done. everywhere in NY the want $9000 and am like I don't want a Beyoncé butt and new hips just some boobs so am going to Florida where I can spend a reasonable amount and get accommodations. The center quoted me $3,000 and they give am hotel accommodations and a car service to and from the office and more how happy am I!!!!!!!


So i did a virtual Consultation Monday and today i was given a response.
the good doc says i need a boob lift two a bennelli, to tell you the truth i don't really care a bout my sag i want by breast to look natural. and a little sag is just that. i feel that once i get the tear drop implant it will give me the fullness that i want.
I never thought of getting a lift before so i never knew abut this Bennelli thing and reading about it is not making me want it. i think the the risk over power the benefit for something i didn't even know about until today... am so embrassed of my breast it hurt a little to know that the doctor was thing that i am everyday... "eeeewwww lol she needs help asap" lol so with this lift he wants me to get plus the implant "silicone" its up to 5400 which is no biggie cause i want to treat myself for my birthday but am going to go with my gut and tell him that i only want the implant i know how i want my breast to look and and i know how they look when am with child they lift but still have a little sag but to me thats ok am a proud breast feeding mom of two :)

i dont know how he will take this news though.
ohh and the compression bra, blood work, EKG, post op appt and stuff is included in the price.

am i being too bossy? idk i just feel like this is my money and i should get what i want.

Upp Alll night

Good morning real self users ????
I am so sleep and it's 7:25am !! But I have the need to update lol
I've really been debating this who lift thing and researching its pros and cons and while looking at some profiles I see a lot of young girls are going out of the country to get things done and have no idea what they are getting!!! No questions asked they are just laying down on the table and and getting cut open that is crazy to me!!!!

my hopes are lifting and i say?????

let my boobies raise once more lol lol lol
had to say that I think imma do the lift and enjoy the hot mama feeling
@Jackie Chicago looks so great and she is so happy why not I will still do my researching and picture browsing to make sure this is what I want... I don't want buyers remorse.. it takes me months to decide on buying house goods. so I will not make any snap decisions on my body :)

Something to know

Am also looking to do my behind and found this site #buttimplantsizes shapes and cc

Should I do this

I've started to notice that there are places in my area that is around the same price point as in FL. So should I stay here and check them out or go ahead to FL and get this done my ps done there has been so good with me answering all of my questions I would hate to just ditch him... I don't know ladies I live in uptown manhattan nyc and it's bad but I don't trust ny lol smh this is what I've been thinking about when I have free time... Been getting ready for finals and started a internship so I've been very busy lol will update soon.. Ohhh yea am thinking about getting lipo and some bum implants I feel like why stop at my boobs when you clean house you don't forget to mop and sweep right lol so imma fix up all of me lol

Working late on papers

I hate working in my robe and I look down and see saggy boobs:(

Still waiting...

Nothing much to update really just thinking about what size should I go up too... Am small with back problems.. So no DDs for me lol I was thinking a full C but nowwww am thinking a small D/large C idk ...

Ugggghhhh !!!!

I can't wait till next April and to my new me.. Imma just get this damn lift because (cha) all the doctors that I go to keeps saying the same thing, plus the doctors on RS smh

So yea...

Maybe my healing won't be as scary as I think it will be

That's to you!!!!

I want to say thank you to a RS that showed me that it is possible to find affordable ps in NYC!!! Still looking but still thanks mamas !!!!

Gotta love NYC!!!

So I was online looking for info on BA in NYC and I came across this website that tells you that you can have affordable surgery @ Hearlem Hospital for great prices... Like FL kinda prices so I called of course and my appt is for the end of this month!! How happy am I ( very) ???? I found other places to that seems to do the same thing. I will try to post the link for it..

??wow that was easy I ????my iphone lol

Bottoming out..

I've read on RS about this but still didn't get what was going on I just knew it was a no no!! Like my 2 yr old would say lol

So I went and found some info on what it is and how it is fixed hope this help some ladies :)

“Bottoming Out” of breast implants is when the breast implant descends too low in relation to the chest wall, and the nipple appears too high in relation to the breast implant. It is mainly seen in very thin patients with essentially no breast tissue and minimal skin coverage. It is more common with breast implants placed above the muscle. It can be caused initially by over dissection of the implant pocket or by setting the new inframammary crease too low at the initial operation. However, in an experienced plastic surgeons hands, it is usually caused initially by a larger breast implant over stretching the skin and creating a pocket under the breast implant which the implant slides into. If it occurs later, it is usually the result of the weight from a larger breast implant i.e. greater than 400cc. It is not a function of the type of incision used to place the implants. It is seen with breast implants placed through transaxillary (armpit), periareola, and inframammary incisions. It can occur with all types of breast implants including smooth or textured, saline or gel, and round or tear drop.

