25 Year Old FUT/Strip Hair Transplant - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Just got a hair transplant! Hallelujah. I wrote...

Just got a hair transplant! Hallelujah. I wrote two posts back in 2014 inquiring about the procedure and I have finally gotten it done. I suffered from patchy/thin spots on my hairline from damage I got by overusing perms and color/bleach in 2011/2012. I am only 4 days post op but everything is going great. I have experienced no pain, and have been sleeping and relaxing like a newborn calf these past few days lol. Day 3 I washed the suture line and grafts in the shower and everything is going well. I have been icing 2-3 times a day and so far on Day 4 have experienced 0 swelling. I'll keep you guys updated. I get my stitches taken out in about a week and will post new pictures then.

My hairline previous to the HT

I forgot to show what my hairline looked like before the transplant.

Suture area day 4

Other than my suture area feeling "tight" I haven't experience any pain or anything. And have yet to experience the itching I keep hearing may come.

Can't wait for these super tight concrete light crusts to wash off.

My grafts are healing fine, I've been washing 2 times a day with shampoo (letting the shampoo sit for 10 minutes before washing off) the past few days and all is well. Just anxious for the tight scalp feeling to go away and for all these scabs to release.

I started swelling two days ago but it was just barely noticeable. Today was the first day since my surgery I didn't ice at all but I will start back tomorrow. Anywho, just checking in. I've included some close ups so you guys can see how things are going b

Scabs finally washing away

My head feels 10 times better, today. Yesterday (Day 7) I finally started aggressively washing the scabs on my grafted areas and I was surprised at how many nasty little scabs washed away. I soaked my grafted areas in conditioner while I took a shower and rubbed the areas after I got out. Some fell off with the hair shaft in them, which I heard is normal, and some without. This was what my head looked like yesterday night after doing that for the 2nd time. Everytime I do this, more and more scabs loosen up and wash away.

Stitches Removed!

Today I went in to get my stitches removed! My scalp feels soooo much more free and comfortable (regular) again lol. My hair has already started growing back around my suture line, and my doctor said my suture line should be nearly invisible in a few months.

3 weeks post op and doing great

I'm right at my 3 week post op mark and so far I'm healing great. I've started taking biotin, vitamins, and fish oil regularly to aid in growth. The only negatives I've been experiencing are itching in the grafted and donor areas but I know that's a part of healing and I've heard a lot of people say that's a temporary side effect of a transplant. Most of the transplanted hair has shed out, but the hair around my temples has stayed. I have about an inch gap of missing hair in the back where my doctor shaved to make my suture line incision but the hair is starting to grow in that area slowly but surely.

3 week pics didn't upload. 24 days post.

Haven't updated in awhile

It's been a month and a half and so far so good. Idk if my hair just never fell out, or if it's just started growing early because I have a lot of hair around the temples. I went and saw my doctor about 2 weeks ago and he was shocked as well as to how much hair is present. I still have small areas of numbness and sensitivity in my donor area but it's nothing major.

2 1/2 months post op

My left side is filling in a bit faster than my right side right now. But my left side had much much less hair loss and damage before surgery than the right. Not much growth at all in the front, mostly just the temples right now. My future line is 100% pain free and back to normal but sometimes I still notice a loss of scalp feeling in that area when I'm washing my hair or scratching my head. Which doesn't bother me or matter I guess. That's pretty much it for now!

Finally made it past 3 months!

I have finally hit the 3 month post op mark where the doctors say your hair will finally begin to grow like normal hair and more rapidly!

For the first time yesterday, November 15th, I sleeked the transplanted hair back and it didn't look half bad. I am still wearing cute headbands out in public because the transplanted hair is still thin but it's finally starting to look normal again. November 10th was my 3 month mark. From here on out I'll continue to update once a month!

4 months post op!

I am finally 4 months post op and couldn't be happier!! This is the month that the hair will really take off, grow as normal, and thicken up, according to doctors. My sides have filled in pretty well, but my "forehead" area is still thinner, but this is the area where we lowered my hairline so there was ZERO hair there in the first place so I knew it would be the "struggle area" to begin with. Even though that area is thinner I'm loving the growth that has progressed so far. Not mad at it at all. I haven't uploaded a suture line post in months so that is also included! Enjoy.

Hair slicked back, looks pretty natural.

Hi guys. I took some random pictures tonight of my hair slicked back and I thought I'd post them. My hair is still thin when it's brushed back because it's just started to fill in heavily but I think it looks pretty natural! I'm so happy with my results thus far and am finally to the point that I feel any surgery looks undetectable.


Tomorrow will be the very first day since I've gotten my surgery done that I will wear my hairline completely out with no headband, or scarf, or anything disguising it and I am amazed at the results! It is completely slicked back with gel in the photos as I was styling it to see how it would look and I am shocked at how full and grown in it looks at only 4 months and 2-3weeks.

5 month fullness.

Two days ago I reached my five days post surgery mark. I have to say, even if my hair did not fill in anymore I would be thankful and feel like this surgery was a success!

6 months post op feels like 12 month results.


Just wanted to post an update since I haven't been on here in months!! I'm more than happy with my results as I come close to a year post op. It was hard the first few months hiding my hairline and dealing with the impatience of it hitting the 3/4 month mark (when it finally starts growing) but if I had to I'd do it all over again. So very worth it! Message me if you have any questions!
Dr. Matt Huebner

Dr. Huebner was great. My consultation was short, yet thorough and I left feeling excited about the procedure. Day of the procedure I had my mother come with me, I signed medical release forms, and he then took me into a side room where we discussed exactly what we wanted my hairline to look like. He then asked me if I wanted to shave the hair off in the area he would be performing the grafting. I didn't want to (obviously) but he reminded me I would get the absolute best results if the area was free of hair, and if I left my hair there I could run the risk of dislodging grafts once I started the post op washing. He told me it was completely up to me though and he'd work with whatever I decided to do. Ultimately I decided to shave all my hair out the way. Afterall, the procedure was expensive and I paid a lot and wanted to receive the best results. He shaved the hair off and then shaved the back suture area. We then moved to the actual surgical room and I was introduced to the women that would be placing the grafts in. They told me I could watch Netflix, tv shows, and had access to whatever I wanted to eat in the snack bowl. Then came the numbing shots. They hurt but that's the only painful part of the procedure. After that they cut the suture line, and started the procedure. I think my surgery was maybe 3 or 4 hours, but I spent it chatting, watching Netflix, eating snacks, on my phone, and talking to my mom. It really flew by. After surgery he gave me a bag full of gauze like things I could lay over my pillow or put over my head if I needed to go in public, an airline neck pillow, and a list of post op instructions, medicines I could take, etc. He told me I could call him whenever I needed and I was driven home by my mom. The next day the patient assistant called me and asked me how I felt which I really appreciated and so far the experience has been extremely lax. This actually was the first type of surgery I had ever had in my life and I did not expect it to be this easy!! I am feeling great about the next few months. I plan on wearing headbands around my grafted areas until the areas begin to fill in nicely.

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