26 year old mother of two from Atlanta,GA - 7 weeks post op - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Hello I am new to this site and since I have found...

Hello I am new to this site and since I have found it I have been reading other's stories so I have now decided to share mine, and will be able to obtain all the information I need about my surgery before and after. I am a 26 year old mother of two from Atlanta,GA but I live in Miami, FL now. I plan to have a fat transfer (lipo of abdomen, flanks, lower back) then inject it into my butt. I have been considering this procedure for a few years now (after my second child I did not take care of my body like I was suppose to) I gained so much weight I was at 260 at one point but through diet and exercise I lost 62 pounds, and I really wanna get this procedure done. I will continue to diet until I Have my surgery in January 2013 I want to loose 20-30 more pounds so I can have the best results. Well I choose to go with Elite Body Sculpting they have a office in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl and in Beverly Hills, CA. I chose them because my biggest fear was to be put to sleep ..with them I don't have to be put to sleep they provide the following: Laser NIL™ Lipo With NO Needles, NO Scalpel, NO Stitches And NO General Anesthesia. So I will be awake during my procedure and I have watched others go through surgery awake on there website. I am very excited and nervous to get this done and over with but my new fears is the recovery stage after reading a few other stories, but since I'm not being cut up like others, I kinda feel ok like my recovery will be different, but I will continue to pray and wish for the best. Is there anyone else out there has already used Elite Body Sculpting? I have been looking at Dr. J in Atlanta, but I dont want to spend that much considering what others are saying his prices are, but he does do good work. I will add before pics later (closer to my surgery date)

Well after reading more on this site I have...

Well after reading more on this site I have learned alot more that I need to know about my procedure and I am very confident and no longer nervous. I spoke to my Dr. Office a few minutes ago and learned that my recovery will be very different from what other's have to go through. I can return to work in a few days I just need to get a pillow to sit on, but I want have a drainage since I will not be going under the knife! They will use a laser tube to suck out my fat and it will be cleaned and then put back in my butt. I can have 1000cc of fat injected in my butt a long as I have enough fat to do it (o I do lol). I wish I would have been found Elite Body Sculpting I would have been did the procedure. Its like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders I am so exited and ready to have my BBL.

Well I started back my diet Monday 10/15/12 which...

Well I started back my diet Monday 10/15/12 which I gained 7lbs :( (207) Im now down to 201 to which is Thursday 10/18/12 so 6lbs in 3 days im proud of my self! With my 500 calorie a day diet I will loose the 20-30 pounds within 3weeks long as I dont cheat. And the good thing about this diet I don't have to exercise if I dont want to (sometimes I do though) because I loose 2lbs a day automatically. I just want the best results since this is something I really wanna do, and I dont want to spend $6500 then turn out with not good results because I did not loose more weight, so I'm focused 100%. I am so ready to have this bbl I keep looking at other ppl pictures to get an idea of how big I want to go. I think I want to go all out if I can get 1200cc-1300cc per cheek I will, hell Thats why Im spending the money to have it done in the first place.

This is for those like my self loosing weight for...

This is for those like my self loosing weight for the BBL...Hcg is a great diet and it works 100% if you cheat you will remain at the same weight for a few days compared to loosing one-two pounds a day (It has happened to me before). I buy my drops from www.gfchealthproducts.com (real drops unlike the fake one at walmart) its 19.95 for a bottle that will last you about two weeks they also have a special buy two bottles get one free and its free shipping. They also have all types of vitamins for sale and other weight loss products. Its a hard diet i'm not gone lie but once you get use to it you will be ok ( not hungry at all) Some people have one cheat day on this diet but when you cheat remember you will remain at the same weight for a few days, the trick to get the pounds to go down after a cheat day if you cheat is you can ONLY EAT 6 APPLES THE FOLLOWING DAY..AND ONLY DRINK WATER. So if you have the feeling to cheat the next day you must eat nothing but those 6 apples and drink water.. I am also putting some info from there website about the drops..hopes this help for those wanting to loose weight quick.. im down 8lbs now so im on a great start and have not cheated.

