48 Y/o Mom in Desperate Need of Mommy Makeover After 90lb Weight Loss

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I have been considered "morbidly obese" since the...

I have been considered "morbidly obese" since the birth of my son (1999). The first time I had a doctor tell me that, I was SHOCKED? Me? I knew I had gained weight but morbidly obese? Then came the, "who is THAT lady in the pictures with MY family?" question I asked everytime I "allowed" someone to take a picture of me with my husband and/or kids. So, I did what I think MOST women do (when not happy with how we look)...I stopped letting people take pictures of me and became the one who always TOOK the pictures. My brother, who was 4 years older than me, passed away @ 46 years of age. We BOTH had the same health problems that could have been contributed to obesity (high BP, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease). Around the age of 45, I started fearing that I would meet the same demise that my brother met...death at an early age. Afterall, my Cardiologist told me if I didn't do WHATEVER I NEEDED TO DO to lose weight, I was at stroke/heart attack level with my Cholesterol or I could have the same outcome as my brother...death. I asked him about Gastric Bypass. He said I would be a great candidate for it...to talk to my PCP. Inching closer to 46...I started really worrying about my health (brother passed @ 46)...it motivated me to talk with my PCP about. She was NOT supportive...at all. Instead of asking me WHY I all of the sudden want to check into Gastric Bypass...after all of the years of being obese...she immediately shut me down by saying, "no, you're not a candidate"...repeatedly. I explained it wasn't for vanity reasons...but for my health...my liver was already enlarged (due to the meds I was taking and them being just a bandaid as I would have to take them for the rest of my life) and I was having panic attacks...almost daily...wondering, "is it going to happen today (stroke/heart attack)...will it be in front of my kids?...in front of my husband?...will I be driving and kill someone else?...will it be at work?...will I SURVIVE?? I was living in hell. I went to the Patient Advocate office at the hospital and changed my PCP. My new PCP was so understanding and was more than supportive...even giving me her PERSONAL CELL # to reach out to after surgery...yes, turns out I WAS a candidate!!...in case I had any issues or questions. I had Gastric Bypass in September 2013 and have lost 90 lbs. I gained 6 lbs back because I received so many comments (from the hubs, as well) that I lost TOO MUCH weight...looked sickly...can you believe that? I've NEVER had that problem. ;) So...I've maintained 133lbs on my 5'4" frame and couldn't feel better. THE BEST PART...The only medication I take now is Nexium, Flintstone Vitamins, B12, and Tums EX (for the calcium). How AWESOME is THAT (I was taking 13 prescribed meds a day before surgery)!!! THE WORST PART...the lose skin and saggy boobs!!! I find I am still "HIDING"...wearing oversized clothes to hide the loose skin in my tummy. My boobs? NO VOLUME...however, I put on my "rawhide"...my head'em up and move'em out bra...and can make them look "ok"...with the exception of some wrinkling due to the lose skin. I want to be FREE...I want to be able to complete my transformation and not feel embarrassed in a bathing suit or in clothes due to my "apron"...loose skin that hangs down over my pubic area. Therefore...I have researched (mostly thru Real Self...and have become OBSESSED with this site) the Mommy Makeover (reading bio's, looking at pictures...my husband says I've seen more boobs than him) and have met with a PS and have scheduled my surgery (TT w/MR, Liposuction, BA w/BL). Although it's going to cost me a lot more than I expected...my husband is SO supportive and didn't even FLINCH when we were handed the quote. I, however, was happy we were in the hospital because I thought I was gonna need CPR. So...64 days to wait. In the meantime...I'll be continue to stalk those of you who have already been thru this process and will continue to obsess and fantasize what I'll look like sporting my new "rims" and flat tummy. I'll post before pictures closer to my surgery date (7-20-16).

The dreaded BEFORE pictures

Surgery date moved up

What? Do I want to move my surgery date from July 20th to July 11th? Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?? YES!!! So...new count down...45 days to go!!!


So, I paid my surgery IN FULL just now!! No turning back...not that'd I'd want to but you know, the whole inner voice that's screaming, "you shouldn't be so selfish", "do you know what all you could do for your FAMILY with that much money", "you should be paying off bills with that money"...instead of having ELECTIVE surgery. I'm sure I'll hear from the heffer directly AFTER surgery, too, when I'm at a low point and she's screaming, "See? if you would've done those other things you wouldn't be in so much pain!!" I WILL have the final word, though, when naked, in front of the mirror sportin' my "NEW CAR". LOL I have THE WORLD's most supportive husband. He tells me it's my new car and he looks forward to "driving" it. ;) We go Tuesday, 6/7, to pick out my new "rims"...or "headlights"...whatever you want to call them.

Bulb holders

I've been wondering how to get around with those AWESOME drains/bulbs after surgery that I hear you ladies so loving referring to and came across this. It was only $35.00...so I ordered it. I figure I can wear it under my clothes/robes and you don't have to remove the bulbs from the holders to empty them. No pinning & unpinning to maneuver around. Hope it works like I think it will...but I've never had drains so I'm not sure. If not...no big loss.

What to wear?

