33yr Old Much Needed Neck Lift - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I just had my neck lift done yesterday. The doctor...

I just had my neck lift done yesterday. The doctor did it under local and for some reason didn't work well for me. I felt the whole procedure it was very painful. How ever I'm day one post op, I can eat soup but can't chew food yet. I'm very sore but from the pics it will be worth it. I can shower tomorrow and was told to wear compress next week for a week. I'm in an ace bandage currently.

pre and post day 1

Here's a few more post op pictures. And before too.

day 2 post op

Was able to sleep a few hours on recliner and a few in bed. I'm a side sleeper so it's been difficult sleeping on my back. I still have pain around my ears and burning swollen earlobes but haven't needed to take a pain pill only tylenol :) I took a shower this morning and washed my hair. I used a chair Bc I felt a little woozy when I took the wraps off. I'm pretty swollen today so I'm going to try to take it more easy today. Still can't chew solid foods my jaw and neck are too sore and tight. So soup and cereal it is for now.

Post op day 3 and 4

Well I'm feeling sooooo much better. Still swollen and a little stiff and tight but I'm sure that's to be expected a few days/weeks. I'm not on any pain meds. I have a little yellowing with swelling but I can see once swelling goes down watch out :) I put a little make up on and took so epics yesterday at day 3 postoperative and my Facebook friends are all in shock (thinking I lost lots of weight ) bought zinc and the other thing to help with the swelling so hopefully it will go down sooner. Behind and below my ears are the most painful with swelling and I can now feel left ear but not the right one or under my neck yet.

day 4 staples

Another before after

I'm going to have staples removed today :). I'll post pics after that

One week post op

Still swollen and no feeling in ears or top of neck but getting better daily. I've got some pain where I'm swollen below my ears on the neck. It feels like when you have a cold and my ears are clogged. Going to see Dr today for staple removal.

stitches out

Face stitches out staples and behind the ear next week. PA said looking right on track. :)

day 8

Today I'm a little sore under my chin. This swelling is bothering me today. My neck is warm to touch so after work I will be icing and putting my wrap on a bit :/

post op infection

Well I'm over a week in and bow I have a cellulitis infection on my neck no where near my incision which means something wasn't sterile during surgery . I have gone thru the ringer with this place.

post op infection

Hurts and burns very badly

Almost 2 weeks

Well I spent 5 hours in the ER yesterday for a abscess on my neck that had to be drained. The Plastic Surgeon who saw me said I went to one of the worse surgery centers in my city and is always fixing their mistakes. They changed my antibiotics (3rd one now ) he said cipro was bad choice so I'm not on doxycycline. I'm sore I'm tired and still swollen but dr did say once all is healed I will look great.

3 weeks post op

Feeling better. Abscess subsiding and swelling going down a bit. Still no feeling in right ear or neck but making progress. Ps said to start massaging the swelling to help it go down.

bummed with current results

Well I'm a little concerned about my neck. I'm still swollen under chin where it still looks like a double chin. When the swelling subsides will it look better? I'm on yet another prescription for now swollen lymph nodes this is script number 4 in 5 weeks ugh !!!!
If anyone had long swelling and it went down and looks better let me know plz. I'm pretty discouraged that I'll still have double chin. :(

neck sagging again

I'm getting worried Bc I'm noticing my neck starting to sag. Day 1 post op to now I'm not really happy with results. Is it swelling or am I going to need a revision? Any advice plz
Plantation Plastic Surgeon

Everything looks good so far just wish I didn't feel most of the pain from the cutting and lipo.

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