Directions for HCG DROPS
HCG Drops Dosing schedule is:
Take 15 drops 3 times daily or .33cc 3 times a day, or 1/3 dropper 3 times a day
Take your dose 15 minutes prior to or after having anything in your mouth…….. (Food, toothpaste, drink, cigarettes, chewing gum….etc).
Day 1 & 2 You must eat to capacity the most fattening food you can get down. You should eat more than usual; this is to ensure all normal and structural fat is full
Day 3 is when you begin this 500 Cal diet (VLCD). Every item in the list is gone over carefully, continually stressing the point that no variations other than those listed may be introduced. All things not listed are forbidden, and the patient is assured that nothing permissible has been left out. The 100 grams of meat must be scrupulously weighed raw after all visible fat has been removed. To do this accurately the patient must have a letter-scale, as kitchen scales are not sufficiently accurate and the butcher should certainly not be relied upon. Those patients, who feel that even so little food is too much for them, can omit anything they wish.
Any amount of liquid can be drunk as long as you drink at least 1 gallon per 100 lbs. of body weight. No Sugar or Aspartame products. Stevia products can be used as a sweetener.
You can have 2 servings of meat a day. Do not combine the servings. Each serving is 100 grams (3.5 oz). All meat is to be weighed raw (before cooking). Remove all visible fat before weighing. No cheeses. If you are a vegetarian you can substitute the meat for 500 cc of skimmed milk. You can turn the milk into curds.
Allowed meat is:
• Veal
• Kidneys
• Chicken Breast (this means only the breast from chicken only no other bird. Take the meat from the bone before cooking.)
• Fresh white fish (no salmon, eel, herring, mackerel, dried, or pickled fish) White fish (Flounder, Sole, Wild Chilean Sea Bass, Grouper and Halibut) Perch, tuna cat fish, cod, haddock, tilapia, and trout.
• Lobster
• Crab
• Shrimp
• Prawns
Preferred cooking methods: Broil Steam, Braise, Roast, Stewed or Grilled. All visible fat removed prior to cooking.
Do not mix the vegetables; you can have 2 servings a day
Spinach Fennel
Chard Onions
Beet Greens Red Radishes
Green Salad Cucumbers
Tomatoes Asparagus
Celery Cabbage
Bamboo shoots, Green beans, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cauliflower, Celery,
Chard Swiss, Eggplant, Green and Red peppers Kale, Okra.
Mushrooms, Squash (yellow and summer), Zucchini, Watercress
2 fruits a day do not eat a the same time
1 Apple
1 Orange (not tangerines)
1 handful of strawberries
½ grapefruit
Honeydew Mellon, Cantaloupe, Cherries, Blackberries,
Blueberries, Apricot and Boysenberries (1 cup = 1 serving) Honeydew Mellon, Watermelon, Peaches
2 breads a day not to be eaten at the same time
1 Melba toast
1 Grissini
The juice of one lemon can be used daily. Any spices are OK. Vinegar is good to have. Sweeteners can be used. No fat, oil, butter, or dressing. You do not have to eat all the food allotted for one day. If you do not eat from a food group it cannot be added to the next day’s amount. Specially prepared unsweetened low calorie foods can be eaten Just be care full and do hog wild.
The diet is 500 calories a day. The daily food intake should include 200 grams of meat or protein. If you are a vegetarian you can substitute the meat for 500 cc of skimmed milk. You can turn the milk into curds.
There is no objection to breaking up the two meals. For instance having a breadstick and an apple for breakfast or before going to bed, provided they are deducted from the regular meals. The whole daily ration of two breadsticks or two fruits may not be eaten at the same time, nor can any item saved from the previous day be added on the following day. In the beginning patients are advised to check every meal against their diet sheet before starting to eat and not to rely on their memory. It is also worth pointing out that any attempt to observe this diet without HCG will lead to trouble in two to three days.
Maintenance phase after 44 days of dieting:
The maintenance phase (also known as Phase 3 created by Kevin Trudeau and the stabilization period) is the 3 week period after you finish your drops. There are a few simple rules you must follow: you must weigh yourself every day, you must remain within 2 pounds of your last dose weight (either above or below), and you cannot eat sugars and starches. It is extremely important to eat enough protein on this phase; many people eat at least 100 grams of true protein (about 400 grams weighed raw). If you go over the 2 pounds, you must do a steak day (this is explained in the protocol and in the tips and tricks page). We want to be clear that this 3 week period is crucial to the success of the diet. The entire phase is explained in Dr. Simeons Pounds & Inches, yet we compiled a list to help you out. Before we get to the list, read an excerpt from Pounds & Inches:
One last item before we begin: The day that you take your last drop dose, you count 72 hours (continuing on the 500 VLCD for those 72 hours) from that moment and then you start the maintenance phase. That weight that you were the morning of your last dose is the weight that you use as a basis for your maintenance phase. Anything OVER two pounds from that weight calls for a steak day.
NOTE: The time period to begin this phase is not 3 days after your last dose, it is 72 hours!
First thing, when beginning the 3 week maintenance phase, make sure to increase your calories to at least 1500. Don’t try to continue the diet after the HCG is out of your system. Bear in mind, your weight will fluctuate the first week or two; this is normal. Do a steak day if you need to. The weight will eventually stabilize. Watch the starch and sugar religiously during the 3 weeks. Read labels. (Continue) eating organic food if possible. Eat whatever you want, without starch or sugar, during the maintenance phase. Make sure you are eating enough. Use healthy fats and dairy products to up your calorie intake if necessary. Drink enough water.
After 3 week Maintenance Phase
1. After you finish the 3 week maintenance phase, be sure to add your carbs back in slowly. Take note of what makes you gain weight. Start with healthy low glycemic carb like oatmeal and Ezekiel break or sweet potatoes or brown rice. You can also print out a chart of foods which has low glycemic foods on it here which can be used after you finish the maintenance phase.
2. Keep drinking your water and teas. If you’ve managed to refrain from diet coke and processed food…continue. This will contribute to successful maintenance.
3. Be sure to continue to watch the scale and remain within 2 pounds of the last injection weight. If at ANY point you are above 2 pounds, immediately do a steak day.
4. You can now eat or drink any foods you wish. Continue to weigh daily and see how the various foods you introduce affect your weight. Adjust your intake in accordance with what you discover about your own unique response to foods.
Tips on Managing Stalls/Gains:
1. Watch what you’re eating; you should have a food journal and you might find patterns of foods that cause you not to lose, or to lose fantastically. A lot of people have had problems losing with tomatoes and oranges (but some people have no problem at all). Everybody is different and you need to monitor your own body and see what works (and doesn’t work) for you.
2. Make sure you are drinking enough water (at least 2 liters a day).
