Long Lasting Effects of Radiesse Still Experienced 4 Years After Injections - Fort Collins, CO

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Hello everyone, My experience with Radiesse was...

Hello everyone,

My experience with Radiesse was initially rewarding and now has turned to one of regret. Before starting Radiesse, I always thought my cheek area was hollow. I went to my local plastic surgeon, who is extremely talented, to voice my concerns about my appearance. He said that I didn't need any treatment for this area and that he did not place fillers in off-label areas. Feeling frustrated with my appearance and his hesitation, I sought out another plastic surgeon in another city who would perform the procedure. My first round of Radiesse was in May 2009. I initially liked the results so much that I went back for another round of injections in May 2010. The second round gave me a horrible staph infection in my left cheek immediately upon injection. It spread to my sinus cavity, eye, and gum line. Fortunately, I started antibiotic treatment early (2 months of antibiotic treatment) but was left with red scarring at the site. The surgeon refunded my money and provided free Fraxil treatments for the area. It cleared up the scar completely and I thought I would be happy with my results.

Almost 5 years since my initial treatment, I believe that the Radiesse has dissolved in my face. The downside is that because of the layered treatments and the calcium deposits left from the Radiesse, I have a slight overcorrection of tissue at the injection site. Most people wouldn't notice it at all, but I can certainly tell a difference when I look at past pictures of myself and compare them to my face today. I can tell that my cheek tissue has been altered; it feels different and has an unnatural puffiness to it. I am sure that this is due to the "collagen" that is produced by the Radiesse, which is actually scar tissue.

Has anyone else had this type of experience? I have called to schedule an appointment with my local plastic surgeon to discuss treatment for this, if there is any. I've heard steroid injects are dangerous and I won't risk any further damage to this area. I've also heard that massage could help scar tissue areas, but it seems to be better when the injections are new. Surgery also seems to be risky. Any thoughts?

*note to doctors*
If replying to my question, please don't post how Radiesse works, what it is comprised of, and suggestions for other filler options. I'd like to focus on the topic of strictly addressing increased scar tissue from Radiesse and possible solutions.


Hi everyone, I wanted to give an update on my appointment with my plastic surgeon concerning my Radiesse injections. He said that there was a slight overcorrection in my left cheek but that it wasn't too bad. He said to massage it 2 times a day and check in with him next time I get my Botox injections. Massage is the best bet on decreasing the volume. I'm wondering if weight loss would also help in decreasing the volume. He also said that he strongly advises using steroid injections, especially in the face.
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