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I have not seen or heard of Dr. R Jariel but...

I have not seen or heard of Dr. R Jariel but apparently he has alot of clients at the Plantation office (Vanity). I seen a lot of his work at the office but not online. I wonder why? I'm a little scared of his work because of this. My consultant persuade me that he is the best doctor for my BBL and the type of butt that I want. I seen one bad review online on Real self and the woman mentioned if you want a big butt and snatched waist do not go to Dr. R Jariel. One review will not push me away from this doctor but I would like to read more reviews on him with the BBL clients.

I as so scared to post pic of me

Me now

Scared to post pic of myself...


Playing with my app

Wish shape

Excited now!! Little over a month left

Can't wait

Already sent pic to my coordinator.. Have been buying all my bbl items

Brought some things

Fajas, bbl pillow, shower curtain, back and ab board etc

Update less than 3 weeks away

OK! Now I'm scared!! I go in next week for blood work. Pray that everything comes out great.

Lab work done!

OK! I went in for labs on Tuesdays and also to finally meet with my doctor. Did labs but no doctor for 4 hrs waiting. Long story short I now have a new date to meet with the Doctor Dec 1st


ON Dec 1, I went in to finally meet with Dr. Ravi. He is a straight forward person and I trusted his judgment. He advised me to do the 360° body instead of adding lipo to my thighs. I felt like he was honest with me and made me feel comfortable leaving my life in his hands. Also my intial sx date was Dec 5. Apparently someone in the office made a mistake and he will not b in the office Monday but he pushed it back to Tuesday Dec 6. I'm happy it was not too far back because I don't have too much time off from work. Dr. Ravi also mention I will get a phone call the say before my sx day stating what time to be at the center for surgery. To me that's crazy why will they tell me at the last min. I like to plan ahead but oh well I'm too close to get my blood pressure up.

I'm out! Thank God

Surgery went well! Tue day of surgery I was so sore, it was hard to walk, lay down and pee. Let's just say it was horrible the first day. Second day I had a doctor appointment with joseline she changed my bandages and emptied out my drain. I took my pain meds before this appt. I'm happy I did. She advised me to bath and change into another garment while I wash the old garment. I'm so happy my mom had a second garment for me to wear. I was so scared to bathe but my sister and my mom helped a lot. It honestly was not too bad. I have to say I can't see a huge result in my stomach but I surely can feel the big butt I'm caring. Dr. Ravi mentioned to me he made my butt to fit my shape and I'm happy he did so.

Swelling is serious and the massages are painful

Yesterday I felt so much better. The antibacterial pills give me such a bad headache thank God only 7 more days of that but I also had my first massage at sympathy in Miami lakes. Omg I was holding on to the side of the bed the entire time. She literly massage me to death. That was so painful. She advised me to buy the arnica tea, drink pineapple juice and a lot of water. I think I have been doing all excessively. I started to do a walk on the treadmill today for 15 min to gain some strength back, it helped alil. At this point I'm ready to get out the house but just not ready for the car ride. I have not drove since the surgery just laying on my stomach while my friend drive to the massage place or to my doctor apt. Vanity has been calling me everyday since sx aswell as Dr. Ravi which is a pleasure for them to check on my progress. My body feel so swole right now its so uncomfortable. I feel like I'm twice the size I was before sx. As long as I rest and keep getting my massages and walk, there is nothing else for me to do. Hopefully the swelling goes down soon ready to see how I look in my clothes. Hopefully I get this drain taken out Tuesday.

3 weeks

Its been three weeks now and Im doing great my body is still sore but healing great. I realized that I swell up after eating salty foods. My butt looks bigger im scared but not scared lol. I actually could not take it anymore and went out two days ago. I was fine but did not sit down at all which was hard. This has been a journey that I think no one can prepare for. The body takes a while to heal and I think the hardest part for me is not sitting and laying on my stomach/ knees all day.
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