3. Those that have held true to the diet and not cheated have been rewarded with a large weight reduction when it finally drops. You will usually resume your previous average loss before the stall.
4. Each time you stall, take your measurements; you have probably lost inches (remember it is called Pounds and INCHES).
5. You could gain some weight and not have cheated, depending on your menses, ovulation, and hormones. Almost all of us have seen the scale go up due to water retention, etc.
6. If you eat more salt in the food you prepare, and your body isn’t used to that sodium level, your blood volume will increase to handle the extra salt, which will translate into a gain because you’re retaining water to boost that blood volume. In other words, watch your salt intake.
7. Remember what Simeons said about losing. You lose fat from the body cells but the cells do not disappear at the same time. The cell structure is still present for two to three days while the body breaks down the cellulose and fills the cell with water in order to release it (through urine). Once the fat cell is removed, the scale will drop.
8. Sensitivity/allergies to foods (like lemons) may cause weight stalls. Listen to your body. The guru is you!
9. Pay attention to weight gains, they usually signify a mishap in the protocol, like not drinking enough water, eating too many/too few calories, too much salt, or (inadvertently) eating foods not allowed on the protocol.
10. Be careful, spices have calories. As long as the serving size listed has less than 5 calories, the company can list 0 calories (even though it may actually have 4). Usually spices and seasonings use 1/4 of a teaspoon as their serving size, so BE CAREFUL…4 calories in 1/4 teaspoon = 16 calories in 1 teaspoon. Account for every calorie, no matter how miniscule it may seem. Here is an exact calorie count per TABLESPOON of various spices:
1TB Onion Powder = 22.54 calories
1TB Garlic Powder = 27.91 calories
1TB Chili Powder = 23.55 calories
1TB Paprika = 19.94 calories
1TB Poultry Season = 11.36 calories
1TB Oregano = 13.77 calories
11. Weight gains/stalls may take a few days to kick in. For example, you could mix your veggies for a few days and assume there is no problem based on what the scale reads, but then a stall or gain can suddenly reflect the breaking of the rules. Many people believe a stall comes out of nowhere, but it is usually instigated by something (if not a previous weight set point).
12 It is important to know that what works for one person does NOT mean it will work for everyone; to prevent stalls/gains simply do not make changes to Dr. Simeons protocol just because someone else is losing with that modification.
13. In women, menstrual periods increase water retention, and water weight shows on the scale. If you know you are following the plan and are not cheating, you just need to accept that the stall/gain is temporary and continue to follow the protocol. The drop will happen once the menstrual cycle is normalized in the body.
14. If you are following Dr. Simeons to a “T” and have no other explanations for a stall/gain, look at your life and the levels of stress. Stress causes cortisol which hinders weight loss and/or causes you to gain weight. Try to remain calm and stress-free.
Tips to Manage Cheating
1. Do NOT cheat, you will regret it…here are a few words of wisdoms from other users who have cheated in the past.
2. Do not be afraid of cheating–you have complete control whether you give into temptation or not. Just because someone else has cheated does not mean you will cheat as well. Many, many people have done the protocol without cheating, and you can too. Prepare yourself for the fact that you will *want* to cheat, but *acting* on the thought is your solely decision.
3. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.
4. Do NOT cheat, this cannot be stated enough, it is a waste of time and money and NOT WORTH IT! Also know that if you cheat, you will gain more than you would not on HCG.
5. To get your mind off of wanting to cheat, focus your attention on something else. You can take a walk, go to the library, Movie Theater, or visit with friends. It is also nice to find a support system, whether it is through an online group (visit here), a buddy who is following the diet with you, family member(s), etc. Just make sure you have someone to stop you from cheating.
6. Create a cabinet in your kitchen which supports your diet. Store your teas, Stevia, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grissini/Melba, fruit, etc. and use this special place to “snack” with items that are all allowed on the protocol.
7. Do NOT create your own substitutions. Dr. Simeons created a specific list of foods to eat and studied each food intensely. If you start making substitutions, then Dr Simeons’ protocol becomes weaker and weaker, and eventually will become completely ineffective. It is the substitutions to the protocol that give the program a bad reputation; it needs to be precisely followed.
8. Do not interfere with your own weight loss success by not following the protocol! Dr Simeons’ program eliminates and/or reduces sugar and carbohydrate cravings. However, if sugar and carbohydrates remain in your diet (except for the allowed starch), you are not allowing your body to cleanse and your hypothalamus to reset. These are the key to lifelong success.
9. You don’t need to understand why something will or will not work with the Simeons plan. There are many unexplainable factors to the program; you just need to know that substitutions to the protocol cause weight loss to slow. Just because something doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean you should change it. Do not expect to have the results produced on the Simeons protocol if you do not follow the Simeons protocol.
10. Expect to have cravings, be hungry and moody and expect to want to cheat. These expectations will let you be prepared to control the cravings, hunger, moods, and cheats. Prepare yourself for these feelings, but know that the decision to deviate is yours…stay strong and remember that only you are accountable for everything you put into your mouth.
11. When you feel a craving coming on, go and brush your teeth; this should help the craving pass.
12. Don’t disappoint Dr. Simeons, he would not let someone remain on the HCG protocol if he/she cheated more than three times. You need to commit to the program and stay with it!
13. The only way to fix a cheat is to get back on track and tell yourself that you will not cheat. The more you tell yourself that you cannot cheat, the stronger you should feel. If you allow yourself a bite of something, you have already cheated, and you should never make that allowance.
14. When you use food as an emotional crutch, you will find it difficult to cope without that crutch while on the VLCD. You need to fill the empty spot with something healthy that you can enjoy both on and off the protocol. This will not only reduce cravings, but also help you maintain your new healthy weight. Some possibilities include crafting, painting, walking, and gardening.
15. If you go forward and cheat, you have to take responsibility for that cheat. You should feel guilty and unsatisfied, and you will pay for the cheat for three to five days. This can be 3-5 days of the scale going up, or staying the same. You have to pay for your mistakes, and it sure is time consuming. There is nothing you can do except stop cheating and vow to yourself that you will not cheat again.

