26 Years Old, No Kids, 34A Currently, 350-400cc HP Under the Muscle - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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So after months of stalking many women and their...

So after months of stalking many women and their breasts on RealSelf (lmao), I've decided to finally make a post in the hopes that I can have some concerns addressed. I'm 100% sure I want to do this, but I have some hesitations. I'll explain below:

I've had 3 consults with different PS's in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.

Dr. #1 (Dr. Christopher Craft) - incredible experience! His office is so clean and modern, the staff (Marilyn) was amazing and VERY attentive. I was greeted with my choice of water or coffee, and they checked on me a few times throughout the consult to see if I needed anything further. I had emailed Marilyn a few times to schedule dates, and I ended up having to reschedule due to finals, and she wrote back telling me not to worry and good luck with my exams. The little things count!! I was also given a luxurious robe (soooo soft and warm) to wait in. And being that his office was cold, the furry robe was super appreciated!! As far as Dr. Craft, his bedside manner was unmatchable (I may have invented that word, lol). He was friendly, very "straight up" with me, and took the the time to understand my needs. From my RealSelf stalking, I decided I wanted no more than 250-300cc's. Well, when I went into the office, he let me try on 350cc and 450cc. They provided a surgical bra for me to wear and he marked me a little bit and positioned the sizers in the right spot. Anyway......450cc was RIDICULOUS. I'm aiming for natural/proportional for my body (which is unusual for some of Miami girls ;) lol). I also thought 350cc was too big, but he encouraged me that it would shrink and I'd probably end up with "boob greed" given his years of experience. I did feel a little pushed into the 350cc since he didn't give me any other sizers (he said that an additional/decrease in 25-50cc would be minimally noticeable). If I had to choose, I'd rather be smaller than bigger just because of my line of work, but I eventually came around to accept that 350cc might be a good choice to even me out. Even Dr. Craft made a tasteful joke about my rear end and told me that 350cc would help achieve that look for me. He also told me that because I was going under the muscle, 350cc would end up looking a little smaller, and that really helped alleviate my concerns. His quote was $4700, plus $200 to get a warranty on the implants with Mentor). The only real con I have about his office was that I wasn't crazy about his before/after photos. I'm from Miami so a LOT of girls have boobs that are very obviously augmented - and they REQUEST that look. I'm not sure if some of those girls on his website were after that look, but it seemed like they were. And so, it was hard for me to imagine what I'd look look in Boobie land (natural).

Dr. #2 (Dr. Tracey Stokes) - I went to her office about 3 weeks after the first consult. The atmosphere was very different from my first consult. I submitted an online consultation request, and never hear back from the office, but received an email for a Mother's day special. So it seems I wasn't contacted, but I was put on their mailing list -____- Anyway, when I called to schedule the consult, the receptionist wasn't very friendly on the phone, especially when I called back to switch doctors (my friend just had her BA done with Dr. Stokes like 2 weeks before I had my consult, so I rescheduled to get in with her). Anyway, I felt similarly when I actually visited the office - not very warm and inviting. I read through the paperwork and I was basically agreeing to taking mandatory photographs (service would be refused if I refused) and that I could not take the company to court, but rather using arbitration. After that, I was taken into a temporary room and spoke with the nurse? She seemed a little too eager to develop rapport with me. At one point, I mentioned my friend and said how happy she seemed with her results, and the nurse? said "Okay, well because of confidentiality, I can't talk about that. You can talk to her, but I can't talk to you about that." As a graduate student in psychology, I think I understand confidentiality pretty well -___- lol. She also asked another question that seemed out of place (can't remember it now), but I got the feeling she was new. I was moved to another room with another nurse? in there and she was on the phone with, presumably, another client. So that was weird. And she finished the convo too! Like, kept talking while I sat there. SO much for confidentiality! Eventually, she finished and I got dressed in their robe (not soft and furry and warm) and waited a bit for the doctor to come in. The Dr. was nice, and also seemed a little too eager to develop rapport. She seemed very personable and informal, which was nice, but given my experiences thus far, it just left me wanting more. They gave me a surgical bra to wear and provided a t-shirt for me to wear it with to get a better idea, but I placed them myself and wasn't sure if I put them in correctly. Again, not a big deal, but if I'm going to invest $5000+ on boobs, I want to make sure I'm as informed as possible. What I did like about her office was that I was able to try on 250cc, 300cc, 325cc, and 350cc (even 650cc, but that was more for the hell of it). I really liked the size of 250-325cc at first, but after a few minutes, it looks exactly how I look when I wear my double-stuf bras (haha!). I eventually found myself liking the 350cc more and more, and by the time I left, my concerns that 350cc was too big were gone. Dr. Stokes also told me 350cc would keep me proportional to my booty. My overall experience was decent, but I know that I will not be going to their office for my BA. Too many weird vibes for me to be fully comfortable. Plus, their BA quote was more expensive (~$7200). Ain't nobody got money for that!

