25 Year Old Mother of 2, BA. 325cc Silicone Overs,Mod Plus. - Fort Belvoir, VA

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I am beyond thrilled with my breast augmentation....

I am beyond thrilled with my breast augmentation. I was always completely flat chested, even after having 2 kids. My doctor told me I had Hypomasty of the breast. I went to see a plastic surgeon and I am SO glad I did. My only regret is not doing this sooner. I went with 325cc Silicone smooth round, over the muscle. Moderate plus. I love the width of the mod+, but they don't give as much projection as I had expected. But I'm loving them so far and totally glad to have had this done!

12 Days Post Op

I'm loving my new breasts so far! The swelling is gone, they are squishy now and move around. My right nipple seems to be healing a little slower though and I'm noticing a lot more sensitivity in that one. My left side is perfect, the feeling has come back and my nipple is fine. Right side is taking a little longer but I'm sure it will catch up to the left one soon. I have absolutely no pain, and haven't even used regular strength tylenol since 8 days post op. Love it!

1 month Post Op

I am 2 days shy of my 1 month Post op. I had an appt with my doctor at 2 weeks post op. We removed the steri strips (which were so gross) and he told me I could begin wearing normal bras. He even told me I only had to wear one during the day. I've chosen to keep wearing one at night tho. Most of the feeling has come back in my boobs and around/on the nipples. However it is still painful/ a little numb if I accidentally bump something. So as far as bra sizes go, I got fitted at Victorias Secret as a 34C. This size fits me majority of the time from there, but I have had to experiment with sizes/styles. I wanted to show you guys the different bras/sizes so far. Hopefully these will help someone else out!

5 month Post Op

I guess I didn't really notice any difference until I just looked back at my previous pics! Lots different now. One thing I am concerned about is my nipples still have not returned to normal as far as sensation, they are still very painful and a slight numb. But I knew that was a risk going into the procedure. I am still 10000% glad I did this. It has really allowed me to feel good about myself. Highly recommend the procedure as long as you're aware of ALL the risks!

Thinking about Upsizing

Currently 7 months pregnant. I am thinking I want to upsize within a year or so. I would really like bigger,fuller and more projection.

Wish Pic!

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