Just paid deposit and locked my date. .it just got...

just paid deposit and locked my date. .it just got real... so ready

For those who are looking to finance the bbl with...

For those who are looking to finance the bbl with no so good credit, I was told after I applied with a co-signer and still denied (and my co signer had not perfect but ok credit between 591-600 score. When applying for the loan dont request the full amount of the procedure. My consultant said she did not know that either until everybody that she was telling to apply online with a cosmectic loan company has been getting denied. She told me I should re apply for $3000 instead of the $6500 that I applied for, but I told her I did not want to do that because I applied with one company which charged me $15.95 for application and the other company charged $10 for application both non refundable. Care credit does not have a application fee but they are hard to get with as soon as I hit submit it said denied lol. She told me to re do the application and apply for a less amount but I told he I will just pay cash because I am already in a credit repair program (Lexington Law) and I dont want to keep pulling my credit which will lower my score even more with those hard inquires then to pay the application fee again. I'm so determined I now have a second job to try to pay off my 50% ($3250) to have my surgery then my Elite Body Sculpting has in house financing so I will pay $277 a month for a year. So ladies if you have to pay cash as myself see if your Dr. Office offer's in house financing

Laser NIL™ Laser NIL™ is not only a...

Laser NIL™

Laser NIL™ is not only a technique it’s a philosophy. We want to be as minimally invasive as possible. The entire procedure is geared to make healing faster with less bruising and less trauma to the area being treated.

No Needle, No Scalpel, No Stitches

That is why we use no needle (who wants a needle stick?), no scalpel (we use a device that makes a circular entry site that is 2mm (smaller than a “pencil top” eraser) this gives a mark similar to a freckle or pimple as it heals instead of a line and suture marks which show the world that you had surgery.

