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I'm 31yo and I've wanted a BA for as long as I can...

I'm 31yo and I've wanted a BA for as long as I can remember. Ever since I realized they just weren't getting any bigger. :) I had my twin daughters young and breastfed them for a year in which my breasts went from a perky full B too a overly full D (Loved that!) then back down to a small deflated B. (Boo!!!) I've been waiting ever since for the 'right time' to finally get the breasts I've always wanted & my wait is finally almost over! I am beyond excited & am counting down the days/hours/minutes. :)

A couple stats: I'm 5'7", 130lbs, chose silicone, not sure of size yet

I went to two consultations in February and was happy with both dr's & their work. (One was on the west coast of FL & the other was on the east coast.) I decided to go with Dr Wigoda based on the many reviews & testimonials of his "painless breast implant" technique. He was also very confident, informative, patient, & Marie was wonderful when I went for my consultation. She's had two BA's by Dr W & first hand knowledge/tips, which I really appreciated. I feel very confident with my choice of PS.

I've already completed my ekg & bloodwork. I go in for my pre-op on 3/29 and will try on sizers at that visit. Then my surgery's scheduled for 4/11 at 8am! Anyone else have the same surgery date? I'd love to compare notes during the healing process! :) **28 days!!**

I have spent an insane amount of hours researching BA's, Doctors, staring at boobies, contemplating sizes, looking for tips, etc etc and this site has been an AMAZING resource. I love how many women are willing to share their journeys. Thank you & I look forward to chatting with you!!

Adding before pics. Pre-op was last Friday 3/29....

Adding before pics. Pre-op was last Friday 3/29. Got to try on sizers finally (no pics of that to add, it went really quickly & I felt silly busting out my phone in front of the dr for a photoshoot. But I really really wanted to! haha) Decided on 500cc which is more than I originally thought, but I think I'll be much with the results this size! Should be a full D after next week :) **Only 9 days!!** Soooooooooooo excited!!!!!

So I'm 3 days away from my surgery. This weekend I...

So I'm 3 days away from my surgery. This weekend I bought all my supplies & feel prepared now! :) Tonight I'll pack my bags.

I've been soooo excited & obsessed this whole time, but never anxious. Nerves finally kicked in for me & I got very little sleep last night. I was a wreck & over the silliest little things! Luckily my honey talked me through it, and I'm feeling much better today. Hoping the nerves don't kick in again tonight as I desperately need some sleep!! Very busy 3 days of work for me before surgey! Anyway -- Still very very excited for my new boobies!! Can't wait!!!! :-)

I can't believe it's FINALLY almost here!! So...

I can't believe it's FINALLY almost here!! So excited! :)) Haven't gotten much sleep the past 3 nights. I'm on a major deadline this week for work, so that's been extra stressful, trying to get everything done before taking time off.

My bags are packed & I leave work early today to head over to my bf's house in Ft Lauderdale. (I live 2 hrs away, just across the state) Going to set up my surgery area when I get there, get it just how I'll like it. :) Then we head out for dinner with my sister (she doesn't live far away from my honey) and will send my girls off to stay with Auntie for the next 4 days.

My surgery's at 8am tomorrow!! Can't wait to update everyone once I'm in boobieland!!!!! :) One more sleep! Will be hoping for a relatively easy recovery - fingers & toes crossed! Good luck to all my boobie buddies having surgery tomorrow!!!!! xx

My surgery was Thur 4/11 at 8am. I was a little...

My surgery was Thur 4/11 at 8am. I was a little nervous when I arrived (not as bad as the nights leading up to the surgery though..) They let my bf come back with me, then Dr came in & marked me up. He put me at ease right away. Later the anesthesiologist came in to start my IV. She & my bf had me laughing & by the time I went in the OR I wasn't nervous at all. Just excited! Nurses & I were chatting & laughing until I was knocked out. Next thing I know my bf is back in the room with me while I'm waking up & looking at my new girls. Felt very nauseous when I first woke up, that part wasn't fun at all. But it only lasted maybe 30 min? By the time I was home in bed it had already passed & I was actually very comfortable - not in pain at all! I did have the "elephant sitting on your chest" feeling that made it difficult to take deep breaths, but I wasn't hurting. I kept up with my meds all day, taking them right on schedule. I was really tired, but the mixture of the meds had me a bit wired & I couldn't sleep until that night. Good news was I slept almost straight through the night, only waking once to pee & was able to get up unassisted. The very first day I will say I looked down & thought "hm thought they'd be bigger!" lol But I'm pretty sure it was just my skin & muscle squeezing them down while it tried to adjust to the new girls. :)

Friday & Sat continued the same. No pain, just stiff/soreness that was worst in the morning. (Now I get what morning boob is!! lol) As soon as I got up & moving around though it would significantly decrease. Never anything worse than a really hard workout though. Was so thrilled! :) Still stayed up on my meds, since it seemed to be working so well. :) By Sunday was going out on the boat with my bf, sis, bil, & kiddos. On sunday night (probably bc I overexerted a bit...) I actually had my first painful feelings. My incisions felt like they were burning/ripping. Owie!! So headed to bed for the evening & took one extra day off of work to rest & relax. Monday I headed back home to Fort Myers and napped all day! Was really nice. Today's my first day back at work & so far so good! I'm a bit tired & my chest's feeling a bit tight. I'm super pleased with my recovery, it felt more like a nice romantic holiday with my sweetie than a surgery recoup!! MUCH better than what I'd imagined. :) My "nurse" got off quite easy! ;)

My girls are still riding very high. Dr said I won't start massages til 2 wks po. Can't wait for them to drop!! Loving them so far!!!! :-)

Hi Ladies! I am seriously overdue for an update....

Hi Ladies! I am seriously overdue for an update. Sorry for slacking! :) Healing-wise, things went really well! First week returning to work went fine it was just exhausting! I didn't have pain, but it was a struggle making it through the day (needed a nap! lol) I think I was in bed by like 8pm every night. Week one I could already sleep on my side, kind of at an angle, which was nice!

The second week back went totally smooth. Energy was back & my new girls were feeling great! However, during that week I started to get the blues a bit. I intentionally didn't tell hardly anyone, and was secretly hoping to get some nice reactions from my closest girlfriends when they saw me. When I wasn't getting any comments (and they're not shy..) I started telling them. It really bummed me out that they're honest reactions were "omg I didn't even notice" or "I had no idea" etc...Which they followed up with "thats great you look so natural" or "wow yeah your cleavage is looking awesome" so I dont think anyone intentionally meant it in a negative/mean way. Not what I'd hoped to hear. After going through this process, looking exactly the same as I did in a push up or padded bra was obviously not my goal. I wanted to be a FULL D. And now, at week 3 + a few days, I definitely think I'm more of a C. I haven't been sized yet though, my Dr said to wait until after a full month. This weekend I finally will!

Anyway, it's just been a bit of a roller coaster for me the past couple weeks, which is why I've been silent. I don't regret it AT ALL! But I'm just disappointed at the moment that I likely didn't hit my end goal result.

But on a side note, my bf has been extremely supportive during all of this, esp on my 'down' days. He loved them before and really loves them now! :) He thinks they turned out perfectly, no matter the cup size. Hopefully I'll love them as much soon too!! :))

*Updating pics with what I have. Will get some new ones on Thur for my 1 mo post op*
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