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I can't believe I'm only two weeks out! Today I...

I can't believe I'm only two weeks out! Today I got all of my blood work in...5 vials, so I'm weak lol. I'm in Dallas and getting the surgery done in Florida with Dr. Michael Rodriguez. Ready to get this thing over with and settle into my new body.

I wish I had more contact from the office and more direction in next steps honestly. I've been doing a lot of independent research and wish I had more support. I've never had any work done so I have so many questions!

The night before!

I can't believe it's the night before the surgery. I'm enjoying laying on my back and sides while I can!!! :-) I flew in from Dallas today and met Dr. Rodriguez in person. I'm staying at the mansion and I really like it here. Even though I don't speak the same language as the caregivers we have managed to communicate just fine. I found an app called plastic surgery that allows you to see what you would look like with an altered figure. From that I was able to create my wish pics on myself lol.

72 hours post op! :-)

Hello there!!!-:-) I can't believe in on day 3. The tune had flown by! Allows met to recap my experience!
Day 1: I was surprisingly not in much pain. Probably a 2 on a scale to 10. My discomfort and tightness was around a 6-7. I have no for sleeping on my tummy so that was very difficult.
Day 2: I went in for my first massage. First off, I'd only taken half a dose of hydrocodone and it was 4 hours prior. BAD DECISION. Please take a full dose 1 hour before all massages, a they are painful! Anyhow, I nearly passed out during the massage. I was light headed and the sound of the fluids draining was nauseating. Add the pain to it and it was just bad. The massage activated all of my pain receptors and it was the worst day by far. The pain finally subsided around 5pm.
Day 3: I woke up feeling like a million bucks. No more draining and I went 24 hours with no pain meds. I have minimal bruising too.
Now for the looks: I like what I see so far. Initially, I thought my hips were too large & want so sure my butt wad curvy enough. Also, when she removed the garment for the first massage my tummy was very lumpy and unattractive. I immediately purchased foam for the sides, a lumbar back board and an ab board. The positive impact happened quickly.

Update with post op bbl pics

Recovery is still going. Can't lie and say it's's not lol. The biggest sacrifices are bring completely strapped down in faja/compression socks for a LONG time & the only options of standing or laying on your stomach. I purchased a zero gravity chair from Amazon and cut the bottom out. That helped a TON. Loving my new shape, especially from where I came from. I'll be at my one month mark tomorrow!!! :-)

Around 3 weeks post!

I feel like it looks bigger on camera lol
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