No stitches – you don’t need them and you don’t need them removed either. We leave your entry sites open so that your swelling can drain out of your body so you heal FASTER.

No General Anesthesia

Most of all, you are awake – we give you medication calm your nerves, but you can have a conversation, talk on the phone or listen to music during your procedure. General anesthesia has many risks. We want our patients to have the fewest possible risks and get back to your routine ASAP…

Fat Transfer Options

Because of the gentle nature of fat removal, there is quality fat that can be used for transfer in procedures such as Brazilian Butt Lift, natural breast augmentation, and injections in the hands to reduce the appearance of aging.

Less Downtime and Faster Healing

Laser NIL™ is far less invasive than standard liposuction and therefore there is less downtime and you get your results FASTER. Whereas typical liposuction takes about 6 months to heal, we typically see good results in about a month. Being less invasive also means you have a lot less pain after your procedure. Most of our patients are back at work within 48 hours, even patients with physically demanding jobs.

A Body Sculpted Just For You

Besides all of the benefits of faster results, Laser NIL™ also gives you Better results. The NIL motion combined with the heat of laser gives you a smoother, more natural appearance and the laser helps tighten the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Finally, the most important part of body sculpture is making you look your absolute best. Laser NIL™ allows your surgeon to actually sculpt you. We will have the ability to not only make you look natural, but actually change your shape for a new sexier look. Sometimes my patients laugh when I ask if they want a faint line of muscular definition down the center of their abs as if they never thought something like that would be possible. Not only is it possible, but it’s easy! Another good example is that we often exaggerate women’s hip bones or obliques when they have lipo of the abdomen and waist so they look their best in a bikini.

Patient Benefits of Laser N.I.L.
?Awake During the Procedure
?Less swelling
?Less Bruising
?Less Discomfort
?Faster Recovery
?Less Downtime
?Quality of Fat for Other Natural Procedures (if desired)

Well im am closer to bbl and I am very excited I...

Well im am closer to bbl and I am very excited I am no longer nervous just ready to get it over with. I have a good support system the few people that know im doing the procedure are excited for me to (a little more happier than me lol) My sis will be going with me and will help me out for a few days. My procedure is on a Thursday at 4pm (3 hour procedure) and I was told I could return back to work on that Monday if I want. My paitient coordinator said I might be sore as if I worked out alot but I could return to work so depending on how I fill I will do that. I restarted my diet yesterday because I stopped cuz with this diet I loose so much quick I said I might as well enjoy my regular diet then start up my diet again closer to surgery so I know the pounds will be off for my procedure. I will up load pics soon of my wait loss progress and then my post op pics... I just pray everything goes well my doctor was a very nice guy I met him Saturday he said he will put about 500 CC in each cheek and I told him I wanted hips and he said that's not a problem. I want to push for more CC's but he is the licensed professional so I will let him do his job he know's best. I am just happy there is no extra charge for adding the hips. But I wish everyone who has a Feb sx the best of luck

Well i have two days left sx time now is @ 2:30pm...

Well i have two days left sx time now is @ 2:30pm just a tad bit nervous but I'm ready

Well today is the day and I'm so anxious i got...

Well today is the day and I'm so anxious i got some last minute things to go do(pedi& wax my eyebrows) lol i have to get my meds before i head to the office too. They told me make sure i eat breakfast and lunch before i come and drink only water today. my sx time is 2:30pm so i will go like 1:45 to finish my last paperwork i have been praying that everything goes smooth i just hope everything turns out the way i want it and I'm gone see if my surgeon can do more than 500 cc per cheek again i will post my post op pics soon as i can!!

Well my time has been pushed up to 1:30pm today so...

Well my time has been pushed up to 1:30pm today so ready to get this over with

Hello ladies i have made it safely through my bbl....

Hello ladies i have made it safely through my bbl. i am in a lot of pain mainly my stomach but thank God for the pain meds it feels like my skin is burning and stretching when i try to get up. using the bathroom is the hardest since i don't have the drains they used pads to cover the holes on me undee the garment they put on me i took it off to try to take pics last night and blood was getting all over my floor so when my sis get back i will have her take pics. my surgeon was the best they put on pandora and let me listen to whatever station i wanted to hear he just made me feel so comfortable while i was there and my sis was there by my side the whole time. she said my butt is huge the doc was able to get 1000cc in each cheek he said i was the only person to hold that much that he has done. i will update pics as soon as i can. Thanks ladies for your encouraging words i will keep u guys updated

Well I've made it to the second day and the pain...

