5'2'' 145lbs 23 Year Old, 1 Yr Old Daughter Size 34DDD Breast - Fort Bragg, NC

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I have always had big breast since middle school....

I have always had big breast since middle school. Most kids got growth spurts, well the only thing that grew on me were my boobs. I hated them! I was teased and taunted all threw school because I was more developed than almost all of the girls my age. Once I got older, I grew to love them. They got me free things, I got into clubs for free, and they definitely caught lots of attention. I didn't realize how bad the back and shoulder pain was until I joined the Army and running was the hardest thing to accomplish. I had my daughter a year later after joining and they grew to a 34E. Eventually they went back down to a 34DDD but the pain never went away! I notice myself hunching over more and more everyday. I also think its starting to affect my knees as well! So I set up a consultation with my care provider and he referred me to the plastic surgeon clinic on Fort Bragg. BTW I am an active duty soldier so this operation is no cost to me, it is considered a necessary fix.

FIRST Consultation visit!

So I had my first consultation with the actual surgeon that was suppose to do my breast reduction. Well I had a very small keloid on my left shoulder from a Small pox shot that all soldier had to get that we're going to Korea. I didn't take care of it properly so it formed a small keloid. So Dr. Serafin scheduled a surgery to remove the keloid and add steroids and monitor the keloid.

Keloid meltdown!!

The stitches popped open and left ugly scars. I had to go to the ER but the way Dr. Serafin cut the keloid out there wasn't enough tension in my skin to be able to put stitches back in. So they pulled my sling together to apply steri strips over the incision site. It was very upsetting. I constantly went back every 3 weeks to get the scar checked out and he eventually denied me for the breast reduction surgery because my keloid was not healing correctly. I was heart broken!

2nd consultation

My nurse could see how disappointed I was so she scheduled me another appt with another surgeon. I met with him 3 weeks later and he talked to me about the risk of keloids and that there were more precautions we could take to prevent keloids or remove them if I got them. He approved me for the surgery and I have my pre op, surgery, and check up dates! JUBE 8th is the big day!!! I'm so ready and nervous at the same time! In 2 weeks I will have smaller breast and hopefully NO back problems!! I will add a picture of when I was absolutely so happy because I had small boobs because after basic training I was in a program that worked out 3 times a day EVERYDAY for two months and I will also add a picture of my daughter.


So I'm super excited about the BR surgery but I'm also super nervous! My husband is super supportive even though he is going through chemo right now. He got diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on Jan 16th and he is in remission. He is a great motivation. I can't wait to be back pain free! I'm hoping recovery doesn't take long so that I can take a pt test because it is time for me to reenlist. Wish me good luck! My last pre op appt is in 2 days on Jun 3rd! My surgery is the 8th and my follow up is Jun 17th. Also my 24th birthday is Jun 24th!!!!

Last pre op appt!!!

Had my last pre op appt today! Everything is scheduled and Wednesday is the magical day that I will have great looking boobs! I pray that the dear Lord is with me through this surgery and guides the doctor's hands effortlessly and gracefully! Here are the last pictures of my big boobs!

Surgery went great!

Surgery went very well! I'm all bandaged up so I haven't seen the girls BUT I can actually see my stomach and feet when I look down. They Doctor said he took a little over 500cc out of each breast so he put drains in. I almost passed out twice but I'm sure it's my fault because I was moving entirely too fast! Right now I don't really have any pain just soreness. I took Tylenol. I haven't been in enough pain to take the Oxycotin. I will take pics tomorrow. I'm not allowed to remove the dressing until next Friday.

Had a blood clot scare...

So yesterday was 2 days post op for me and I hadn't had a bowel movement. Which btw is the worst feeling ever! Constipation is the devil! It got to the point where I was eating but nothing was leaving my body so I decided making myself throw up was the best option because my stool softners weren't working. After I made myself vomit I felt so much better but I guess all of the straining and stress caused a huge blood clot to be pushed down my drains into the bulb. It was so huge that I couldn't get it out. So I called my doctor and they made me come get checked out. Luckily everything was healing just fine and blood clots are normal and I'm healing as expected! I did get to get a picture of the new girls tho!

Terrified!!! Any advice???

Hi ladies!! Everything has been going great! I get some sharp pains or tingling burning sensations all over my chest but I know it's because my feeling is coming back. I'm still quite numb in most areas! I really have no pain so I'm just down to taking nothing but my antibiotics for my drains. I AM ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED ABOUT THE DRAIN REMOVALS!!! I keep reading horror stories on them and I have a high tolerance for pain but if I do feel any pain I become a complete BABY!!! Any advice?? I seen some ladies talk about taking mess before I get them removed but the Oxycodone I was prescribed makes me nauseous...

9 days post op!!!

Hello ladies! I had my first post op appt and it went so-so lmbo. I was super terrified of getting my drains removed BUT it didn't hurt AT ALL!! However, my PS cut some of my sutures and that my friends was painful! I think I sweated thru the hospital gown lmbo. Also it hurt when the nurse peeled off all of my dressings and tape. But I survived! I am healing great and happy with my results so far. Does anyone find themselves hunching over because they're afraid of busting a stitch which causes back pain?? I am currently trying to correct that!

3 week post

My birthday was June 24th and I turned 24 and I got a chance to show my boobs!! I'll add pics. My boobs are still a bit tender and I still get sudden sharp pains in my nipples but I know that's because I'm still a bit numb and the feeling is finally coming back. I'm still numb on the sides of my breast. I know they're going to drop some more but I'm loving the perkiness right now! Lol taking full advantage of that because I was never able to wear shirts without a bra or two. I still can't put any lotions or creams on my incisions and they kind of hurt when they get dry but other than that healing GREAAT!
Dr. Scanlan

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