A New Shape for the Upcoming New Year! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Alright ladies now the time is around the corner...

Alright ladies now the time is around the corner for my BBL. I am using Strax in Lauderdale,Fl for the second time. I had my breast aug. with them in April 2012 and it was awesome,the doctor that did my first operation moved to a new practice. I have 4 boys ranging in age from 16 to almost 4. I breastfed them all and had a hard pregnancy/delivery with 2 of them. I am finishing up my breast cancer/ reconstruction journey i had stage 2B breast cancer and now i have finished my chemo last christmas and my radiation 08/2013. I had my expanders switched out October 7, 2013. just so i don't confuse you. i got my saline implants a month before a found out i had cancer and they had to come out. i had a bilateral masectomy June 2012. :( So that is a little background on me since its been long time since i have posted on real self but its so addictive i read the posts every day. :))

So girlfriends please post and let me know what i need for my surgery December 5, 2013 I have the compression garment from Contour MD. i have motion sickness pills, 4 maxi dresses, vitamin c,iron, arnica, i gotta find my boppy pillow, i am sooo nervous yet excited!! thanks in advance for all your help,talk to you real soon.

my pre-body shape/ me now

hello, girlfriends i forgot to post my pre- op pictures i want to include all my details my whole story which can hopefully help others if possible and please i welcome all questions and comments and suggestions. thanks for welcoming me to the real self family i love it here!!!! :) ;)

Counting down to December 5, 2013

Hello, my fellow real selfers I finally figured how to post my pre- op, before pictures yah! Me!!. Current weight 220 lbs, height 5'7 1/2 -5'8

Here are my wish pics

Just some wishful pictures I saved. I want my derrière large and plump and juicy. That perfect round firm shape. And it jiggles when you smack it. I am open to suggestions is that 1200cc or 1300cc's to be inserted???? I just want to be in proportion to my height and weight

A new shape for the new year!

Tommorrow is the BIG Day!!!! I made it down to lauderdale lots of traffic :(( . Checked into the hotel. I am exhausted and just finally ate a salad. Only other thing I had today was a smoothie. Surgery at 8am .
I gotta get some sleep. What else can I use if I don't have a boppy for the ride home?? When do I take the motion sickness pill before I get in the car? Alrighty girlfriends pray for a successfully surgery for me. I will update before surgery if I can. If not then I will update as soon as I have all my wits about me ;) Nighty- Nite all.

A new shape for the upcoming new year

Went into surgery nervous. Tickle lipo really does tickle. Some pain not even as bad as I thought. I don't think it's enough. Dr. Dean said 800 cc and I asked for 1000cc, I am posting pictures now.tell me your honest opinion, took oxycodone and I am going to pass out now. Not that much discharge. We will see tommorrow. Eating chicken noodle soap, Gatorade, taking arnica, brohmein, on side elevated with 2 pillows between knees. Liposuction was done on belly, flanks/thighs. Good night real self! :). ;)

A new shape foe the upcoming new year

A new shape for the upcoming new year. Ft. lauderdale

A new shape for the upcoming new year!

10 days post op bbl not too happy at all. 900 cc's per week.

A new body for the new year!!

Sorry for the typo I meant 900 cc's per cheek. My doesn't look round to me. The doctor stated he was trying to make sure my butt was in proportion to my body. I asked for a nice juicy booty and a flat stomach and I wanted my thighs to stop rubbing. And this is what I have so far ladies. I am am open to all comments and suggestions to help my recovery.
strax rejuvenation

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