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Hi! So, I'm doing this mainly for myself and for...


So, I'm doing this mainly for myself and for the sake of others who like me- are going abroad for the first time for cosmetic surgery.

In just under 3 weeks I will be flying to Prague to FINALLY get Rhinoplasty on my Bulbous nose! I'm specifically going to the Forme Clinic for it.

When doing my research for Rhino at the Forme Clinic I have only found 1 in-depth review on here (by praguerhinoplasty, check it out) which only increased my confidence and determination in selecting this clinic.
I won't bore you with the reasons how and why I came to the conclusion that I wanted a nose job- But why I chose to go abroad instead of find somewhere in the UK is a combination of both price and quality.
Back in 2012 I had a Breast Augmentation done with Transform in London to turn my non-existent 34AA boobs to a humble C cup. As it was the first time I had ever had any cosmetic procedure done, I had no basis to mark them in terms of quality and care (The price considering its the UK was actually not too bad).
What I have come to realise over time though is that location and price doesn't necessarily equate to a high quality of service. It cost just under £5,000 and although it all seemed very quick and easy (I had my surgery 3 weeks after first stepping into the door for a chat!)- The pre-op and aftercare were a lot to be desired i.e. after I paid my deposit at the consultation with the clinic Manager, I heard nothing from them. On the day of surgery I literally walked into the hospital, immediately had a chip and pin device thrust before me, saw my Surgeon for no more than 10 mins whilst he doodled over my flat chest- OH and not before telling me that I could have had the surgery free on NHS because I had little to none glandular tissue ... I was gutted!
(OK that was my fault; it was the height of NHS boob jobs scandal, where every other day girls were shamed on the tabloids for getting unnecessary boob jobs on the NHS to be strippers or whatever?? I was too scared and impatient to even go to my Doctors- I thought they'd just turn me away but my self esteem/confidence was at an all time low).

Needless to say the actual surgery went fine! Care staff were lovely, surgeon boasted it only took him 30mins and I was on my merry way within a couple of hours. It came with 3 years after care package so I felt reassured that I was in good hands should anything happen.
Anyways flash forward 3 years and 2 months. I hadn't heard anything from anyone after the Surgery other than the 1 week check up with a moody bank nurse and the occasional mail shot. But I woke up one day and my left boob had swollen almost triple the size of the other one- It wasn't painful- more uncomfortable and looked utterly ridiculous! Naturally I called them, only be told as I was outside the warranty of my after care package and they would do nothing until I got tests done via the NHS and came back to them with it. Booking an appointment with my GP is a nightmare so I asked if I could at least meet with the Surgeon who would have an idea of what the hell was going on (as my GP later said over the phone that he wasn't specifically trained in Plastic Surgery so didn't have a clue what was wrong), they tried to rebuff me initially until I got a bit pissed off- then they offered me an appointment for 3 months time!! An ensuing tug of war between my GP and Transform occurred over whose responsibility it was to test me... NHS relented of course- I was tested a month later...and re-tested...and re-tested...It got to the point of them considering taking a biopsy of the scar tissue encapsulating implant (which ran the risk of rupturing said implant...of which they said they wouldn't replace as I had gone private!) So I was super stressed-I heard nothing from Transform at all- I got the strong feeling they really couldn't give a sh*t once they have your money. Anyways it all turned out alright in the end- I had a 'possible' Seroma (fluid build up/swelling that your body fails to drain on its own) on my boob despite it being years after the surgery. They drained as much fluid away as was safe and hoped that the rest of it would resolve itself- which it did!
I don't think the Seroma was a result of bad practice. It’s something that 'just happens', so I dont fault the Surgeon for that. What I do fault Transform for however is their crap follow up care and manner in dealing with me when I was honestly freaking out (just the thought of having to remove the implants when I couldn't afford to get them redone and being left with a sagging flat chest with two scars brought me to tears- I was seriously considering just leaving them as is-1 boob a C whilst the other a DD, just so I could still have boobs).