So, it's 2am & the burning question on my mind is, "what am I going to wear to my post op appointments?" They will be at a busy hospital...that really looks like a mall...lots of people. I mean it's not WalMart...I can't just show up in my pajamas, right? It's 90 degrees...I can't wear sweats or yoga pants. Will need to wear a button up shirt & loose bottoms since I'll have drains, right?? How do I even know what size clothes I'll need?? I think I need a script for the anxiety BEFORE the surgery! I REALLY could've used one before handing that fat check over.

Plus side to "low riders"??

Confession time...

So, before my initial consult, I had done some research on what my insurance would & would not cover. Needless to say, I was disappointed....only medically necessary procedures. That was when my creative thinking kicked in & I started thinking of things I could tell my PS that would cause him to deem it medically necessary from my MENTAL state of mind. Needless to say, hubby couldn't attend this appointment because I wouldn't be able to make myself cry if he was sitting there cracking up laughing. Let's just say SEVERAL things were said (my best one? My husband will only hit it from behind! lmbo!!!) & I was able to squeeze tears out. I was pretty proud of my performance...BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES! Although it didn't help cut the cost, I knew my performance was good when the last thing my PS said to me before walking out of the room was something about therapy. HAHAHA!!

"Rims" (implants) ordered...

*clapping* 400cc, smooth, high profiles ordered today. WOOT WOOT! Anyone want to take a guess at how many times I'll 2nd guess that size between now and July 11th (surgery date)? Now...the BIG question is...what size sports bra should I purchase for afterwards? o_O

What?!? No drains??

During my appt yesterday, I asked how many drains I would have (MM = BL/BA/TT/MR/Lipo). My PS told me that I wouldn't have ANY!! *crickets* Ok? Well THAT'S different. All of the research I've done, and with every single review I've read, there have been drains. When the drains are removed too early, there's a lot of swelling and issues. I'm very concerned. Have you, or do you know of someone who has, had the TT with NO DRAINS?? If so, please let me know the results...if there were any problems.

4 weeks from today...

Exciting to think that 4 weeks from today, I'll be recovering from my MM.

3 weeks from today...

Wow...that week went by fast! In 3 weeks I'll be "under the knife" on my way to the new "valley (tummy) & peaks (new boobies)" look. ;)

Pre-op today

Had blood work, registered @ the hospital, met with anesthesiology, signed waivers...was told my implants arrived around 10 am this morning (um, that was close!)....Was told to be there @ 8 am THIS MONDAY!! Whaaaaaaat? This last month flew by! I'm ready to get it over with. A lot of planning and it has really consumed me. Do you ever really stop thinking about it?

???? AHHHHHHHHH!! Surgery is TOMORROW!! ????

I'm a bundle of mixed feelings. I'm excited, nervous, happy, scared, anxious, etc. I think I'm as prepared as I can be. Only thing I'm worried about is my hubby pulled his back Friday and has been out of commission all weekend and in bed. ???? he is my main caretaker for the next couple of weeks. Prayers that his back feels better throughout the day today and if not first thing in the morning. I will be in the hospital overnight Monday and possibly Tuesday; depends on how well I'm doing. I will update as soon as I can.

Home sweet home

I just got home today. We're retired military so I had the luxury of staying in the hospital so they could manage my pain & care for me (in my previous post, I told y'all my hubby hurt his back). It worked out great as it gave him time to heal so he could care for me when I got home.

Surgery took about 6 hours. He took 5 lbs of skin & lipo'd 2 lbs of fat. I thought I was getting 400 cc's...but when leaving the hospital this afternoon, they gave me my implant card & it says 375 cc's. The last thing I told was to make them as big as he could get them without them causing medical issues down the road. He told me he sat me up 3 times during surgery to make them perfect & that he thinks I'll be very happy with them. I hope he's right.

PO day 2 was the hardest day. I'm getting around much better now, PO day 3, & am being treated like a Queen by my family. The only thing that bothers me is sometimes when walking, I feel stinging/burning in my tummy.

PO Day 6...

I am doing GREAT...thanks to the lift chair, I can get up & down by myself which means I am pretty self-sufficient....when my hubby allows me (I think he must love me just a little). If you didn't know, I had a drainless tummy tuck w/muscle repair, lipo to flanks, lollipop breast lift, & 375cc implants (still high & tight).

Going back to work tomorrow for 1/2 days the FT starting Monday...

Pics are worth 1,000 words. I'm blessed & extremely happy. I had a drainless TT w/MR, lipo to flanks, BL w/ BA (375cc's in both) done on 7/11/16 (I'm 2 weeks PO)...Closed with internal dissolvable stitches & derma-bond surgical glue. There's a little swelling & implants are still dropping into place but I'm healing just fine. Was able to start wearing a shaper instead of the binder that was required after surgery. PTL!!! Can wear any type of bra as long as there's no underwire. Say whaaaaat?? I've worn underwire bras since around 1983/84!! I'm FREE!! Great experience so far. I hope you all are doing well & for those who are about to have surgery, good luck. If you're still contemplating surgery...I say GO FOR IT!! No regrets! Just make sure you research your PS & don't choose based on the cheapest quote...you get what you pay for.

Extremely happy...extra skin GONE!

2 weeks & 5 days since surgery...still swollen but even if I weren't, I'd be happy with this!!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

So far...Dr. Wilson is wonderful. I've only had 1 appointment with him but he had THE BEST bedside manner...taking his time with me, explaining everything in detail, reassuring me that he could help me, etc. I look forward to my next appointment (yet to be scheduled).

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