I Have a Huge Tattoo and I Hate It - Fort Collins, CO

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I just recently got a big tattoo in February and I...

I just recently got a big tattoo in February and I thought after some time I would like it but with time I'm bring it more and more. It's lowered my self esteem to the center of the earth and it was supposed to be a brother sister tattoo. Thankfully he hasn't done his yet. I have had two sessions since the initial in hopes to like it but it isn't something I want to have. Since the most recent sessions, it has lost meaning and is no more than a giant burden on my back. I was hoping to get total removal off of my shoulders and drastic fading through the middle so I could have a cover up tattoo that was lower and just along my spine as a tribute to my mom who passed away and to my grandma and my aunt who are still living. I really dispise this tattoo but I'm not certain about removal due to scarring. Although I would get a cover up tattoo on my spine I'm not open to having anything else more than an inch above my bra strap. Does anyone else have a huge tattoo they are trying to get rid of? Or has anyone experienced drastic scarring and is this a mistake I will have to live with?

Removal session #1

After two months healed


Not sure what session I'm on anymore. 5?
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