Anyways that whole experience showed me that it doesn't matter where you get it done or how much you pay. So long as the surgeon is experienced and the care you receive before and AFTER surgery is good you have nothing to worry about- Anything can happen post surgery whether you want it to or not- If you can find a reputable surgeon for a fraction of the price- you're laughing! My friends are worried for the fact that I won’t be meeting my surgeon and having a ‘proper’ consultation until the day of surgery, but this seemed to be the same at Transform.
In some cases, should you need a revision/follow up, it'd still be cheaper to fly to whatever country you went to and pay more- Fingers crossed you’d never have to, but still 2000 euro or 6000 pounds?!
My surgery will be performed by Dr Vasek, who specialises in Rhinoplasty so I’m extremely happy with that. Everyone seems to be singing his praises so on 31st Oct 2016 Its happening! So far my email correspondence with the clinic has been great. I couldn’t even begin to understand the Czech language, so it’s a relief that their written English (at least) is very good.
This Op is purely for vanity reasons, there's nothing anatomically/medically wrong with it- I just want it to look pretty! I’ll post some pics of what I have. My ideal nose and goal is that of Leona Lewis’ (post nose job! Whether she admits to it or not) I hope it’s achievable!

Surgery Day

So I'm currently sitting in the waiting room, have done the pre ops tests and consultation and am really eager to get this over and done with (very impatient). Have been told that I'm last on the list so it'll be a while. Any ways my thought of Dr Vasek was exactly how I imagined he would be- based on other peoples reviews of him. It was a very quick consultation (no more than 10mins), he was very clear and precise with what he intended to do with what he was working with (he told me my nose wasn't straight which made me nervous smile then said 'when you smile it's even worse', that genuinely made me laugh). I asked if he would be doing tip work as I think it too bulbous but he says that by straightening the nose and slimming the bridge and ever so slightly reducing the (dorsal?) hump, my tip won't appear as big- I'm not too sure about this however I'm no expert. He appears to be a conservative surgeon, I'm not looking for a different nose entirely but just a reduced (and apparently straight) version of what I've already got. I must say this waiting parts a bit shit...I haven't eaten since yesterday late afternoon so my mouths got that nasty taste in it. I'm allowed to sip water if that's any consolation...it isn't much though. Will post pics a little later.

1 day PO

It went really well. The nurses were so kind and attentive. Constantly had a glucose drip to keep me hydrated (was actually told off when i decided to take myself to the toliet holding the package in my hand, nurse highlighted the fact that blood was travelling down the tube! I sheepishly got back into bed and didnt move again). I was fed and water (although barely ate anything). They must have come in evey 30mins or so asking if i needed anything. All in all a perfect experience.

The swelling though...dear lord!!... I feel 100% fine but look like someones taken a baseball bat to my face. I sneezed a little earlier and now my right eye is almost sealed shut! It'll all soon pass so im not worried. Did go for a little walk around Prague and get a few odd looks but oh well! Those kind of things dont bother me. I fly back tmro so am just about to start packing.

5 days PO

So its been 5 days since my Rhino. I returned to work yesterday (Its a desk Job so its not at all strenuous, I'm comfortable around my colleagues so they were all aware and expecting me to look all bruised up. Answering the phones was a bit of a nightmare but I just said I had a cold). I flew back to the UK Weds morning with no trouble- I was slightly worried passport control might be a problem but it wasn't at all. Im still sleeping sitting up which is fine as my bed is pushed against the corner of my bedroom so I lean my head against the wall but my dry mouth wakes me at least 3-4 times a night. I have a little drink of water on my bedside as I literally wake up with no moisture in my mouth at all! I still have no pain whatsoever apart from I had a slight headache earlier; I'm sure that was the white light we have in my office...so I turned it off for a bit. When I bend over or sneeze theres a bit of pressure in my nose. I have a puppy who fortunately has been really good around me, I did have to shout at him today when he ran off- which hurt a little, so no more shouting for me! I feel like my cheeks have deflated slightly and my eyes considerably though still slightly puffy. The purple bruising is turning yellow so I expect it to clear up in the next few days fingers crossed. One thing thats starting to get on my nerves is the looks of pity im getting from people, I didnt mind it at first. I didnt know anyone abroad nor could I understand their language but back here, as I'm not shying away from the public I'm hearing some really bizarre comments and getting gauked at. I know I look like a troll especially since ive started wearing my beanie hat 24/7 (omg my hair is disgusting but I cant wash it!), I'm just looking forward to doing my hair and putting make up on and generally looking like a girl again!
I called my GP to book an appointment for the splint to be taken off...what a faff that became! First the receptionist said that no one in the surgery is qualified to remove a cast nor do they have the equipment to do it! They said I had to go back to the PS to have it removed. When I said it was in Prague she went all quiet and basically said theres nothing they can do. I had a sneaky suspicion the receptionist was an idiot so when I asked for the Dr she spoke with, she at first refused to give me a name. Then reluctantly told me (I asked her 4 times before she spat it out!). I said I'd be in touch again and lo and behold I got a call back from an entirely different Dr at the surgery asking me to just book an appointment with any of them- which I did so (hopefully) cast comes off 09/11. Looking at my nose I can see that its straighter but size wise It's still big, maybe its swelling or maybe I'll still end up having a big nose but its only been 5 days, I have a lot of waiting for the swelling to go down. Also my right nostril is a bit sqewiff- again I'll have to wait and see how that pans out. I'm still so glad I did this- can't wait for the cast to come off.