Well I've made it to the second day and the pain is still here but mainly as i get up and it takes me about ten minutes to get up. Yesterday i slept seems like the whole day due to the pain medicine cuz with out it i was in so much pain. this pain reminds me of when i had my c-section with my son. my sis has been a little help not much at all she helped with my kids but as for me it seems like i was on my own i had to get a friend to bring me something to eat at almost 1 am cuz she left me to go to the club and i hadn't ate cuz i was sleep most of the day. she still has not come here yet to check on me so I'm recovering with the help of my kids seem like they have been checking on me this morning and that has me pissed off that she was suppose to be here to help 100% not 25%

Ladies in Miami wear can i go to purchase a new...

Ladies in Miami wear can i go to purchase a new garmet i need one and i want one that is tight my surgeon said i need to wear one for a while because i already had loose skin from so much weight loss. i can order on line but i rather find a shop here in miami where i can make sure i get the right one

I went and got my garment today in north miami...

I went and got my garment today in north miami beach and it was painful getting it on but the lady helped my sis put it on me. i payed $130 for it and it has the cheeks out. she said were it for like a month then come get another one and buy a board also. she said my butt looks very nice and natrual :) i have pics that i need to put on here but its not letting me do it through my cell phone and my desktop has a virus is there another way i can upload my pics on here from my cell?

I feel much better today as far as getting up and...

I feel much better today as far as getting up and my butt is huge i really have a donkey booty (i know its swollen) but my projection is awesome the main problem is this garment it is so tight on my stomach i think I'm going to go get the board today i don't know why i didn't get it yesterday i get to take my shower today I'm so happy i will go by my bestie house today to try to upload my pics cuz its still not letting me do it from my cell. i will be returning to work tomorrow i should use one more day of my pto but i have a office job so i think i can manage i sit all day on the phones so it shouldnt be bad i can drive myself i practiced yesterday.

I have added a few new pics post op and during my...

I have added a few new pics post op and during my procedure

Today is my first day at work and everyone missed...

Today is my first day at work and everyone missed me and only one person knew i was doing the bbl everybody else thought i was only doing lipo so when they saw the new donkey they was like wow its huge lol! everybody says i look really good I've always been a pretty person but now i have the bigger butt i always wanted

I also tried sleeping with out my garment last...

I also tried sleeping with out my garment last night and it actually hurted more with it being off so i had to put it back on and i felt so much better that arnica gel works good too for the swelling I'm glad i went and finally got some from walmart.

Day 6 post op well this morning was my first bowel...

Day 6 post op well this morning was my first bowel movement since my procedure(finally lol) i feel better still sore and swollen tho i had to get up out my sleep last night and walk around a little in the house due tingly feelings in my stomach and arms i guess it was stiffness. i also felt like i was sweating one minute then cold the next but i guess that's normal but other than that I'm doing ok today is my second day back at work I'm just so ready for my body to completely heal! oh and i have bruises on one cheek i was told some ppl bruise after surgery and some don't.

I keep having tingling feelings in my stomach...

I keep having tingling feelings in my stomach since yesterday is this normal? I get up and walk around my house it goes away but when i lay down i feel it again. I'm wondering if its the garment that I'm sleeping in at night. i wear the one with the butt out all day and sleep in the one i was given right after sx which is not tight like other one. i know I'm swollen and i probably should keep the tightest one on since it is giving me the best compression on my stomach. any tips ladies?

I just called the office to find out about...

I just called the office to find out about massages and was told they are not included in the $6500 for my procedure the are $50 each :( i thought. i should have atleast gotten a few in that price. the office is about 30 minutes from my home and i don't want to drive that far if i have to pay anyways. ladies in miami do u know any spa's where i can go to for a reasonable price near north miami or aventura area??? need help asap so i can get started on my lymphatic massages!

I found a spa in Aventura that does the lymphatic...

I found a spa in Aventura that does the lymphatic massages called Bare beauty secrets i have a appointment tomorrow at 5:45pm my first visit is $50 i feel extra swollen today i keep pilling on the garment to loosen it some. I will update on how the massage goes i wish i could have went today but she only had 1pm available and I'm at work until 4pm so tomorrow it is.

Well i had my first lymphatic massage yesterday...

Well i had my first lymphatic massage yesterday and it felt so good. its like i was feeling vibrations as she was massaging me. i did it standing up because of not being able to lay on my back but I'm so ready for the next one. she told me i lookef great after surgery as far as not being in pain that much she said most ppl that do lipo under general recover slower and have more pain. I'm going for my one week follow up today I'm gone also see about getting a mini tummy tuck with elite while I'm there that's the next thing i want done then my arms then a breast lift and I'm done with my body makeover lol.

I had my 1 week follow up yesterday and spoke with...