Dr. #3 (Dr. Paul Wigoda) - Before I had this 3rd consult, I had a date in mind with Dr. Craft's office and they "saved" me a spot on June 17th without me putting down the $500. Which I loved about their office. They really work with you. However, when I went to their financing company, I was NOT approved for any amount. It really bummed me out, and even though I have the money, I wasn't prepared to drop $5k in one sitting. Lo and behold, like 3 days later, I was listening to the radio (which I never do) and heard Kimmy B. (a local radio personality) explain how she had a "painless breast augmentation" with Dr. Wigoda. I've done enough research to know the gimmicks and how surgeons who aren't even trained in PS will do the surgery. Miami has a whole host of these sorts of doctors (which Dr. Craft actually confirmed to me. He was a pretty cool dude, for a PS lol). Anyway, Kimmy B. went on to say she had the BA on a Friday and was back to work by Monday. Soooo, I googled his office and saw pics here on RealSelf.....and WOW! His photos were incredible! I was in love with every set of boobs I saw and called as soon as I could. The receptionist (Ruthie) was unbelievably sweet and I think she could hear my desperation because she scheduled me for the next afternoon (yesterday lol). She called me back an hour later to discuss more details (quote, labs, etc), which was nice. Anyway, when I went in I was greeted by Ruthie and Marie (office manager/nurse). I waited maybe 30 minutes before I was taken back to a room and advised to get into their robe (not fluffy or furry...I think I was spoiled at Dr. Craft's). He eventually came in the room and after we talked for a few minutes he asked me to stand up. I was a little awkward because with the previous PS's, another woman was in the room with me, so this was the first time a man who I just met would be touching my boobs in his cold office (I hope you understand where I'm headed lol). After he measured me, we talked more about the implants. He awkwardly handed me a silicone implant and a saline one, saying "Here are the implants." That was a little weird to me, but whatever. He took out some sizers (250cc, 350cc, and 450cc) and asked me to place it against my chest and see if I liked the size. No surgical bra, no fancy placement. Just me and my open robe and these silicone sizers. Needless to say, it was hard to really get an estimate of what the final result would be. Because of my last 2 consults, I knew 350cc was the largest I would do and be happy with, so I just told him 350cc looked the best, even with the awkward "try on" that I just went through. So he then confirmed and said, "So 400." I waited for a few seconds and then asked him why he said 50cc's bigger. He told me in his years of experience, if I truly wanted the look 350cc gave me, I'd have to go a little bigger. That the sizers weren't true to size. Which Dr. Craft told me, but he said it was around 25cc's. The point was that hearing him say 400cc made my heart STOP! I do not want to be top heavy or look augmented. It was a large pill to swallow 350cc, but now 400cc?!! He showed me a book with all the pics I had seen online and showed me some girls who looked more or less like me and with their 400cc implants 4 months later. Their breasts were GORGEOUS! So maybe an extra 50cc won't be so bad. He also told me about his special technique that allows me to be "pain free," which I was still skeptical about. When I was left alone to re-dress, I put my bra on and tried on the 350cc sizers. It looked weird bc my bra is a 34A and these sizers were probably meant for a C or a D, so my shirt looked weird. But I got some more photos with the 350cc sizers, so I can obsess over them for a bit. When I left the room, I went and spoke with Marie again and she was so sweet!! Sat me down and explained everything and anything I had a question about. She also seemed really eager to be friendly and build rapport (which I find kind of annoying), but she was very sweet and not pushy at all. Their price was also nice ($5650 with the funnel) so I'm REALLLLLLY considering going with their office. My overall experience was pretty good and I was approved with CareCredit for up to $3000 because he works with 3 different financing companies).

TL;DR (too long, didn't read):
Craft - good price, VERY comfortable, amazing customer service, clean & modern office. Not approved for financing. Feeling uncertain about available before/after photos he's posted on his website.

Stokes - not very comfortable with staff or doctor, was able to try on multiple sizes, price was more than what I was expecting

Wigoda - decently comfortable experience, was told to go bigger than I initially was told by 2 other PS's, office location is closer to my house, decent price, able to finance part of the surgery, amazing before/after photos.

Sorry about the textbook I just wrote :( I didn't realize I had so much to say!

I'm really leaning toward Dr. Wigoda because his office is closer, the price is good, and I love his before and after pics. I found him to be a little odd (not creepy, just maybe awkward?) so I'm not sure if I should go with him.

ANY advice/suggestions/comments/questions....I welcome them all!!

Thanks ladies! <3

Booked my surgery date!!!! Ahhhh!!

Soooo I basically had a mini meltdown after I hung up the phone! IT'S HAPPENING!!! XD

June 21st @ 12pm!