Cast Off!

Ok so I went to my GP today and had my cast removed. I was a bit anxious seen as they made a thing about having to remove something done abroad but it turns out my GP was just curious about getting cosmetic procedures done abroad (his spouse is looking to get cosmetic dentistry done abroad). He literally just peeled the cast off with his hands- I could have done that home! But he did check inside my nostrils with that camera thing ( I noted he didnt wipe it before or after o_O ).
Anyways the pictures DO NOT do it justice im guessing my angles are all wrong because it looks fat but in fact when looking in the mirror, I immediately notice that my bridge is noticablly thinner despite the obvious swelling. I had braced myself for a big ol smurf nose but I couldn't be happier with what I see! Once the swelling goes entirely it can only look better. I cant wait to put make up on but not tonight...I'm giving my face a nice gentle wash and putting on a face mask. Im so happy!

Almost 4 Month Update

Its been almost 4 months...Sorry about that! When I used to read reviews here I'd get really annoyed if someone hadn't kept their page updated regularly!- I have been really busy though and kind of lazy when I wasn't...again sorry!

Just the other day I got in contact with the Forme Clinic to send them pics of my nose (they had asked me to do this after 3 months but I didn't have time till now). I am still very pleased with the op- though sometimes I have days where I look in the mirror and wish more was done with the tip. I catch myself at both good and bad angles but have to keep reminding myself that it has not actually been that long and am supposed to wait a year. When I contacted Forme I asked them to send my before pics as I destroyed my phone back in Dec and didn't have a back-up of any pics etc :-(
It was only then when I looked at the before and after could I tell how much of a difference it is!! And I'm so happy and so impressed! Although '70%' of the swelling is supposedly gone (according to the internet) I'm looking forward to seeing the remaining stubborn 30% go!
I have never at any stage regretted having this procedure even when I first had it done, the initial swelling and subsequent enlarged nose- a lot of people said they couldn't even see a difference- Which is ultimately a good thing- I'd rather a subtle transformation then a major change to my face- too little is a lot better than too much! The main difference I see is the alignment of my nose- It never even dawned on me that my nose was crooked beforehand or that I had a slight hump lol but such a minor change has made (in my opinion) a great difference to my face and also my confidence. If after a year is up and I still feel like my tip is still too big, I'll look into getting it sorted but only with Dr Vasek- though right now I don't mind it.

Like I said earlier I've been very busy these past few months. With my new found confidence I decided to make a change in my life. I have ALWAYS wanted to travel and see the world but was spending my days sitting in an office wishing the time away. I went online and applied for a job with an airline as a flight attendant- I dont know how I managed to con my way through the entire process but I did it! I got the job and am now doing what I've always wanted to do! I'm not saying that the nose is magic but what It has done for my confidence- has enabled me to get out there and pursue things without feeling self conscious- So once again thank you Dr Vasek!!
Dr Vasek

He is very clear and concise. Do not mistake it for curtness. I think he really knows his stuff and I felt reassured and confident in his abilities. I get the impression he likes the natural look so he'd be ideal for those who are looking for that too.

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