I had my 1 week follow up yesterday and spoke with the dr about a tummy tuck. the thing i really liked about him is he told me to wait three months to see how my stomach is then. he said the machine they used for my lipo is suppose to make my stomach shrink also after the fat removal with lipo. that made me feel very good because I'm sure he could have said yea lets get you started that showed me he was not all about the money. so i will give it. more time to see how my stomach shrinks and mold with my garment to see whether or not i want to do the tummy tuck i know previous surgeons i went to said i neeed one due to my extra skin from the weight loss i had before

I feel better today still sore and swollen. i went...

I feel better today still sore and swollen. i went for another lymphatic drainage massage at a different place. (Cs post lipo massage) and the massage was $70 there. i only went somewhere else because it was a little closer to me but i did not really like that massage it hurted so much. she did it differently from the place i went to last week so i will keep going to bare beauty secrets in Aventura. the lady there said i had a lot of inflammation (more on my right side of my stomach) and she said i needed 12 massages but when i went to bare beauty secrets last week the therapist said i needed a total of 6-7. I still have a lot of fluid in me so i need to drink lots of water. i am still trying to upload my new pics as soon as i can get to a computer i don't want to use my office computer for uploading my personal pics like that so again as soon as i can upload more i will. every has been telling me how good i look..i even had a old co worker ask me did i have my ass done when i put a pic up on instgram last night lol i erased her question quick that was not a question for a bunch of ppl to know b

I added new pics finally

I added new pics finally

Today I'm two weeks 1 day post op and i feel great...

Today I'm two weeks 1 day post op and i feel great. I'm still a little sore but i can handle it. i have completely stop taking pain pills. today is my first day in jeans i was wearing loose clothing only. i love how these jeans look on me no more little ass anymore lol i was walking by some glass windows at work this morning just staring at my ass and my co worker was like u a mess lol. i am happy with my results even though i know everything is not final and i can see my stomach has gotten smaller but my doctor said i should even more results 3 months post op.

Well Thursday will make my three week post op and...

Well Thursday will make my three week post op and i will be able to finally sit (thankful lol). I just want to know from the vets is it ok to sit without a pillow or would u recommend using one? Sorry to be graphic but were all grown I've also had sex with my boyfriend Friday i was a little scared but it was fine i just told him i could not lay on my back he started laughing but i made it through alive . when i asked my dr when could i have sex he told me 5-6 days after my procedure.. lmao i wish i would have thought about sex while i was swollen like that but i waited two weeks and i was up to it I'm just ready to be conpletely back to normal. I'm still swollen but the massages are going good. i have another one set for tomorrow . the only thing i feel now on my stomach is like a pulling feeling when i get up. and my ass feels jiggly now lol i guess the swelling is going away from there too...overall i am happy and glad i had my bbl done

After careful consideration i decided not to go to...

After careful consideration i decided not to go to bare beauty secrets for my lymphatic massages due to price i loved the machine she used there but her price was not what i wanted to spend on a massage package $600 for 6 massages i went back to cp post lipo today ( the painful massage place lol ) i was in so much pain for one I'm no longer taking pain pills and then i found out why their technique hurts so much they use a ultrasound machine that melts the fat away and when i say its no joke you actually feel it burning then they are pushing on your stomoch to mold it as well. i hate how it feels but i feel like that is what i need. she says i need six more and i should come three times a week i told i can't take three times a week its tooooooo painful i can do twice a week and she said thats fine but she said whenever you have lipo you want to do as many massages near the time you had the sx for the best results. my next massage with them is friday and i will have another hour of torture but beauty is pain and in the end its what i need.

Added some new pics pre op day of procedure....

Added some new pics pre op day of procedure. Looking at the pics now im like wow I knew I was horrible without clothes but sheesh no more. Ladies I also found a new massage spa that offers the same massage that is melting the fat through ultra sound and it did not burn like the last place I went to so I have finally found a place where I will go and its $225 for 10 cavatation massages followed by the lymphatic drainage massage so Im getting extra lipo with no surgery(done in a massage with a ultra sound machine) and its melting fat in my stomach its called radio frequency cavitation ladies research it is a good thing to have just find a spa that does it and you dont feel the burning. other than that im feeling real good still swollen time for me to get another garment (smaller) I am loving the way I look The ass does bring alot more attention I think my man is a little jealous but he'll be ok I aint going nowhere.

I am so happy with my results i got a smaller...

I am so happy with my results i got a smaller garment yesterday from a Columbian store on 20st in miami ladies if you live in miami go to 20st they are much cheaper than lipo express and i like the garment better i got one where i can take the straps off so when i wear my dresses i don't have to wear a cover up to hide the straps and back part showing. before as u can see on my pre op pic u couldn't see my my cooch due to all the extra skin now i can see it my stomach is shrinking
perfectly i might not need a tummytuck as my dr said

I will upload more pics so you ladies can see the...

