Spironolactone Gave Me Comedonal Acne - Fort Collins, CO

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Hi! I am a 21 yo female with very mild acne (my...

Hi! I am a 21 yo female with very mild acne (my largest concerns are individual pimples, sometimes just one or several rather than actual acne). About 6 months ago, I began experiencing large, deep, painful pimples every week or so that lasted for a week or so and then scarred for months. Although I still had clear skin at times, these breakouts haunted me and my social life suffered heavily. After minocycline worsened the issue (messed up my gut balance and gave me forehead acne), my dermatologist suggested I try spiro. I eagerly took it, researched it religiously, and was ready for the journey. After about 2 weeks my skin began changing; and "initial breakout" I assumed. For the first time ever, I had 3 cystic pimples at once, more over the next few weeks, and then something even stranger happened. I would get a blackhead/whitehead looking spot, it would inflame, and then it would settle in my skin. At first I thought this was harmless, until these closed comedones collected. By the time I stopped spiro at 3 months, I had literally 30 of these hiding on various places; my chin (when I stretched it, you could see large white spots), side of my mouth, upper lip, forehead, EVERYWHERE; oh and most of them lasted the entire 3 months, or now going on 4 months. Randomly, these would inflame and then need to purge. So every single day I would have a breakout pretty much, while more closed comedones would appear. This has NEVER happened to me in my life. Not to mention those horrible, large pimples never stopped, but got far worse and more frequent. I always got zits before this med, but they would go away and that would be it! Like a normal pimple. These closed comedones still haunt me. I have a couple remaining that will hopefully come out during my accutane round, and after just one month of being off the medication my skin is looking almost fabulous again. My dark spots have lightened, my skin tone is more even, my skin heals WAY FASTER than it did on spiro, and my mood swings have decreased dramatically. I know this worked amazing for some people, and I'm genuinely happy for these experiences. However I feel like people should be aware of what it can do for a very young person like me, who doesn't have PCOS/excess androgen, and the hormonal fluctuations that this medicine caused me which led to anxiety and even depression (which I ended up seeking therapy for). Again, I am not trying to discourage anyone from trying this medication, but in my personal opinion, the dramatic hormone fluctuations this medicine induced severely wrecked my mental health and skin. While Accutane is not a safer alternative, it is a drug I will only be on for 5-months and my hormones will not be effected. I am grateful I got off this drug when I did and I'm also grateful to be able to do Accutane. Thanks for reading, best of luck to you on your journey to clear skin!
Dr. April Hoffman

Dr. April Hoffman is a fine dermatologist. However, during my treatment with her, I never saw clearance or improvement of my acne. I wanted to try many different treatments, and she was always there to write the prescription for me, no matter what it was. This was not good for my skin in the long run, and now I am with a new dermatologist and have had far clearer skin.

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