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I have not seen or heard of Dr. R Jariel but...

I have not seen or heard of Dr. R Jariel but apparently he has alot of clients at the Plantation office (Vanity). I seen a lot of his work at the office but not online. I wonder why? I'm a little scared of his work because of this. My consultant persuade me that he is the best doctor for my BBL and the type of butt that I want. I seen one bad review online on Real self and the woman mentioned if you want a big butt and snatched waist do not go to Dr. R Jariel. One review will not push me away from this doctor but I would like to read more reviews on him with the BBL clients.

I as so scared to post pic of me

Me now

Scared to post pic of myself...


Playing with my app

Wish shape

Excited now!! Little over a month left

Can't wait

Already sent pic to my coordinator.. Have been buying all my bbl items
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

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