42 Year Old Normal Woman Having Surgery in Prague

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OMG!! Ive just paid my 400 euro deposit! I guess...

OMG!! Ive just paid my 400 euro deposit! I guess that means this is for real! Finally ,after too many years wishing for my 'apron' to go...its going!! Im soo excited!Not sure whether to get back on my diet or not.Always on a diet,usually slimming world but as soon as you fall off the wagon the weight comes back on.Im currently 5'9 and 14 stone.I have a nice shape under all the fat!Im having a full TT with lipo plus lipo on my thighs(might even get some botox while im knocked out!!)
Im not so good with pain,probably my biggest fear to be honest.
I'm happy ive made this step :))) x

Buying all 'the kit'!

So today i went and picked up a reclining chair.I bought it from a UK site called Gumtree which is where people sell unwanted items.I only went and grabbed a bargin at just £20 and it looks like brand new! Squeezed it in the back of my car somehow much to the amusement of the neighbours! Slight problem right now,as we speak,i cant get the bloody thing out! haha
I have also bought some silicone strips,loose PJ's and a CG from ebay!(I hate paying full price for anything!lol) Ive been recommended to buy some Wobenzym.I had never heard of this but it is a supplement which helps with healing the body.I have read some reviews and Im going to get some for sure! The cheapest place i have found it so far in the UK is on Amazon.
12 Weeks to go!!! x

Only 7 weeks to go!

I think my main concern is my partner.I think he's going to drive me bonkers couped up in an apartment looking after me for me a week! I have researched some places for him to visit in Prague so he can get out a bit.I bought 2 small bottles of vitamin E oil from super drug.The pharmasist recommended it for excellent scar treatment.There where jusr so many to chose from yet with a huge price difference.
Im now going to start moisturising my tummy & legs EVERY night in preparation for my surgery,with the hope i heal better.
Have huge feelings of apprehension but so flamin excited too!

5 Weeks to go!

Ok so ive just spent the weekend in Benidorm with my friends,my last big drink before my op.They are all so supportive and are really encouraging.My 1 friend is a fitness instructor,size 6,fake boobs,legs to die for,humour of a bloke,is convinced i do not need this and she would help me get rid of my apron!Im not convinced but i am going to change my ways and try harder to become more active.I ate LOADS of carbs on holiday,so feeling huge right now,plus i drank enough to sink a large battleship!But its ok 'cos it will be gone soon! :)

day 3 PO pics

fat belly

Day 3 PO

Day 5 PO

Washed my hair over the bath this morning with no problems.Then showered quickly using the antibacterial shower wash.I wasnt happy to use shampoo in the shower at this stage.Im feeling much fresher thats for sure.Also 1st time naked in front of the mirror.So happy with my results so far even though im swollen still.Im sleeping fine too and rolled onto my side again last night with no issues.Hope you're all healing good x

Day 14 PO

I'm great! No problems what so ever! Walking straight and slow since day 2, no problems with BM, took tape off last night and my auntie who's a nurse checked my wound and said it was near perfect! I don't even think I'm too swollen anymore. Just drove a 3 hour drive after collecting my new sports car (which I did struggle to get into but it looks fab!!)???? took 4 weeks off work unpaid so I think I'll probably go back next week.

Day 14 po

15 weeks PO

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