29 Yr Old, 3 Kids, 128lbs, 5'6 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Wow, I've had a profile on here for 7 years. I'm...

Wow, I've had a profile on here for 7 years. I'm always on here reading stories/reviews and looking at pictures.
Like most, I've always wanted larger breasts. Growing up, my sister and mom had them and yet I wasn't the lucky one. I've always been small, A size and loved how my breasts were after having kids and nursing. But after nursing 2 of the 3, they have gone back to teenage boobs. I love the shape, ski slope, but not the size. I stopped wearing push-ups and wired bras because they didn't have my size and now stick to bralette's.
I haven't seen any PS yet, but have 2 picked out. My goal is to start the consultations in November/December, that way I know most schedule 3-4 months out and I'll be ready Spring 2017.
At first, I wanted to go 400cc, but since I've decided on 325-350 cc. I don't want to be that large. I want silicone, under the muscle and peri-aerriola. I also plan to use MAC(managed aesthetic care) aka local with sedation.
I have a bunch of questions/concerns to go over with PS. A few times it has scared me into not getting them, but I have wanted this for myself for so long, I think it's worth it.
My stats again are: 5'6, 128 lbs, nursed 2/3 kids, AA, workout frequently.

I will update more.

Wish Boobs

Consultation Appointment

So I called this week to find out how far booked out the PS is, and it's about 3 months, which I expected. I scheduled a consultation for October 13 and I cannot wait. I want to get them done now!

I've decided when I have the procedure, I'm going to take a week off. My job isn't really that physical so I should be fine. And my youngest is 3, so there's not a lot of lifting. I'm just dreading the not working out part.

Pre-op photos

Pre-op photos
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