That's TWO WEEKS away!!!
I'm still waiting on Marie (Dr. Wigoda's office manager/nurse) to email me with documents (lab paperwork) but I'm still in shock! =) =) =)

One week away!!!!!! ????????

I did my labs and EKG last Friday and have pre-op tomorrow! Anyone else get sad looking at old pics of their "little friends" and almost miss them? I'm so nervous that I'm going to be too busty and how I never had to worry about if I could wear a bra with something....sometimes I don't even have to wear one!!! Also, another random thought that I can't shake: what if I get the surgery and I feel like these things are aliens inside of my body?? Like, I'm no longer ME, the me I've known for 26 years now :/ Anyone ever experienced these before? Any advice?? ????

On the other side!!!!

Got the surgery done yesterday and, let me say.....I excepted to be in much, much worse pain. I'm really only feeling a lot of pressure!! I only took the pain Meds yesterday at night to help me go to sleep, but otherwise, I'm just taking the muscle relaxer, antibiotic, and ibuprofen for the swelling! The support bra I bought is fabulous but I have been taking a few minutes off from it throughout the day. It zips in the front, so when it starts feeling too tight, I unzip a little bit. Think I might start icing my new girls soon, I really hate the swelling. My skin is stretched to the max so I'm doing anything I can do to help them feel less "Ahhhh wtf did you do to me?" Lol I had my tape removed today, which hurt but just because of the body hair (gross, I know). I can do out things on my own, but not everything. So wiping after I pee, taking my bra off, seat belts!! The pressure isn't as bad today as it was yet serdar, so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow morning :) Also, morning boob is a real thing. I was soooo sore waking up. Good thing I took medication right away. And boob greed,....they're so stretched and taut it's impossible for me to tell what size they are. apparently, the first thing I told my mom after I woke up from surgery was that they didn't look any different!!! But I've seen pictures so I know it's a process. Cannot wait for the dropping and fluffing!!!! :D I wanna take a nap now....going to this appt today and walking around wiped me out. But I'll be sure to update more, and at least once a day. I know how helpful pics were for me, so I plan on doing the same for you beautiful ladies! Sorry about any typos, I don't want hold the iPad in my hands bc heavy things are, well, heavy, and they strain my chest muscles. XOXOXOXO

6 days Post Op. Definitely no boob greed here!!! :)

So I've been a bad girl....I haven't been updating every day like I said I would!

I've been busy doing so much that I haven't had the time.

3 days post op I went to an all day training for school, and then did a dance performance (I know, I'm crazy). Every time I practiced I ended up super swollen and I know it was probably something I shouldn't have done, buttttt you live and learn, right?

The training continued for the next 2 days (was supposed to be 4 days, but it ended up being 3 days long instead). The car ride to the building (maybe 15 mins) always made my puppies swollen and angry lol.

Muscle relaxers have been my best friend. The ibuprofen doesn't work (or doesn't seem to anyway). And the Norco (hydrocodone) hasn't really been necessary. My skin is still just swollen and tight, but not as bad as day 1. Day 1 my mom told me I was being a hunchback, but that's bc standing upright made my chest muscles stretch and it was uncomfortable.

Anyway, today is day 6 and my first day where I am not doing anything haha. I'm bored out of mind sitting at home all day but I'm not in pain like those 3 days of training!

The stitches go through itchy moments but are manageable nonetheless. The only real pain I have is the inch to the side of the stitch. For some reason the pain is only right there! But I take my little Meds cocktail and I feel great! Haha!

Anyway, I'm SOOO happy with 400 and I can't wait to see he final product! I went to Hollister to buy a bralette (bc this support bra and I are not friends after being in it for 12+ hrs a day) and I had to buy a size LARGE!!!!! My boobs match my body perfectly and I can't wait for the D+F to officially get sized! I'm holding off for now because I love surprises and this is going to be an awesome one!!! :) :)

Also, the bloat is real and really damages your self esteem for a few days....Ihave some pics that I'll post to show you what I mean. I just wished I knew it would have lasted as long as it has!

2 weeks (a little late in posting!!!)

Here are some photos from 2 weeks post op :) Nerve pain is killing me, my breasts are still super sensitive, but everyday I feel like it goes down a percentage or two. Hopefully I won't be in pain when I wear clothes. Also, the scars look wet because I just took a shower. It's not full of puss or anything lol

Noticed one boob dropped! Yay!

It's like watching grass grow -_____________- but I finally am seeing some dropping and fluffing on my right boobie!!! Its so easy to forget that it happens with time. All I see are my squarish boobs and I get so nervous that I'll look like this forever, but I'm trusting in the process.

To dropping and fluffing!!!

(PS, I have silicone tape covering basically my entire boobs because when any clothes rub, it's pretty painful. I know I look odd without nipples lmao)
Paul Wigoda

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