The correction of this type of deformity is to dissect the capsule over the breast implant down to the chest inferiorly. This is best accomplished through an inframammary incision due to the optimal visualization this gives. It can be done through a periareola or an armpit incision, but this is extremely difficult and may require the use of an endoscopic camera system. The site of the new elevated inframammary breast crease is selected preoperatively, and the inferior capsule is ‘rolled’ upon itself to close the pocket up to the point of the new fold. This closes the breast implant space, and after suturing doesn’t allow the breast implant to descend. This is all accomplished through the 1.25 inch inframammary incision. Other sutures are placed as needed to close any areas of the pocket. The capsule is also released superiorly so when the breast implant is replaced it has room above and is not compressed inferiorly. The capsule is then closed to itself after replacing the breast implant. The skin can then be closed to itself as well as to the underlying fascia if an added layer of stability is needed. This is one of the more complex breast implant deformities to correct.

Will post some pics that I found also

Affordable Plastic Surgery in New York City

Harlem Hospital Center knocked me off my feet today!!! To all my NYC ladies if you know Harlem at all Harlem Hospital has never been in my opinion the go to Hospital.. It has been under construction since I can remember but boy did it pay off!!! I was floored when I saw this huge all glass building.. Breath taking truly breath taking.. So I went in and got lost lol
I couldn't find where the lady on the phone told me to go. Then I asked some one and I was told I was on the wrong side so I had to leave the building and go around to the other side which wasn't as fab as the front but being the chatter box that I am I found out that they will be soon lol
I called back the office just to make sure that I was on the right side and going the right way which I was this time lol and walked up to the front desk.. There they told me that they were trying to reach me to cancel my appt but couldn't because I had changed my number but the supervisor was called I. And she said that they will ask the doc if he would see me going that he doesn't see new pt on Thursdays just follow ups to imagin my joy when he said that he would see me!!! The aid that works with him was heaven sent! She answered questions before I had time to ask them which I loved she toke the time out to explain little details to me.. I showed her my wish pics and she said that I should have no problems obtaining the look that I want.. Then the doctor came in toke she toke my measurements and he said that I can go up to 350cc I was a little bumed because saline loses volume and that 350cc will turn into 325cc and I wand 375cc to go down to350cc lol so we spoke I didn't think to second guess him until I left but he was so sweet and nice I wasn't bothered by what he said plus I wAs stuck on him saying that the breast lift in not being charged!! If I need it after the implant then he will do it.. Simple as that!!! Through the nipple under the muscle... I got dressed and went back into the wAitomg room and was like wIt I need to google this size and what the ladies on RS feel about this type of size and a lot of women wish they went bigger and the others you can see the dif. But nothing to crazy and if am paying cash for this I would like to see my money every damn day lol so I asked the aid can I go up cause I don't want to go thought that I should of went bigger stage and she under stood and told me that the day of my post opt we will go over everything again so yayy .. I wS sent to do a mammogram because they wNt to make sure that every thing is going great Inside which It is take away the two cyst my little ladies are great Dr. Ferdinand Ofodile (Chief of Plastic Surgery) is awasome I wouldn't be happier I'm trying to post aiml to his website nyc ladies and out of Towners lol
I feel like I made a great choice ????

Does anyone know how to change

Does any one know how to change profile information ?? I want to can my location
Thanks ahead of time

Pre op in 12days!!

So I haven't been writing much but I have been lurking around..
It's a little unreal that in 12 days I will be paying for my boobs
It's feels unreal every time I think about it I get a little sickish smh
I've been telling some people to make it real for me in my head.. Am so happy that my ps is including the lift in the price.. I just have to make sure he give me the cc's that I want.. "375cc "
School and life has helped a lot in keeping my mind off this waiting game. Am sure after my per op I will be going insane lol smh but still I can't wait I brought my sport bras and ordering all the pills that the girls on RS said that they couldn't do without so yea am just kooling playing the waiting game..I just want everything to go well.. My ps won the surgeon of the yr award last year and he has made so real changes in his line of work so I know that my breast will look great I just want things to go smoothly am getting through the nipple, under the muscle. So no under breast scar am happy about that also.. I went on You Tube and saw how everything is done.. Not for the screamish at all lol.. That's about it ladies am just waiting lol
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