9 days post!!! Loving my new shape :))))

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Hello all I am a 36 year old mother of 1 (16yrs)...

Hello all I am a 36 year old mother of 1 (16yrs) and have had a heck of a year so far. I have decided that after losing both my mom and step dad (within 2weeks of each other) unexpectedly and too soon, I am finally going to do something for myself. Not only so that i can look good (inside&out) but to continue to live a healthy and happy lifstyle. I come from a hispanic family (dominican) where everything is celebrated with food. My mother was a heck of a cook and loved to eat and unfortunatley besides dying from a broken heart that added to the reason she is not here with me today. This year I vowed to work on me and although I do enjoy working out and am active most of the times I have not been able to get rid of this gut but seemed to lose my ass instead. I have read numerous of stories on here and got the push that I needed to go on with this surgery. I am married and do want to have another child with my husband when i am mentally and physically ready (if its in god plan for me) but I dont want to go into a pregnancy unhealthy and unhappy with myself. I have always been slim with a nice butt even after having my son years and years ago but with age and depression comes unhealthy habits and mother time is not your friend after you turn 30. My husband is very supportive and is a very good man to me, but he is Jamaican and a butt man and since mine has gone missing I wanted to get a new one for him and me lol!! So I said all that just to say this........ I"M READY FOR MY BBL. And thanks to your stories and this blog, I believe it will be allright. I have chosen a Dr in the Ft lauderdale area which is 2 hours from where I live only because he has done my sisters, friends and my aunts (15 years ago) and did an awesome job. He is realistic and will tell you to your face what is what and we have to be realistic about our body and expectations. After reading all the different stories on here I have concluded that we cant come into this expecting somehting far from what your body type is. We have to work with what we have and mold ourselves to what we want to be. I know I have to prob lose a little bit of weight (which I have since deciding to do this) and I do have stretch marks but I am not expecting to go walk around naked affter bbl. I have never worn a bikini and thats by choice, I have always been insecure about my body even before having my son. If i didnt feel too skinny, I felt too fat and so on. I am here to seek the support that is needed to go through this. I do have my family's support but it is also helpful to hear and learn from people that are going thru the same experience. I appreciate this blog for that and hope I can inspire someone as much as you all have inspired me. And so the countdown begins....... I will post my before pics this evening when i get home. :-)

1 week from today I will be Bootylicious!!!

Im so anxious and excited cant wait for my day. Ive been having dreams about my surgery and just cant wait. Im glad to have this forum where I can learn so many tips and advice from all of you who have already gone thru this experience. It has helped me tremendously......cant wait. Will keep you posted.

5 days til new me!!! Can't come soon enough!!

My date has been moved up by one day.. Changed docs.... Had a bad feeling about original doc.. Now going with Dr. Harrell rated one of the top docs. Just want to get it over with. Ready to start living and not hiding behind big clothes. Bought a bikini to take before pics... Dont judge lol, not used to being so exposed... Just want to look good in clothes. You ladies are looking gorgeous, if it weren't for RS im not sure if i would have been able to prepare for this... Literally and mentally. Ttyl.... Have to enjoy my last wknd as a fatty/flatty ????????????


Just picked up my meds, seems real now....am I really going to need all this ;@ hope not. Wonder if im the only one who cant sleep just thinking about my new bod! Cant wait, cant wait. Pray for me yall :-)

I made it!!!

Yesterday was my surgery and I must say the worst part is the nausea/vomiting. The pain is bearable feels like I did one too many sit-ups! Had to stop my meds bcuz they were making me sicker so now I'm taking Tylenol. I love love love my results. Dr Harrell was great he is a perfectionist....treated me like I was his one n only pt. will upload some pics that my hubby took. I'm exhausted must rest, ttyl gals.

1 day post pics

7 days post!!!

Hey ladies hope you all are well... I'm 7 days post and it feels more like 20.... I'm ready to get back to my routine but I know it's a process. I am doing fine not really in pain just discomfort from time to time. I went to a fam BBQ today for a little bit and was the talk of the party. Everyone was stunned at how good I looked just 7 days post. Thought no one wold notice but they did, especially the men lol.... My waist and butt looks amazing and can't wait to see the end result. Now all the ladies in my fam want to do a bbl too..oh boy! Will update soon again and post more pics :)


Work in progress....almost 3 weeks po

Hello ladies, hope u all are recovering well or anticipating your surgery. I am getting there slowly but surely. Still have swelling in abdomen, back and sides but overall i feel great.. Still not sitting and still sleeping on my back (cant wait) its a mission to watch tv but its all worth it. My doc checks up on me constantly and is very supportive and sweet. Hope you all are well, will keep u guys posted. You all have been so much help and motivation, im hoping i can inspiring someone too. Be blessed xoxo!!!!

No longer going with this Dr. Changed to Dr Harrell in Weston,Fl Dr. Harrell did my ps and he was amazing. God works in mysterious ways because I was so worried about Dr alexander doing my procedure and thank goodness he didnt. Dr Harrell is the man. Love Love Love Dr Harrell

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