I will upload more pics so you ladies can see the major difference from before and after

Just a litttle update i will be five weeks post...

Just a litttle update i will be five weeks post Thursday and i feel completely normal no more pain still have some swelling but not like before i purchased a latex corset and it works great my stomach has gotten even smaller will put up more pics. this procedure has been a great experience and I'm glad i did it FOR ME. after gaining so much weight after my second child then not taking care of myself the way i should have is something i will never do again. The attention is crazy but hey in reality that's what most peopl want. my man is a little jealous saying i don't know why u did lol he likes it but i dont think he like the extra attention and he was mad when i went out to the strip club sunday. so ladies especially us ladies who are bigger if this procedure is something you want to do go for it yolo don't let no one stop you from enhancing your beauty its well worth it. the swelling has went down in my butt but its still phat lol. I'm glad i did my research and didn't just go to a dr that everyone else was going to because i didn't want to fill like I'm just another # i have referred my friend to where i went and she was so happy when she went in for her consult.

After careful consideration i think i want a tummy...

After careful consideration i think i want a tummy tuck now i only wanted to wait because i wanted more kids but after thinking a little more I'm good i have a girl and a boy that will be 12 & 6 this year. so I'm waiting for my paitient coordinator to call me back with a price i should get a discount with them so if the price is right I'm going to get the tummy tuck with elite if not i will be shopping around my stomach is small now and i like it but with a tummy tuck and my new phat ass I'm all in

Just adding a few more pics that I took last night...

just adding a few more pics that I took last night post 5 weeks and Ive decided I am gonna get a tummy tuck I want a full tummy tuck now.. Gonna see about a brest reduction with my health insurance wish I knew a dr I get get the tummy with on insurance lol

Well i have had three dr offices respond to me for...

Well i have had three dr offices respond to me for my interest in a tummy tuck the first was Dr. mendieta office by email wanting me to set a consult but I'm hearing he is expensive but good. next yily office emailed requesting me to send pics at different angles naked i was suprised how quick they responded and another office in miami had callef and quoted $7500 they are out I'm still waiting for my paitient coordinator at elite to call me before i find another dr. i really want yilly due to prices but my massage therapist did make a point that u really can't trust everyone to take care of u after the surgery especially in another country at a recovery house. so i guess ill make a review on the tummy tuck side to find a dr. I really don't want to leave the us but if i have to yilly will be the one since i only need her for the tummy tuck

Ok so i finally got a email from my patient...

Ok so i finally got a email from my patient coordinator and she said $5500 for my tummy tuck with them which i love that price and i know i don't have to pay it in full to get it done i used there in house financing for my last procedure and i know the staff is wonderful there and its not a real busy office and the main thing that sold me with them is i did my procedure while i was awake i just had a fear of being put to sleep. now my dr there told me he can do my tummy tuck while I'm awake also which is a plus for me but i just found another place I was gonna go with in Miami ( Dr. Pascul in Aventura) that is advertising $4500 for tummy tuck but i will have to use general anesthesia there :( so i need feedback should i just save $1000 and be put to sleep or follow my mind and stick with my place that I've already had work with??? So ladies was it bad being put to sleep? I want to know because if I can save $1000 I will just fight my fear and go night night lol please help

Just added a few more post op pics..also I will be...

just added a few more post op pics..also I will be doing my tummy tuck with my same center I built a relationship with them and i'm comfortable my patient coordinator said I dont have to wait a year for the procedure I can do it at six months post op I will pay $2750 to have it done and the other half will be added to what I already have to pay with my in house financing...so I need to save save save until then but i'm ready and I will be doing my tummy tuck awake also so I am happy about that.

Hey ladies just a quick update i feel completely...

Hey ladies just a quick update i feel completely normal no more pain or soreness i can sit completely and the best thing my ass is still big and round and soft. my stomach is still getting smaller each week my massage therapist even told me she see it keep getting smaller I'm happy about that but I'm still getting my tummy tuck and she has been coaching me and telling me what to expect since she had one and her stomach is beautiful she had them give her a new belly button I'm pushing to have it done the end of August but my goal is before my birthday in November but i will get it done. i will put more pics up as soon as i can

6 months post op loving my results still

I haven't been on here for a few months but everything is all good still and the ass is still fat lol I will be having my tummy tuck im planning before my birthday in November of this year or to the latest February more than likely it will be with the same doctor. I will update more pics soon

8 months post op pic

Just stopping by to update a pic all is well with me. I have gained some weight but im currently dieting and exercising to shed the extra pounds I put on.
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